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Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Chapter 2 "Stomachache?"

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Laugh? Did that person say that right?

What do you mean, are you laughing at me who sells my smile for a living? Sickening! Shui Shui’er was livid from his own inference as anyone who dared disrespect him in the past had all been turned deaf and blind by his hands. This person...

As Xing BeiMing swept his wide sleeves, Shui Shui'er quickly got up to make his escape, but in an instant, his acupuncture point was hit. He was fixed in place, crying without tears.

"What the hell are you doing? I’m not a girl who sells my smile on the flower street. If you want to buy laughter, please go there. Forgive me for not playing along!" Shui Shui'er knew his martial arts were far from rivaling this man's and could only grind his teeth.

"You were laughing happily before, how come when I tell you to, you won’t laugh? I think your laugh is decent enough." Xing BeiMing said coolly.

"What did you say?" My laughter is just decent? I only have decent laughter? Do you not see a beauty, unrivaled among peers, where people who saw it would fall, even flowers hate to bloom, bringing Phan An to shame. Are you blind? Shui Shui’er’s teeth were about to crack from grinding. He was fondly loved since childhood, spoiled and praised. He couldn't stand his beautiful appearance being ignored, so much so that he just wanted to teach this person a lesson.

"Your ears are working as well, it seems. Alas, there is nothing notable except your laughter." Completely ignoring the nearly distorted beauty of Shui Shui’er, Xing BeiMing sighed in disappointment and even poured fuel on the fire.

The Shadow Guards on the roof shook their heads together. To say that the most admirable trait about their master is honesty, with no honey to lure the fly, but truthful words that hit directly at the heart!

Shui Shui’er chuckled from anger, "Geeze, if you have the guts then release me, otherwise, your end will be miserable. Do you know who this young master is?"

"Tang Tu, grandson of Grandmaster Tang." At the touch of his lips, the identity of a young master was revealed.

Shui Shui’er's face blanched. He had just arrived in Southern Province and did not recognize the prominent figures here. Even though he just saw the steward-like person and knew that this person who came was not easy to deal with, he did not take him seriously. But there was no hesitation to reveal his name. This certainly must be a high master of the Jiangju World. Had he poked at someone whom he shouldn’t?

A great man should know when to be flexible, Tang Tu reminded himself, his face changed in the blink of an eye, smiling like a blooming flower. "Kind hero, don't you want to listen to me? This is a laugh for you, haha ​​... haha ​​..."

Shadow Seventeen frowned. The person's laughter was so bad, the master will definitely get angry.

Sure enough, Xing BeiMing got up gracefully and walked away. Without a backward glance, he dropped a sentence, "Never should believe in rumors. I won't be coming back again."

Leaving the flower withered in the room, if Tang Tu wasn’t held in place by the acupuncture points, he would burn down the flower boat, that man included. The fuel may end here, until we meet again. I will deal with you!

Arriving with expectation, but leaving with disappointment, it was the state of Xing BeiMing at this time. After getting off the flower boat, Cheng Bo followed his master to return to the house, without saying a word. It was not a suitable day to go out!

At dinner, the soup bowl fell again and everyone was on edge, afraid that the master would set fire to them and kicked them out. They heard that the concubine who was thrown out on the first day is still lying on her bed!

Shadow Seventeen hid in the trees as usual at night, guessing when the master would throw the concubine out this time, unaware it had become a habit. Xing BeiMing would still choose a concubine before entering his room, even though she will probably be thrown out. However, Seventeen waited for one-tenth of an incense burn today, but there was still no movement in the room. Maybe the Master….

The sound of the whistling wind, and in the blink of an eye, Seventeen had mobilized his body for combat, because someone had snuck in! The flying weapons directed at the inner room were intercepted by Shadow Twelve, followed by a second wave. Shadow Eleven dropped a few of his own. There were several dark shadows who wanted to rush into the room, but were blocked by Shadow Twelve. These attackers were obviously stronger than the previous ones, and their cooperation was elaborate. At some point, Eleven and Twelve were occupied.

A few took advantage of the opportunity to break down the door. Suddenly, a sword rushed forward, forcing them to retreat two steps. “Pfft!”, the sound of the hem of their clothes being cut across their chest. If they didn’t pull back in time, their necks would be cut! Who is so powerful?! These people originally thought that Xing BeiMing had appeared, but they only saw a person in black clothes that were consistent with those of other Shadow Guards. They roared and rushed towards him.

