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Wei Ying & Lan Zhan: Untold Stories - Chapter 7 "Gusu Part 5"

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Jade of Gusu was a man who barely spoke. Only out of necessity would he say a word or more.

Rarely could others read HanGuang Jun’s thoughts, but more difficult was his intentions. At most a few astute individuals could communicate on his behalf.

A half dozen so far.

A generous number, especially, most dreaded close proximity with the chilled Jade, as his gaze was no different than the sharpness of Bichen’s blade. The ultimate goal of those without fear of death was to read HanGuang Jun’s thoughts. The chance to achieve high cultivation depended on their ability to act on the behalf of the stoic man. Especially when their Master, also known as the Chief Cultivator, still had not uttered a single word since the arrival of Sect Leader of Yunmeng Jiang Sect, Master Jiang Cheng.

Between HanGuang Jun and the Jiang Sect Leader, the silent battle didn’t last long, especially considering the latter’s temperament.

“Where is he?” Jiang Cheng demanded irritably, disregarding all niceties. A habitual behavior between the two leaders. Since Jin Ling, the Juvenile head of Lanling Jin Sect was standing behind his uncle, the ‘he' was obvious.

Other than Jin Gongzi, his beloved nephew, no one could have Jiang Sect Leader’s full attention. The man's obsession to rid himself of Yiling Laozu’s existence, despite killing him once, was fading. Had he changed his mind since the battle at GuiYang temple?

The Disciples’ postures instinctively reacted on their own, ready to battle if the first strike was dealt. Luckily Lan Jingji was not present, because Lan SiZhui had tactically kept him away, with a bit of physical force to persuade him to stay by Senior Wei’s side during this precarious meeting. Lan Jingyi’s uncontrolled outbursts may have its uses at times, but not today.

Meanwhile, the remaining well-trained disciples kept their emotions at bay, focused their attention on what the imposing Sect Leader might say. However, a few did steal a glance at Lan Wangji, whose eyes may appear to focus on his opponent, yet, at the same time did not appear to look at the Sect Leader at all.

Unsurprising to the Disciples of Gusu, HanGuang Jun did not answer nor did he react. If not for their presence, Jiang Cheng might as well be an invisible being before their Master’s sight.

Lan SiZhui, the most level headed Disciple among them, steeled himself as he took a tentative step forward and, answered on HanGuang Jun’s behalf, “Sect Leader Jiang Cheng, at the moment, Senior Wei is still recuperating at the Silent Hall.”

Jiang Cheng’s jaw tightened, yet his dark aura had always been his best feature. The shadows of past and present, followed this man wherever he went. The Master of Lotus Pier refused to bow down to others. He may not be the most powerful cultivator, but his temperament was on par with his late mother. Madame Yu, according to Jin Ling, who only heard through rumors among his elder, given he never had the chance to meet his late grandmother to be a reliable source.

“Bring Wei Wuxian out,” Jiang Cheng ordered, but the Disciples were not sure if the instruction was at HanGuang Jun, or themselves. Their Master, after all, is the Chief Cultivator.

What does he want with Yiling Laozu to travel this far? Wondered the bunnies of Gusu.

Lan SiZhui did not need to look at HanGuang Jun to deduce his displeasure of the Sect Leader's demand. From his recollection, the two men had never been on friendly terms. Their rivalry, if one called it that, including the current tension at present, involves the missing man of the hour. Their only connection, and their mutual obsession, which neither to this day could let go of.

Of course, Sect Leader’s instruction was followed by silence, invoking the wrath of the Fiery Purple Lotus from across the room. Zidian, Jiang Sect's family heirloom from his finger, sparkled brightly, but did not transform. Kept under control, at least for the time being.

“You may be a Chief Cultivator, but I am his martial brother. Stop using your boys to do your dirty work. You can talk, can’t you? HanGuang Jun, I don’t give a damn who you are. Chief Cultivator or otherwise. I never have. Send him out now, I need to speak to him. As his only family, I have my rights!”

As tension rose, Lan SiZhui hurriedly tried to intercede, “Sect Leader, we can make arrangements....”

“Shut it, boy!” Jiang Cheng snapped. “Children should not be interfering with adult matters. And here I thought Gusu Lan Sect with your thousands of rules would have taught you not to interrupt your elders!”

Having turned the tables on the Disciples, Jiang Cheng attacked his true opponent. “HanGuang Jun, you’re only making it difficult because you know he won’t stay with you if I ask him to come with me,” Sect Leader Jiang Cheng sneered. “Wei Wuxian is not the same as you. Another 16 years, he still won’t be yours. No matter how long you wait. Even if you try to tie him here, he won’t be staying.”

