A drive like no other!

An automatic response which lacks planning or preparation. Action without thought for the future, or consequences that may ensue. The urge that could not be held back once desire reigned over one’s mind.

The desperation to break free from t...

August 31, 2018

General Hu’s Resident, Ziming Palace, Ghost Realm 

“General Hu! How did you select these suitors?” General Zhao Yan roared as he entered the primary study of the elderly General, who was surrounded by a buffet of countless dishes but with no one in sight.

How much does t...

Bái Zhù Sēnlín (White Pillars Forest), Ghost Realm  

Hopping off the clouds, the Baize Beast landed on top of white rock amongst the vast number of white pillars, blanketing the luscious greenery of the deciduous forest. Located within the northern edge of the Ghost Rea...