August 6, 2018

The world was suddenly in sharp focus, closing in from all sides. Reality slammed into Li Ying like a sledgehammer as she returned to her full senses. As if a film had been removed from her eyes, she could see clearly again. She was free, finally, free. He had come for...

May 21, 2018

The mask glinted in the candlelight. It was roughly hewn from bronze, with no paint and no ornamentation. Two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a mouth – a face, empty of expression, still, utterly still. A dead face, made to be buried with the dead eons ago. No power radiat...

Die Feng -- Crown Prince of the West Sea

Animal: Midnight Blue Dragon

Age: 158,500

Personality Type: THE DEFENDER “Protector”, ISFJ

Martial Weapon: Sword

Strengths: Memory, eye for detail and martial arts

Weakness: Family

Attraction: Playfulness

Background: As the Crown Prince...