Lan Sizhui could have sworn he felt Lan Wangji’s hand on Bichen tighten. A flash of blue sparked from the blade at the corner of his eye. If the two leaders do battle, there is no way he could keep this quiet from Senior Wei.

On second thought, maybe it would have been better if Lan Jingyi was here.

“How do I know?” Jiang Cheng snickered at the man who still refused to show he was provoked. “Only an idiot like Wei Wuxian could not see what’s obvious. You see, despite his wild nature, he’s still innocent in these matters. If he felt anything for you, he would have accepted your feelings. Your hesitancy only means he has not. Am I right?” he jeered, his eyes lit up with renewed revelation, due to lack of response. “HanGuang Jun, who was never fazed by others, I come to realize, your loath for me was nothing but fear.”

Lan SiZhui felt it, everyone saw it. The moment HanGuang Jun's gaze lifted, his sharped eyes locked on to the Sect Leader’s. Could this be the first time their Master looked at Master Jiang Cheng, instead of through him?

Having caught the unwavering man’s attention for the first time in decades, Jiang Cheng commanded the dumbfounded rabbits, “Leave us!”

But despite his threatening aura, no one responded, nor would they dare to act, except of course Lan SiZhui, who knew it was time for them to depart.

“HanGuang Jun?” the youth turned to his Master.

Lan Wangji gave his approval with barely a recognizable nod and the youths quickly ushered out.

Since he was the last one to depart, Lan SiZhui closed the door for their privacy. He couldn’t help but crack a smile at the earlier sight of Jin Ling Gongzi making his escape like the Devil was upon him. His Uncle, Jiang Cheng was a scary man, but Lan SiZhui's adopted father was no saint either.

In truth, adolescents like them should not interfere when it comes to their Elders business.

There could be bloodshed today, it would be better for them to make preparation in case a battle came to fruition. With that thought, Lan SiZhui had only taken a few backward steps from the door, when his back bumped into someone!

Senior Wei! Lan SiZhui almost blurted out, but a hand covered his mouth, as the other hand gestured to him to be quiet.

How long had he been listening? The wide-eyed Lan SiZhui wanted to know, but this time, Senior Wei motioned him to leave. Reluctantly….and frightfully, he had to comply with the full knowledge that the two Leaders inside are still unaware of the person they’re fighting over is now eavesdropping on them.

Which begs the question, even though eavesdropping is one of the thousand-plus rules that’s not allowed at Cloud Recesses, would he be punished for allowing others to eavesdrop?

Lan SiZhui left the courtyard with those puzzling thoughts, hoping the latter would not come true.


Jealousy, a lowly emotion he'd been taught.

The dark feeling could consume even the most rational mind. Rarely would Lan Gongzi of Gusu succumb to drinking vinegar. The potent smell was maddening, but he couldn’t help it.

That person would plague his thoughts and his dreams, resurfacing again during his waking hours. Memories of the past resurfaced -- the arms that draped over others, the smiles he nonchalantly gave away. Those affectionate actions shown to passersby, at the same time could squeeze the heart that should be made of ice. It did not crumble but melted, and the pain was all too real.

Only ‘he’ could make his heart skip, then beat again, but faster than before. Every moment, each time, without fail. Innocent, thoughtless...those gestures were, but they were treasured time etched in his memories...his heart.

So was the sour with a touch of a bitter taste, given by the man before him more than anyone else. Countless others had made him sample the vinegar sip, but only Jiang Cheng made him choke. Wei Wuxian’s martial brother, his adoptive Didi, rarely had he acted as the youngest of the siblings, besides the lack of inner maturity.

The jealous brother who should have stood by Wei Wuxian’s side against unjust accusations. The beloved brother to which Wei Ying sacrificed his golden core to. The very same brother who took his life on the fiery cliff despite Lan Wangji’s pleas.

The face that filled him with anxiety, fear, and dread. Jiang Cheng, who had hovered over them, with sword in hand. Missed, upon the first strike, nearly cutting Lan Wangji’s arm on the cliff’s edge. But Wei Ying saw, knew...and acted all on his own. Without reservation, or a second thought. He chose to pull away from that desperate grasp and fall to his death.

Forgive and forget, HanGuang Jun could never do. When that nightmare never ceases, the present becomes the past. Once the past catches up, so did the words he had kept mum.

“Nightless City, did you yield?” the accusation was brought forth, making the other man pause.

A slight hesitation followed, but his words were resolute. “I cannot change what was done,” Jiang Cheng answered calmly. “I won’t blame you for being angry all these years. Nor could you blame me for my anger towards him. But lucky for both of us, he’s alive, and the person he needs is me.”