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Guardian Recap: Episode 7 "The Case When Life Imitates Art"

This episode opens with the original novel's infamous scene! The Chief saving Professor Shen from the robbers. Of course, everyone knows Shen Wei doesn't need saving. (But it was a moment that makes one's heart flutters, because there's no doubt anyone who watches the adorable exchange between the our hero and his damsel without a smile on their face.)

Of course being a real hero, his duty is not complete until he escorts his beauty home. As it turns out, the apartment Professor Shen chose from Episode 5 is across from the Chief's studio. (Wow....One would think the Cheif's spycam and breaking into Professor's place is ridiculous. Professor Shen takes it to another level!)

With Professor Shen's insistent on treating his Savior's injury, the Chief is forced to stay. Zhao Yunlan, with an expression of a mixture between pure joy and embarrassment, endured the healing touch of Professor Shen's. While these men exchange awkward, yet longing gazes, the rest of the Guardian Girls nearly faints from their growing blushs and shy glances.

The Chief, who cannot remain silent for long, attempts to flirt to ease heavy atmosphere. In turns, causes himself to give away the fact that he has snoops into Shen's place the previous night -- by mentioning the views from Professor Shen's bedroom window. But our all-knowing Professor let him slide, because of course he would.

Another case emerges from the night before, and one of the robbers turns up dead. Frozen to death, while his partner in crime ran. As the SID team watches the alley's security video, they also witness the Chief saving his damsel. After being caught for the late night rendezvous with Professor Shen, the Chief now has to include the SID team when he asks for Professor Shen's consultation. Hence why the viewers get to see the video conference with the many chaperones as their witnesses.

Without the ability to flirt openly, the consultation is devoid of their usual teases and banters. Even the Chief nearly falls asleep from Professor Shen's drawings. Finally, Da Qing impatiently informs them You Chu (Ghost Beast) is the most likely suspect. (Why didn't he say this like an hour ago? His salary should be cut.)

At the Hospital, the other robber/witness has gone insane from the trauma. Lin Jing starts to connect the dots of the recent murders, which all happens after a web novel publishes a new chapter. With that knowlege, the SID team arrives at the novelist home. It didn't take long for the boys to find the fearful Novelist, Lai Su in a hidden room, in fear of retributions for actions.

As Zhao Yunlan suspects, Lai Su knew his works are connected to the recent murders when life imitates arts, but he continues to publish anyway. After a few harsh but honest words from the Chief, the author finally wakes up from his delusion and decides to end the story. However, he never expects his action prompts the monster to end his life.

Of course, the Chief can't be away from Professor Shen more than 24 hours, since the video conference didn't count. He is back at Professor's office, discussing the case that did not end with Black Cloak's intervention for once. The Chief hypothesis the Novelist, Lai Su must have Dixing genes. The author and the monster are ones and the same. His attempts to kills the beast, leading to his demise.

Still believing he is not drugged from Professor Shen's influences, the Chief opens up of his ever-changing views of the Dixing people, who can't control the powers they possess.

Notable Character:

Lai Su (Novelist)

Memorable Quotes:

"What a coincidence." - Shen Wei "What are you hinting at? Are you saying I hired these two so I can act like a hero saving a damsel in distress?" - Zhao Yunlan

"I didn't expect you to have such skillful hands. For a University Professor, you know quite a bit." - Zhao Yunlan

"You and Shen Wei. Late in the night. What cat business are you two up to?" - Da Qing

"Don't author always say, the moment they raise their pen, the character is already equipped with life and their own awareness. Life is drama. Hey, who knows, maybe we're also characters in someone else's book right now." - Zhao Yunlan "I never would've thought that you would say these words to me today. And even more unexpected, that you would one-day empathize with the helplessness of the Dixing people." - Shen Wei

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