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Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou by Gui Yu



Translator: MiniOrchid

Editor: Morgan, Mary & kissed-by-circe

AKA: Paternity Guard, Master and Shadow Guard

Status: Ongoing



A woman from Fufeng Sect was jilted by her lover, out of grievance, she created a child-bearing potion. It was 100% effective, and a child was born.  

The ashen lady took out her potion and proudly presented it to the crowd. 

The audience stirred and commented: "Is that really true? Could such a thing be possible?"

Not knowing what the lady was thinking as her face dropped, she pointed to a corner and everyone's gaze followed.


Seventeen raised his head with a confused expression: "But I am male." 

The audience fell silent...

In short, this is a merry joyous story about a Lord of his Fortress and a Shadow Guard - who is pregnant with a mantou - as they cross river, sea, and mountain, through the Jianghu world, all the while waiting for their steam bun to be done... 

Translator's Note: This is my first translation project, so it's in no way perfect. I fell in love with this adorable story because it was light-hearted and original. The novel may not be a grand-scale like other popular BL works, but still memorable and touching nonetheless. 



(Wattpad Link)

Chapter 1 - Seventeen 

Chapter 2 - Stomachache?

Chapter 3 - Happy Pulse 

Chapter 4 - New Lady? 

Chapter 5 - Undressing 

Chapter 6 - Bathing Together 

Chapter 7 - Father of the Child 

Chapter 8 - Traveling Together

Chapter 9 - Yan Jia Zhuang

Chapter 10 - Chao 

Chapter 11 - The Flower Thief

Chapter 12 - Captives 

Chapter 13 - Poisoned

Chapter 14 - The Antidote

Chapter 15 - Shy

Chapter 16 - Hundred Flower Festival

Chapter 17 - The Blood Demon Palace


Main Characters 

Xing BeiMing

Name: 邢北溟 - Xíngběimíng 

Formal Address:

堡主 - Bǎo zhǔ - Fort Master,

邢堡主 - Xíng Bǎo zhǔ - Fort Master Xing 

Title: 邢大堡主 - Xing Great Master Bao 

Ying ShiQiShadow Seventeen

Ying Qi - Shadow Seven, Doctor Seven (Specialty - Medicine) 

Ke Weiqing - Xing BeiMing's closet friend. Who often referred to himself as Běn shǎo zhè or Shao Zhe (This Young Master)


World's Supreme Fortress Characters 

Ying ShiEr - Shadow Twelve (Specialty - disguise)

Ying ShiYi - Shadow Eleven 

Cheng Bo  -  Steward Bo 

Shuǐ qiān, 水芊 - The first Concubine, Green Dress 

Bai Feifei - Concubine Bai


Mèimei - 妹妹 - Younger Sister

Jiějiě - 姐姐 - Older Sister

Jianghu or jiang hu or 江湖 (lit. "rivers and lakes"), is the community of martial artists in wuxia stories. 

Xiu Luo Tang - Disciplinary Hall 

Běn shǎo zhè - 本少这 - This Little Master

Gongzi - Young Master 

Ne Fei - 寝妃 - Bedding Concubine

Qinggong - a martial arts technique for making the body extremely light in weight, by altering the distribution and flow of qi.

Xiǎo Lóu Luó - 小喽啰 , Little Solders/Warrior


"Eyes but still did not see the Mountain." - Must have been blind


Chapter 11 

Suoyun City - 锁云城, Suǒ yún chéng, Lock Cloud City


Xiǎo nǚ - 小女, Little Girl, Young Female, (How female addresses themselves as the third person, in a polite manner)

Chapter 17 

Běn Gōng - 本宫, This Palace (How Jin Yi addressed himself)


***Update Ongoing***

Chinese Numbers 

*Keeping tracks of 17 Shadow Guards*

Chinese Numbers.png


DISCLAIMER: I do not own the story and the characters. The original Author was GuiYu, who published the novel in Chinese on jjwxc (purchased raw for translation purpose), also known as Paternity Guard and Master and his Shadow Guard. Unless otherwise indicated, all material on these pages is copyrighted. Please do not repost.  

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