Guardian "Untold Stories"

"Zao Yunlan & Shen Wei" 

“I don't deserve all you've done for me." -  Zhao Yunlan


"You're worth it...” -- Shen Wei

Guardian, Drama 2018  

Author’s Note: 

From the first grasp of their lingered handshake to their subtle glances; from their word plays, to heated banters - every glance and every unspoken gesture, between the Professor(Shen Wei) and the Chief(Zhao Yunlan), I was hooked. Captured, like all the devoted Guardian Girls around the world. It was unfortunate the drama was pulled due to censorship(Re-editing - most likely to remove all these favorite moments we had come to cherish). However, have no worries. That's what fanfiction is for. 

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Favorite Moments from the Guardian (Book -  By Priest)

- Regrettably, these scenes did not make it in the drama. 


Chapter 23: “Taking care of the sick Yunlan”

SW: “Get on the bed, and take off your clothes.”

ZYL: “If I do that, then you’ll accuse me of taking advantage of you.”

SW: "Stop that nonsense, and take them off."

*Shamelessly Strip* - Professor blushes XD 

ZYL: "You told me to take them off."

*Yunlan the slut smirk ;)


Chapter 43: "Drunk Professor Shen"

ZXL: "I was planning to spare you tonight, but you asked for this."

*Yet, Yunlan was almost deflowered by the Drunk Shen Wei*

~ unfortunately, Shen passed out

ZYL: “Even when you’re drunk you’re special.”


Chapter 49: “Stolen Kisses”

ZYL: “Your Honour, what are you doing?”

SW: “....”  

ZYL: “I thought you were an honorable man. Who knew you’re the type who would steal a kiss from an unconscious defenseless person. With mediocre skills, I might add.” 

SW: “....”

*Shameless Chief proceeds to show off his skills...XD


Chapter 50: “Shen Wei the Stage 5 Clinger

SW: “I can take it! For the rest of your life, I will never let you go. If there comes a day, you are tired of me, bored of me, and want to leave me. I will not let you escape my grasp. Even if I have to force you, bind you, I will have you die in my arms.”  

ZYL: “....”

*Yunlan realized he got more than he bargained for* LOL


Chapter 55: “When Shen is mad...”

ZYL: “I’m in the wrong. Sweetheart, I’m sorry…”

*Hugging him tightly* ---> Yet, Professor Shen slammed Yunlan against the wall and held him up. XD   

SW: “Don’t you dare try to use the same charm you used with others to trick me!”

ZYL: “Then what do you want me to do?”

SW: “Can’t you change just a little?”

*A moment later*

SW: “Are you hurt?”

*ZYL shook his head*

SW: “I’m sorry, I over-reacted…”   

ZYL: “My back hurts. You got mad with me when you’re kind to others. You’re always mad at me.”  

SW: “I…I didn’t mean to...”

ZYL: “‘Comfort’ me, then I’ll forgive you.”  

*Took a few seconds for Professor Shen to understand the what “Comfort” meant*

SW: “How dare you!”


Chapter 59: "Yunlan the Blind Perve." 

ZYL: “However, I can’t see, which make things a bit difficult. Can you bathe me tonight?”

SW: "....."


Chapter 60: "Yunlan's Craving."

ZYL: “I’m starving like mad, but I don’t want to eat dinner(rice).”

SW: “Then, what do you want to eat?”

ZYL: “I want to eat you.”

SW: "...." 


Chapter 66: “Meet the Parent.”

ZYL’s Mom: “So this is Professor Shen.”

ZYL: “I brought you your future daughter-in-law, isn’t he pretty?”

SW: "....."

*Pray the ground would swallow him*  


"Coming out to Mom"

ZYL’s Mom: “I don’t believe you.”

ZYL: “....”

ZYL’s Mom: “If he’s as great as you said he is, why would he want someone like you?”

*The classic Asian mom response XD


Chapter 72: “Yunlan and instructions.”

SW: “What did I tell you?”

ZYL: “Do not comply with Hell’s demand, and wait for your return…”

SW: “Then what are you doing here?!?!?!”

ZYL: “Are you mad?”

*The smiling Chief asked innocently


Chapter 75: “When Yunlan knows.”

SW: “My life was granted by you, my eyes were given by you. Everything that I am was yours, since the beginning. Why would you need to be sorry?”

ZYL: “If I knew….If I had known, I would have killed you, rather then...”

*Lost for words, Yunlan could only tremble, while Shen Wei held him tight.*

Chapter 80: “Shamelessness”

ZYL: “I only want to buy thousands of roses, so I could bring(marry) you home.”

SW: “And here I thought you wanted to open a flower shop. However, it would be I who will take(marry) you. Since yesterday, you promised to take my name.”

ZYL: “Fine, I’ll take your name. Husband of mine, we can play it that way. You don’t have to do anything, enjoy your life, and let me take care of you.”

SW: “Zhao Yunlan!” *Professor Shen snapped* XD

ZYL: “Here.”

SW: “How could you…..How could you be so shameless!”

ZYL: “You haven’t seen shameless yet.”

*Shen Wei angrily grabbed his collar/shirt*

SW: “Are you aware this is a public place? Do you understand others are watching? Do you know there are many times I wanted to remove the eyes of those who were close to you, the ones you’ve been intimate with.”

ZYL: “.....”

Chapter 81: “Pregnancy Scare”

ZYL: “I don’t know why I’m so exhausted these days.”

SW: “Maybe because you came back from the other realm, it’s not good for the body.”

ZYL: “Oh….and here I thought…”

SW: “....”

ZYL: “I thought I’m carrying your child.”

*SW hands shook, almost dropped the medicine.* LOL


ZYL: “The medicine you’ve been giving me...the blood was from your heart. You gave me the dark energy?”

SW: “Even my soul is clouded with darkness. Only my heart remain clean, the blood is still red. I’m willing to use it to protect you.”  

Chapter 89: “Gullible Wife" 

ZYL: “Where are you going?”

*Shen Wei realized he was tricked again.* XD

SW:  “.....nothing was wrong with you?”   

ZYL: “Of course there’s something wrong with me. It’s quite severe.  My wife ran away from home. Let me tell you, sweetheart, don’t run away anymore. You’re so gullible, what if someone sold you off?



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