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Dear Readers! 

The current program I am using is forcing me to update to the new blog whether I want to or not. Since the Mistwood Blog is in desperate need of a facelift due to my procrastination for the past 2 years. However, transferring the old to the new blog has many unintended consequences.  Which includes, losing all the comments, chapter links(still navigates to the old blog), and my ability to use previous reliable add-ons. On top of all that, I have to review every single post. 

This means, while the Wolves of Mistwood Blog Site is under construction, there may some glitches along the way. Please have patience with me, while I give this blog a new paint job, at the same time posting current fanfics and translations, whenever my editor has spare time away from her family. As always, thank you for your support by visiting the official site! 

~ MiniOrchid

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Current Ongoing Works  

The continuation of Wangxian's story untold by the drama for their open-ended ending in Episode 50. 

The Untamed Fanfiction

The continuation of Weilan's journey that started on a whim, but took a life of its own.  

Guardian Fanfiction

My first translation for a BL (boys' love) & MPreg novel written by GuiYu.

Mantou Translation
Beacuse of You.jpg

Adding more scenes to reflect their relationship development due to short screentime.

B.O.Y. 2020





Xie Lian & Hua Cheng: Untold Stories - Chapter 127 Fanfic "The QianDeng Temple"

Warning: NSFW Background: This scene took place within Chapter 127 during Hua Cheng's spiritual surge, while Xie Lian did his best to comfort the Demon King's suffering. ************************************ Within the walls of QianDeng Temple, Xie Lian could not think beyond the hand skimmed under his clothes, smooth magical fingers played across his heated flesh. Hard, but soft, warm yet cold. His mouth covered, Xie Lian could only whimper against those lips. Shame scorched, like a quick dip in the hot spring. Xie Lian caught the roaming hand before it ventured lower than it should, but for reasons unknown, Hua Cheng broke their kiss. Undeterred, his hot searing mouth laid kisses on the vul

Wei Ying & Lan Zhan: Untold Stories - Chapter 4 "Gusu Part 2"

Within the golden core, maintaining the stability of qi is a delicate balance, but once attained, it can enhance the immortal’s power significantly. Among the cultivation methods, meditation is one of the most difficult to master. Hence, training through meditation is a skill that takes years or even decades to achieve fruition. Thus why, when such cultivation takes place, a privately secluded haven is a more ideal location. Centuries ago, the founders of Gusu Sect chose to settle between two high mountain ranges, as being situated within these protective walls shielded Gusu from extreme atmospheric changes. Not surprisingly, the weather of Gusu Sect has always been mild and provided an idea

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