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Die Feng & Li Ying Fanfic 3310

Excerpt: (Chapter 22 from MY&SW's Fanfic)

Die Feng fell back with a yelp, “Princess!”
Princess Li Ying was dressed in light yellow. The water had rendered her gown nearly transparent. He could see the shape of her curves, her generous bosom outlined against the fabric clinging to her body. The water drops slid down her bare white arms. Blushing, he averted his eyes.  
Li Ying looked around. “Oh. So this is why the maids were calling after me.”
“You’re in my bath!” Die Feng sputtered.
“Well, it’s as good a place as any.” Li Ying shrugged. She looked at the ceiling, “The corals are lovely.”
“What are you doing here?” he almost wailed. There was an odd sense of deja vu to the situation except he had not been nearly as flabbergasted when she dropped into his bed. He had had all his clothes on for one.
“I tripped,” she explained in the same nonchalant tone.
“You tripped.” Maybe if he repeated her words the situation would make more sense.
She lowered her voice as if letting him in on a secret, “I’m not very good at cloud jumping.”
“You don’t say.” Die Feng reached for the towel. It was too far, damn it. He edged towards it.
She eyed him with interest. 


When the drama Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms concluded, fan fiction came along to give shape to the possibilities left unexplored. The world of the drama was rich enough and the Kunlun Disciples intriguing enough to make us keep thinking about the stories untold. Die Feng (1st Disciple), in particular, stood out and we couldn't resist wondering how the uptight Sea Prince would react if a teasing Demon Princess  were to chase him for candy.   

We started Die Feng and Li Ying’s story as part of the additional couples within Mo Yuan and Shao Wan’s fic on PotUP. Who knew that after several months their story would take a life of its own and become far different from what we first intended. We are continuing the 2nd volume of their journey on The Wolves of Mistwood. Here, we have compiled their chapters from Volume 1 of the Mo Yuan and Shao Wan fic into pdf form for your convenience.   





MiniOrchid & Chimera

Volume 1 


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