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Hao Mu Wang Tian: Chapter 7

After applying the medicine, Mu Ling and Qin Wangtian went out together to attend the so-called martial arts banquet in the front yard.

Mu Ling waved his antique ivory fan as he strolled leisurely. Approaching the front yard, the noise echoing from the walls floated to his ears.

"Hey." Qin Wangtian suddenly stopped Mu Ling.

Mu Ling glanced at him? "Hey? You should call me Young Master."

Qin Wangtian rolled his eyes and asked, "You are also a famous person. Can someone recognize you?"

"I should not be." Mu Ling touched his chin and thought, Well, unless he was invited to Heiyun Bao before, no one should recognize me.

"Heiyun Bao?" Qin Wangtian was a little surprised. "Will Situ also come?"

"Ahhh." Mu Ling curled his lips. "Just a Yuejia Zhai can hardly invite Situ. Besides, Situ, he sure has worms in his brain now, no time to bother with others' affairs."

At Heiyun Bao, Situ sneezed, and Xiao Huang next to him asked, "What's wrong? Did you catch a chill?"

"Maybe an ill-mannered person with nothing better to do is cursing me." Situ rubbed his nose and turned Xiao Huan over, "Xianxian, let's continue."

As soon as Mu Ling finished his words, he sneezed loudly.

"Did he catch a cold when you fell into the water earlier?" Yue Zaiting appeared at the doorway with a worried expression on his face. "You're probably sick. I'll ask the doctor to check, is that alright?"

Mu Ling rubbed his nose. He smiled and said, "No need. Maybe someone is cursing me."

"Haha, sir, don't be careless." Yue Zaiting smiled. "It just so happens that I invited the world's number one genius doctor, Mu Ling from Heiyun Bao, to come. He can check your pulse."

"Cough….cough..." Mu Ling was choked by his saliva, and asked Yue Zaiting with his eyes widened inconceivably, "Who have you invited?"

"Ah, it's Mu Ling from Heiyun Bao. Mu Ling, the God of Medicine doctor. He also agreed to perform an autopsy on my father." Yue Zaiting said with a smile.

Mu Ling's expression instantly changed.

"Motherfu-..." Mu Ling nearly stomped his feet to curse the heavens, but Qin Wangtian behind him hurriedly grabbed hold.

Mu Ling looked back and saw Qin Wangtian glaring at him -- be not too careless as to reveal us.

Mu Ling gritted his teeth and swallowed the three-character sutra that was about to be cursed back down. "Oh really, the number one genius doctor in the world? Then I must pay a visit."

"Haha..." Yue Zaiting didn't understand why Mu Ling's tone suddenly turned sharp. At first glance, what could he say...the expression was quite fierce. "Come along, to the front yard," he informed as he led the way.

Mu Ling rolled his sleeves, followed Yue Zaiting, and prepared to fight the person who pretended to be himself. He was grabbed by Qin Wangtian behind him and warned in a low voice, "Remember our priorities."

Mu Ling frowned and kicked Qin Wangtian away. "Move it, this Laozi is going to smash his teeth into the ground!" he declared angrily, hurrying away.

Qin Wangtian looked at a clear shoe print on the hem of his clothes, clenching his teeth— you, with the surname Mu, wait for this Laozi.

Everyone entered the front yard. The appearance of Yue Zaiting attracted a lot of people's attention. To those who stood up to salute and congratulate him, Yue Zaiting responded one by one. Seeing his sophisticated appearance, Qin Wangtian sneered from behind, hypocrite.

Mu Ling looked around fiercely, trying to find the imposter who pretended to be him, but there were people everywhere, who knew which one it was.

"Mr. Lin?"

"Mr. Lin."

Someone whispered beside Mu Ling.

Mu Ling internally scowled, Why are you yelling beside me? As soon as he swung around, he felt Qin Wangtian's grip, then turned his head. "What?"

Qin Wangtian said to the side, "Someone called you."

"The person he called Lin...Ah..." Mu Ling didn't finish speaking, but was pinched by Qin Wangtian. Mu Ling squealed in surprise before he realized that he was Lin Baisui... Turning around again, he saw a young man standing beside him wearing a navy blue robe, looking a bit scrawny.

