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The current program I am using is forcing me to update to the new blog whether I want to or not. Since the Mistwood Blog is in desperate need of a facelift due to my procrastination for the past 2 years. However, transferring the old to the new blog has many unintended consequences.  Which includes, losing all the comments, chapter links(still navigates to the old blog), and my ability to use previous reliable add-ons. On top of all that, I have to review every single post. 

This means, while the Wolves of Mistwood Blog Site is under construction, there may some glitches along the way. Please have patience with me, while I give this blog a new paint job, at the same time posting current fanfics and translations, whenever my editor has spare time away from her family. As always, thank you for your support by visiting the official site! 

~ MiniOrchid

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Current Ongoing Works  

The continuation of Wangxian's story untold by the drama for their open-ended ending in Episode 50. 

The Untamed Fanfiction

The continuation of Weilan's journey that started on a whim, but took a life of its own.  

Guardian Fanfiction

My first translation for a BL (boys' love) & MPreg novel written by GuiYu.

Mantou Translation
Beacuse of You.jpg

Adding more scenes to reflect their relationship development due to short screentime.

B.O.Y. 2020





Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Chapter 4 "New Lady?"

The sultry sun, towards the end of autumn, rages. Still, the Shadow Guards remained faithful, and stayed not far from the Master. Xing BeiMing stepped out of his room and slowly walked under the largest tree in the courtyard. He commanded, "Come down." A dark shadow fell lightly on the ground without a sound. Xing BeiMing took a look at his Shadow Guard. Because of his strong internal strength, his face was not sweating, but Xing BeiMing doesn’t know if it’s due to pregnancy. The ShiQi’s face appeared pale from malnutrition. Doctor Xu's words came to mind -- "There are so many taboos for those who are pregnant, let alone a male’s body. It is more prudent to have no precedent, what can be avo

Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Chapter 3 "Happy Pulse"

"The Lord of the Fortress arrives—" The guard's announcement came from outside the door, taking Shadow Seven by surprise. Their Master usually did not come to the Shadow Guard’s place. What is going on? Quickly, Ying Qi helped ShiQi up, so they could kowtow. "Master." "Um," Xing BeiMing entered the room and seated himself. He acknowledged their presence but didn’t tell them to rise, only stared at his two shadow guards. The two felt the heavy scrutiny, while Shadow Seven was afraid Seventeen would beg for mercy under pressure when their Lord finally spoke, “Which one broke into my house last night?" "Master, it's this subordinate," Shadow Seventeen knelt forward. "Oh? Ying ShiQi. Why?" Xing

Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Chapter 2 "Stomachache?"

Laugh? Did that person say that right? What do you mean, are you laughing at me who sells my smile for a living? Sickening! Shui Shui’er was livid from his own inference as anyone who dared disrespect him in the past had all been turned deaf and blind by his hands. This person... As Xing BeiMing swept his wide sleeves, Shui Shui'er quickly got up to make his escape, but in an instant, his acupuncture point was hit. He was fixed in place, crying without tears. "What the hell are you doing? I’m not a girl who sells my smile on the flower street. If you want to buy laughter, please go there. Forgive me for not playing along!" Shui Shui'er knew his martial arts were far from rivaling this man's

Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Prologue & Chapter 1 "Seventeen"

Warning: This is a translation of a BL (boys' love) & MPreg novel written by GuiYu, which means it features male characters in a romantic relationship and Male Pregnancy. If you are offended by this type of content, please do not proceed. ***************** Prologue A woman from Fufeng Sect was jilted by her lover, out of grievance, she created a child-bearing potion. It was 100% effective, and a child was born. The ashen lady took out her potion and proudly presented it to the crowd. The audience stirred and commented: "Is that really true? Could such a thing be possible?” Not knowing what the lady was thinking as her face dropped, she pointed to a corner and everyone's gaze followed. Sevent

Wei Ying & Lan Zhan: Untold Stories - Chapter 6 "Gusu Part 4"

Wei Ying, what are you doing? The tip of Wei Wuxian’s fingers continued to brush over his back, tracing with deliberate pace across what Lan Wangji could only presume were his scars. Abruptly, those touches ceased, and so did his breath. Neither the sounds of wind nor water could be heard, when the pounding beat of his heart was louder than the breath of the man behind him. “Why did you lie?” the whisper, his voice, like a plea, no…it was more of a demand. Lied? When? His chest ached. “That’s probably the first for you, wasn’t it?” Wei Wuxian deduced, his open palm placed over the bare skin, a slow pressure as he moved closer, the surrounding ripples of the cold spring spreading. “Your melod

Zhao Yunlan & Shen Wei: Untold Stories - Chapter 8 "The Thief"

“Now tell me, Professor, why do you pretend to be a Haixing?” The tea paused before the Professor took his sip. His jaw twitched just a little, but not too much. With an air befitting an aristocratic, Professor Shen placed the teacup down. A slight smile curved, and he replied, “When have I said I was a Haixing?” Zhao Yunlan consciously bit his lower lip, unable to refute the statement. Good, the man was not all-knowing, as he sold himself to be. Professor Shen further clarified, with an added tone of boredom and a slight touch of arrogance. “Assumptions are not fact, but in this case, it was presumption. Who would have thought the Wolf only judges what he sees?” “Professor, you got me there

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