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“Keep your mind away from being fuzzy,
Warm your heart with acts that make you happy,
Feed your soul with words that are not empty,
Live your life as well as you could be.”


Read. Read. Read.
Eat. Eat. Eat.
Talk. Talk. Talk.
And go for a walk!
A voracious reader who often gets suck by a maelstrom, in the seas of fanfiction.
Very outspoken and approachable but ‘shy’ (it’s vigilance too) in the beginning. Despite my butt-kicking quotations, a peaceful existence is a preference.
“Bless those who can write fanfiction,” is also what I always say. Who else can comfort us after a gloomy finale day?
Finds exploring possibilities as fun, as well as meeting new people along the run.


1) If you could go back in time and change something, would you?

Sleep more and resist less to bed time.
Shows are more accessible nowadays. I didn’t know it then!

2) Do you have a crazy side? 

Who doesn’t?
Life would be boring if you’re straight-laced.

3) Ever had a near death experience?

No, thank Heavens!
Only the sensation of ‘stomach drop.’
Bad weather, out in the sea, gigantic waves.

4) What is the first thing you notice about the gender you are attracted to?

Short hair. I love that. Less maintenance.

5) Describe Life in one word. 

Chaotic, pandemonium?

6) Favorite Author? 

This is hard… JK Rowling.
You learn a lot of lessons from her characters. And her platform is universal.

7) What are your pet peeves?

Foolish liars.
Liars who sprout absurd lies.

8)  Would you be brave enough to spend an entire hour alone in a cemetery?

It depends on which country.

9) What is the one thing you wish you could do if given the chance?

Explore the Marianas Trench… a water baby in the deepest waters!

10) Do you believe that there is life beyond our planet?

We’re not even a dot in the big, wide universe.

11) How do you think the world is going to end? In flame or in Ice? 

In an ‘endless’ cycle... ICE.
Flames first, then all will be encased in ice once everything has cooled down.
If total destruction, maybe void.


12)  Is it possible to live a normal life and not ever tell a lie? 

No. Unless you’ve mastered the art of walkouts or zipped mouths.

13) If you could become immortal on the condition you would NEVER be able to die or kill yourself, would you choose immortality?

Only if I can get a “RESET” button for my memories.
Otherwise, NO.

14) Would you rather the general public think you are a horrible person but your family be very proud of you or your family think you are a horrible person but the general public be very proud of you?

I would rather have the people that cares about me and I care about be proud. 
The rest, I don’t mind.

15) Would you rather live your entire life in a virtual reality where all your wishes are granted or in the real world?

Real world. 
You can make escape routes in real life but you can’t make real what is not tangible.

16) Would you rather be alone for the rest of your life or always be surrounded by annoying people?

One can seek solace in solitude.
But we can get lost in a sea of uncertain entities.

17) Would you rather have a horrible job, but be able to retire comfortably in 10 years or have your dream job, but have to work until the day you die?

A dream job means fulfilment.
Retirement does not mean contentment.

18) Would you rather find your true love or a suitcase with five million dollars inside?

True love can be worth USD 10M.

19) Would you rather be able to teleport anywhere or be able to read minds?

Teleport away!
How can telepathy help when you’re about to get wok’ed?

20) Would you rather be feared by all or loved by all? 

Loved… yes! Definitely.
Fear, once power is gone, will be done.
Love, for richer or poorer, will never make us wan.

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