Zhao Yunlan & Shen Wei: Untold Stories - Chapter 8 "The Thief"

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

“Now tell me, Professor, why do you pretend to be a Haixing?”

The tea paused before the Professor took his sip. His jaw twitched just a little, but not too much. With an air befitting an aristocratic, Professor Shen placed the teacup down. A slight smile curved, and he replied, “When have I said I was a Haixing?”

Zhao Yunlan consciously bit his lower lip, unable to refute the statement.

Good, the man was not all-knowing, as he sold himself to be.

Professor Shen further clarified, with an added tone of boredom and a slight touch of arrogance. “Assumptions are not fact, but in this case, it was presumption. Who would have thought the Wolf only judges what he sees?”

“Professor, you got me there,” Zhao Yunlan admitted with some embarrassment, a hint of color to his features. “You’re right, I should’ve asked. Only half of your staff are Haixing, while the other half have their uses with their Dixing bloodline,” he added offhandedly. “I get why they have their uses to you.”

Professor Shen lifted his brow at the statement. Give it to Zhao Yunlan to offer both compliment and insult at the same time.

“That begs the question,” the reproachful curious man quipped. Leaning closer, paying no heed to personal space as he always had, the Wolf’s eyes scrutinized. “What are they?”

Shen Wei smiled, his charming lips spread. Not knowing the effect he had on this wayward Wolf, he shrugged. “Everyone has their own purpose.”

Although truth be told, Professor Shen still didn’t know what the man in front of him wanted, besides the obvious.

The Wolf’s eyes lifted. “And yours?”

“Others do as well,” Professor Shen evaded.

“They do, but I don’t care about others.” Zhao waved his hand dismissively, the predator’s eyes locked. “Just you.”

“Charming words,” Professor Shen smiled despite the obvious lure, “but we both know it’s not just me you’re here for today.”

“Can’t it be both?” Zhao Yunlan couldn’t help but return the smile. “After all, I am a greedy man.”

“Greed leads to the downfall of men.”

“Depends, as not all men would fall. Only the chosen ones rise.” More to the point, than a declaration, Zhao Yunlan rose and headed towards Professor Shen’s desk.

Shen Wei stood as well. His suspicion was correct. “You can’t have it.”

“To which are you referring?” Zhao Yunlan dismissed.

Shen Wei rushed to block his path, ready for another battle if he must.

Zhao Yunlan chuckled at the deliberate stance, but still took a step back for his next attack, verbal. “You didn’t keep it at SID, under lock and key. A better choice if you ask me? Which means you have other purposes for this ancient artifact you didn’t wish others to know. Professor Shen, would you care to enlighten me?”

“It seems you have forgotten I am your boss, not the other way around. You answer to me, as I recall of our arrangement,” Shen Wei reminded.

“Pardoned, I was a private detective,” Zhao Yunlan reminded his opponent from day one. “My clients are expected to tell me everything so our arrangement will go smoothly.”

“I doubt your clients disclosed all their secrets,” Shen Wen countered.

The Wolf deliberately took a step forward, close enough for them to come in contact if Shen Wei were to move. “Secrets, are like honey to bees. The more delectable the nectar, the more I crave,” his tone deep, deliberate, with a hint of sorrow, or was it loss? “However, you are different. Ever since we met, I wanted to know everything about you. Not those skeletons you may hide, or even the strange department you run. What I want to know Professor Shen, could you guess?”

Stunned, Professor Shen felt he was slightly moved, but the next words from the Devil in no disguise shattered those wavering feelings.

“I want to know the soap you use to bathe, the clothes you wear to bed or lack there off, and even your favorite breakfast after an exhaustingly long night of physical exertion. May I see them? Will you show me...personally?“

Although Zhao Yunlan’s shameless tactic was