Offbeat: Butterscotch's Tale - Iceland Day 5


Day 5: North Iceland... the land of ice and fire...


Campsite: Dettifoss Waterfall  


We woke up to a snow storm...-1 degree Celsius! But we layered enough to stay warm...just enough...😅 camping by the waterfall is not recommended for everyone.  

It snowed when we woke up...


Dettifoss: One of the most powerful waterfall in Europe! 400 m3/s!



It's snowing! 0 degrees during our hike between the waterfalls 😂

It was fun to hike in the snow going over

all the rocks😆


One of our favorite! Only 11m tall, but it spread out many smaller waterfalls 😍

My favorite too! Especially the waterfall is over geometric basalt columns, what a sight to see!

Beautiful canyon...


Grjotagja: Geothermally heated...but still too hot to bath...we forgot to bring our eggs to boiled. 😆

I almost wanted to jump in but then it would've been the most horrifying swim of my life🙀

It's so blue!!! 

Contemplating jumping in for a dip 😊

I wanted to take a dip... but I might not return...😆

Fissure on top of the cave. 

You have to see the fissure in person to believe it!! A large crack in the earth caused by geothermic heat, I was amazed 😲

Sheep enjoying the warmth from the geothermal ground. 




It's the climb...

Windy, snowing, and freezing...😅... it's so strange the bottom emit so much heat.


Hverir: Geothermal mudbath

The land where the earth farts of egg smells! 🤢

I almost want to put the blue clay on my face as a face mask, sadly I was informed it was scalding, highly acidic and would be severely burned if I tried to touch it...



A steaming pile of rocks...

I wanted to soak in the boiling blue clay... but Atsugari told me not to...🙄 


Myvatn Lagoon

Very relaxing and not overly crowded 😁

It's getting out in the cold snowy wind is the problem!😬


And it snowed again...😂... how can this be summer? 

Water is full of minerals sooooo good for our skin 🤗




Godafoss: When Icelandic people decided to become Christian...😅...they added a twist to the name. 


Lónsá Guesthouse

Decided we'd likely have our final sleep if we camped in zero degrees, this is a better alternative. Plus we had a full kitchen without sharing with 20+ people. We cooked to our hearts content!!! 😍


OMG!!! A bed and blanket after 4 days of living in the wild! 🙄 We were getting use to the viking life of the harsh environment this reminded us we were people of the 20th century.


Dinner: Taiwanese noodles, hot & sour soup, and Italian wine. 😊


Fun Fact: Icelandic is a derivative of Northern German language! No wonder we met so many German here! Their flight is only two hours! Lucky them! 😆


Author's Note: 

Guest houses remind you you are capable

of living like a normal human being instead like heathen in a viking world!! 



*Italic: Atsugari 


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