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Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Chapter 17 "The Blood Demon Palace"

No one was sure why Xing Bao Zhu was in such a bad mood that it prevented the rest of the party from enjoying the Hundred Flowers Pageant. Xing Beiming threw out some offhanded sentence, got up, and jumped down from the rooftop. As the Master's personal guard, Seventeen naturally followed. Ke Weiqing felt watching alone would be silly, hence, forcing Ying Qi to stay with him.

The popular Hundred Flowers Festival was still held despite the big case in Suoyun City as it eliminated the people’s shadow of the previous events. Wu, the county magistrate, believed that given the Flower Snatchers were arrested, even their nests taken, they must be fine. Many guards guarding the Suoyun Pavilion were removed.

But unexpectedly, something still occurred. The Lady sent by the Qingcheng Sect who stayed in the annex died, and chaos ensued. Magistrate Wu had to deal with the censure of the Qingcheng Sect disciples while investigating the case.

The Hundred Flowers beauty pageant that started with enthusiasm ended in turmoil. Most of the girls who were afraid of the same fate went back home, and the originally lively Pavilion was suddenly deserted. Wu Enci followed behind the county magistrate, her father, and saw the girl's tragic death. Although she was brave, she was still breaking out in a cold sweat from fear.

The girl was not killed by a sharp weapon, nor was she strangled to death, but her whole body was shriveled, as if her blood was sucked dry to death! The county mortician searched the body, but still could not find any fatal wounds. This method of death, which is beyond ordinary people’s knowledge, is creepy. People in the city began to spread the news of something unclean hovering around. Not long after, the city’s population was reduced to two-thirds.

"Draining human blood? This reminds me of a very famous incident more than ten years ago..." Hearing the haunting incidents spreading in the inn, Ke Weiqing had an idea.

"You mean, Blood Demon Palace?" Xing Beiming continued, but his focused eyes were on Shadow Seventeen.

"Yes, back then, the Blood Demon Palace also used this blood-sucking method to practice that kind of evil arts, but it has disappeared for more than ten years. How can it reappear inexplicably?"

"ShiQi, is there something you want to say? I remember that day. You seem to have something to tell me." It was just, at the time he was forcibly stopped by him... Xing Beiming paused when he saw Seventeen’s face, and spoke more gently.

"Yes, Master. The man who trapped this subordinate once called himself Ben Gong, and his subordinates called him Gong Zhu. If this is not the Blood Demon Palace, the fact that he has kidnapped so many women, more or less makes it comparable to the Blood Demon Palace Sect.” Remembering the bones of many girls, Seventeen frowned, "Moreover, this incident seems to be related to Yan Jiazhuang..."

Seventeen recalled the man’s name at the time. Xing Beiming sneered, "Sure enough, it’s not in vain for coming here, things are getting more and more interesting.”

Ke Weiqing folded his fan, “You still have such bad taste. So many people are dead and still this indifferent? Whoa, you’re really cold-blooded!”

Xing Beiming snorted, “You are not the same?"

The two cold-blooded men smiled at each other and continued to eat.   

Yingqi and ShiQi looked at each other. Those two really do not look like decent people.

"Papa—" A lady placed her sword on the table where they were eating, and Wu Enci casually sat down next to Seventeen with a surprised expression on her face. She greeted smoothly, "Oh, what a coincidence! Why don't you let me join you? As you can see, there are no other spaces left, Waiter——"

Ke Weiqing put on his flirty mask, smiling like a pervert. "It turned out to be Miss Wu. Please sit down, you are naturally welcome, a beauty such as you!"

Wu Enci roughly ordered a few more dishes and waved her hand. "Don't take me for those ladies who like to be flattered. Better to praise my abilities! Hey, my savior, how is your injury?" Wu Enci turned to her benefactor who she longed to see and greeted warmly.

Ke Weiqing’s face hardened, his teeth grit with resentment. This girl really has a problem with her eyes. Such a handsome sitting here, but she chose that piece of wood.

Seventeen did not know where such honor was from and responded absently that he was not accustomed to communicating with others, especially in front of the master.

Wu Enci was not discouraged and continued to cling. "You are really amazing, and you never forget to leave those signs while chasing those bandits. If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have been rescued so quickly, maybe even dead. Benefactor, what is your name? I have been looking for you for a long time, but some people would not let me see you. The audacity!" She finished with an accusing stare at Ying Qi.

Silently accepting those hostile gazes, Ying Qi suddenly felt a cold breeze from the side. If he could, he wanted to invite this lady out, or...throw her out...

Seventeen did not respond, but glanced at the emotionless Xing Beiming who kept eating. Wu Enci took notice and immediately turned her attention to Xing Beiming. "This is your Master? With such a capable subordinate, you must be powerful. With an unruly temperament, and aura of ice, indeed possessing the demeanor of a hero!"

What kind of scene is this? The lady certainly is not the kind who is often praised, yet her ability to compliment others to the point of turning grim is certainly an accomplishment.

"Ms. Wu, your father’s case has driven him to scratch his head from worry. How are you still in the mood for a meal? It seems that the rumors that Miss Wu wants to become an admirable person like her father is just false.” The one who was praised was not only unhappy but added a cold insult to injuries.

Wu Enci turned red from fury. "Who said I was just eating? I’m here inquiring about the case. My father worked hard, so I will do my best to help him!"

Xing Beiming nodded, "So that’s really the case. But Miss Wu, we are afraid we are not helping you."

Wu Enci instantly realized she was tricked. Indeed, she knew these people were extraordinary. They must have some clues, even if they didn’t, with their powers, they may be able to help. So her father would not have to work so hard and stress over the case. She planned to proceed step by step, but this person has such a poisonous mouth!

Seeing her roundabout was possible, Wu Enci changed to directness. "Correct, I want to ask you for the clues. We’re all from Jianghu. Why hide what you know? Speak so the evildoers can be brought to justice. Why not? Don’t you want to avenge those girls who died unjustly?"

Xing Beiming replied, "Wrong, we are from Jianghu, you are from the government."

Ke Weiqing replied, "Wrong, those girls who died unjustly have nothing to do with us, but everything to do with your father, and the entire Suoyun County government."

Wu Enci's face turned from red to white, and they were right. If the case could not be solved, her father could not shirk the blame. It would still be a trivial matter if the county magistrate's position could not be preserved. If someone deliberately made things difficult for him... Honestly, he may have offended others in the past. There is no telling who will take advantage of this troubled time.

However, it was still low for a bunch of grown men to embarrass a young lady. Xing Beiming got up to head back to his quarters, leaving a sentence. "This case, your father can’t deal with it. I heard that the Martial Arts Chief Lin Canghai will be by Suoyun City soon. If you like, you can seek his help.”

Seventeen also followed, Ke Weiqing shook his head and followed upstairs.

Wu Enci understood what he meant. Did this person advise her to ask the leader of the martial arts for help? Is this really that serious? Then she must find the leader of the martial arts, no matter what, the most important thing is her father's life. After making up her mind, Wu Enci resolutely dropped money and left without paying attention to the hidden eyes that followed from behind.



Běn Gōng - 本宫, This Palace (How Jin Yi addressed himself)


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