August 6, 2018

The world was suddenly in sharp focus, closing in from all sides. Reality slammed into Li Ying like a sledgehammer as she returned to her full senses. As if a film had been removed from her eyes, she could see clearly again. She was free, finally, free. He had come for...

Die Feng -- Crown Prince of the West Sea

Animal: Midnight Blue Dragon

Age: 158,500

Personality Type: THE DEFENDER “Protector”, ISFJ

Martial Weapon: Sword

Strengths: Memory, eye for detail and martial arts

Weakness: Family

Attraction: Playfulness

Background: As the Crown Prince...

Zhu Long Gu (Valley of the Torch Dragon),

Southern borders of the Ghost and the Celestial Realm

As far as interrogation hideouts went, one couldn't ask for a better one than a cavern on a mountain in the middle of the desert. 14th had turned the cave system into a verita...