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BTSS #1 - Jasmine's Fate Vol. 2 - Chapter 8 Preview

Ghost Realm, Ziming Palace - Suitors Arrival

“She’s mad.”

“Hmmmmm…Why would you say that?” General Hu mumbled absently at Yang Jie, as the two Generals tallied up the mountain of gifts. From elixirs to delicacies; jewelry to rare treasures, Hu Wan doesn’t know why they don’t have this kind of event more often.

“She hasn't said a word, and she's smiling,” General Yang whispered under his breath, taking the bamboo scroll from Hu Wan, as he handed him the new one.

“Isn’t that a good sign? The Queen is accepting her fate gracefully. She has greeted every suitor without any sinister aura,” Hu Wan smiled at the thought. “A miracle to say the least.”

“How do you know she hasn’t made plans to escape?” Yang Jie asked nervously. “Or worse, tell them to leave before the competition?”

“Her Majesty won’t run nor chase them away,” Hu Wan answered simply, as he eyed the jars of honey: most likely gifted by the the Badger clan.

“How would you know?” Yang Jie queried.

“My old friend, Her Majesty has more pride than that," Hu Wan replied, as his pondered if he should sample the honey. For the Queen's safety, the self-indulging General justified. "She will face the executioner with her head held high.”

“Your confidence in our Queen is astonishing,” Yang Jie said with disbelief in his voice. “May I remind you, she had been avoiding the guest you personally invited, the one you have full confidence in!”

“She’s wavering…,” Hu Wan shrugged, as his hand extends to reach for a jar of honey.

General Yang snatched away the jar, with a look of disapproval."Surely you jest, Hu Wan!”

Hu Wan gave a heavy sigh. He turned back to record the other offerings. “She hasn’t even glanced at his direction even once, am I correct?”

“My point exactly! Isn’t that a bad thing?”

“No...," Hu Wan turned and gave a wide smile, without hiding the mischief in his eyes. "The signs are better than the stars from above.”


Author's Note: As per Fan13's suggestion, I will start writing short comedy scenes moving forward. These will be additional fun scenes, which are not necessary for the main chapters, but still, bring life to the side characters we have grown to love. Please bear with us, while we work on telling our stories.

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