Every so often, General Boli would take his rest by his desk. 

No one dared to fuss over him during this time, for good reason. For having all the vitality of a Wolf, this man actually sleeps like a Wild Boar. His temper is well known throughout the valley. Servants and...

Soft NSFW 

Breathe…He couldn’t breathe…

Suffocating perhaps, for the air was there, but also not.

Each breath was more difficult than the last. Why was it so hard to breathe?

Hot...seared, he was inflamed.

The burning sensation continued to engulf his senses. How was it pos...

Background: Why do men wage war? Power? Control? Possession? From Helen of Troy of the West to Zhao Ge of the East. Beauties, no matter the era could cause thousands of ships to sail, walls to fall, and rivers to bathe in blood. Qi Heng, the most beautiful man of his t...

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