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Dear Readers! 

Since the blog program was updated the world had changed. Whether we like it or not. My Mistwood Blog was in desperate need of a facelift, however, real-life tend to have other plans. I finished my chapters, but only a few are edited. A great editor is hard to come by, and her time is precious, so are her family. 

Currently, the Wolves of Mistwood Blog Site is still under construction, which comes with the glitches and old links that should not be there. If only I have the time to re-link everything, which I don't. But I will. Eventually. Surprisingly, many had been patient, while a very few are not. Nonetheless, I will still keep writing, translating, and beta reading. 

As always, thank you for your support by visiting the official site! 

~ MiniOrchid

July, 3rd 2020

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TRANSLATION REQUEST:  Please Email me directly if you would like to translate my work. Formal written agreement is required.

Current Ongoing Works  

The continuation of Wangxian's story untold by the drama for their open-ended ending in Episode 50. 

The Untamed Fanfiction

The continuation of Weilan's journey that started on a whim, but took a life of its own.  

Guardian Fanfiction

My first translation for a BL (boys' love) & MPreg novel written by GuiYu.

Mantou Translation
Beacuse of You.jpg

Adding more scenes to reflect their relationship development due to short screentime.

B.O.Y. 2020

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