A drive like no other!

An automatic response which lacks planning or preparation. Action without thought for the future, or consequences that may ensue. The urge that could not be held back once desire reigned over one’s mind.

The desperation to break free from t...


Ghost Realm


Yang Jie was always a man who went by the book. He preferred rules and orders unlike his counterpart, the-one-he-shall-not-mention, who liked to break them like a morning tea session. General Yang, on the other hand, abhorred unpredictability. Without cont...

August 8, 2018

Ghost Realm, Ziming Palace - Suitors Arrival

“She’s mad.”

“Hmmmmm…Why would you say that?” General Hu mumbled absently at Yang Jie, as the two Generals tallied up the mountain of gifts. From elixirs to delicacies; jewelry to rare treasures, Hu Wan doesn’t know why they d...