Speed to victory, this is the only thought in Seventeen’s heart. The fierce sword attack not only blocked the attack of the intruders, but was gradually forcing them into the courtyard. Not wanting to lose their necks, they could only retreat. The guard may seem young, but every deadly move was aimed to kill. They could do nothing to him, while their own lives were already difficult to keep.

A sharp blade stabbed into another's chest, then smoothly pulled out to meet the next attack, which should be an easy move to avoid, but Seventeen suddenly felt a throbbing pain in his stomach. Knees went weak. Collapsed, he fell to the ground, barely avoiding the diagonal blade towards his abdomen. His arm was cut, flesh and all.

Enduring the sharp pain in his arm and the feeling of contraction in his stomach, Shadow Seventeen angrily sliced off the other’s head and tossed it to the side. However, he no longer had the strength to avoid the next person's flying kick. With a throbbing chest, his back hit something and he rolled into the Master’s room.

Hearing a woman's scream, Seventeen spit blood and turned his head to the pair of cold eyes. In horror, his gaze moved to the things that had just been broken, the two doors that had already become decorations. The hanging pieces swayed, nearly falling.

This time, I am going to die. I blame myself for eating junk food, even eating my own destiny.

Struggling to get up, Seventeen rushed toward the attackers outside, even if he has to die. He dragged another body along as his shield.

The night raiders outside the door were soon killed by Shadow Three and Shadow Ten, who arrived later, along with Eleven and Twelve. No one was left alive. Of course, Xing BeiMing did not need a living person.

The idea of ​​finding a buffer failed, but there was no expression on Shadow Seventeen. The shadow guards wear iconic stone masks on their faces. Even if they want to see it, they cannot see it, but underneath were worried gazes from Eleven and Twelve. Cheng Bo entered through the crumbling doors and knelt down on one knee.

The others also kneeled down one by one. Although they did not let the night raiders enter the chamber, they were considered to have broken the rules. Shadow Seventeen’s whole body had rolled in...

After a while, Xing BeiMing's cold voice came, "Disgraceful. Ten whips per person, and the one who rolled in just now, plus twenty."

"Yes." The shadow guards disappeared. Shortly after, the Steward Cheng Bo took a few people to clear the area. Soon the courtyard was restored to its usual cleanliness. Cheng Bo motioned for the two people next to him to go to the door. As soon as they approached, they heard a "bang—". Another concubine was thrown out, and the two by now who are experts, dragged her away.

"Coward, expelled from the premises," Xing BeiMing snarled.

"Yes, Master." So the unfortunate concubine who was scared by Seventeen was driven out of the house that night.

Seventeen was lying face-down on the bed. The crosswise whiplashes covered almost his entire back, spreading to his buttocks. The knife wound on the arm was just been treated with medicine and had not been bandaged. His stomach was still twitching in pain. Shadow Seventeen uncomfortably adjusting his posture due to lying down on his stomach, causing his wound to further bleed.

"Stop moving." Shadow Seven patted him, who was still misbehaving. "I heard that you rolled into the master's room. Why were you so careless?"

"I don't know," Shadow Seventeen frowned. "My stomach suddenly hurts. I probably ate something wrong. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten the chicken leg that was past midnight. ”

Ying Qi doesn’t know if he should laugh or cry. Is Seventeen only thinking about this? However, he contemplated for a while. "Eating an overnight chicken leg should not make you sick. Have you suffered any injuries lately?"

"No, recently, no one has come to disturb the master. Haven’t you noticed the master is extremely bored?” Shadow Seventeen raised his hand to count, wondering if the concubine from yesterday was thrown out.

"Ridiculous, how can we predict our master’s mood? This time count your lucky stars. If the master was in a bad mood, ten people are not enough to lose their lives!" Shadow Seven raised Seventeen a little and wrapped him with bandages like a mummy. Seeing that he is still frowning, knowing that this person does not frown even with a flesh wound on his arm, it must be that his stomach was extremely painful. Anxiously, Seven said, "Your stomach is that uncomfortable? Let's have the doctor here check it out."

"No, I'll just sleep on it." Shadow Seventeen felt that he was fussing and waved his hands.

"Let me see." Still feeling worried, Seven picked up Seventeen’s hand and took his pulse...


Translator's Note: There are 17 Shadow Guards at Xing BeiMing's Supreme Fortress, luckily they are often referred by their numbers. However, with 17 guards, it's still a bit of a headache to keep track of them all, so below is a cheat sheet.

Examples: (Ying = Shadow)

Ying ShiQi - Shadow Seventeen

Ying Qi - Shadow Seven (Specialty - Medicine)

Ying ShiEr - Shadow Twelve (Specialty - Disguise)

Ying ShiYi - Shadow Eleven

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