"Who are you?" Mu Ling asked.


The young man blushed when Mu Ling said, "It was my fault earlier. Don't be angry, Mr. Lin."

Mu Ling blinked a few times, tilted his head towards Qin Wangtian, as if asking— Who is this kid?

Qin Wangtian indeed was infuriated by Mu Ling's antics. Red-faced, he quickly said, "Young Master Yue doesn't need to be polite. My Young Master also wants to thank you for saving him just now."

"Oh..." Mu Ling suddenly remembered. Was this Yue Zaiyun who fought with Yue Zaiting from before?

"The pleasure is mine," Yue Zaiyun nodded to Qin Wangtian, then turned to look at Mu Ling.

Mu Ling waved his fan, and looked up and down at Yue Zaiyun; his eyes rolled, and some ideas popped up. "So it's Master Yue, cough cough."

"Mr. Lin is ill." Yue Zaiyun worried.

Mu Ling nodded and said weakly, "I have been suffering from a persistent illness since I was a child. The doctor said that Lin Baisui could not live to be twenty years old. That's why my parents gave me this, it's in the name."

"Aaahh..." Yue Zaiyun took a breath. Really pitiful indeed.

As Mu Ling spoke, he drew a cross behind him, thinking silently in his heart that it was Lin Baisui who has such a fate. This Laozi has to live to be 100 years old, ah, no, ninety-nine years old!

"Then... how old are you, sir?" Yue Zaiyun regained his senses and suddenly asked Mu Ling.

"Oh..." Mu Ling waved his hand dismissively. "I went through all the hardships looking for medicine, and finally lived a little bit longer, but I also worry about my fate every day."

"It must be tough for you." Yue Zaiyun empathized with Mu Ling.

Qin Wangtian knew that Mu Ling would pull one of his tricks again as he was listening. He looked at Yue Zaiyun with some sympathy.

"That's right." Mu Ling began to change the direction of the subject and said to Yue Zaiyun with a smile, "Master Yue, I heard that this banquet has invited Mu Ling, the world's number one genius doctor?"

"Yes." Yue Zaiyun nodded, "I heard Er Ge invited him to do an autopsy for our father."

"Oh, is that so? By the way, would it be an inconvenience for him to check me out?" Mu Ling asked, looking for it, and said heartily. Where is that deadbeat imposter?

Shortly after that thought, he heard someone suddenly say, "It's an honor to be here."

Mu Ling turned around and saw a handsome man in an aqua blue robe standing beside him, half a head taller than himself with a bright smile.

Mu Ling blinked several times, when he heard Yue Zaiting, who was coming from the other side. "God of Medicine, Doctor Ling, come and let me introduce you. This is Lin Baisui, Master Lin. This is Mu Ling, the number one genius in the world."

Mu Ling looked on...dumbfounded.

He originally thought that the imposter who impersonated him would be an ugly dwarf with no quality to speak...but the person in front of him was not only tall, he was handsome with an elegant demeanor, magnificently dressed, and his speech was extraordinary.

Mu Ling was stunned with his mouth open. The fake Mu Ling smiled gently, pointed at a table next to him, and said, "Mr. Lin, let's sit down so I can check your pulse." He took the lead to walk to the table.

Mu Ling was still in shock. He felt Qin Wangtian slap him from behind and turned around accusingly, "What are you doing?"

Qin Wangtian leaned over and said in a low voice, "I think you should change your name."

Mu Ling squinted at him, "Why?"

"What do you think?" Qin Wangtian glanced at the fake Mu Ling, who sat down at the table. "Compared to you, he is more like Mu Ling. Don't believe me, you should ask someone else."

Mu Ling was so angry he was grinding his teeth.

Mu Ling, deciding he is not a real man if he does not retaliate, thought of millions of ways to destroy that person. He walked over bitterly, sat opposite the fake Mu Ling, glaring at his opponent.

The fake Mu Ling laughed twice, and reached out his hand on the tabletop and nodded, "Lin Didi, please place your hand up, so I can check your pulse."

Mu Ling said to himself. Who is your Didi? Whoever is older or younger has yet to be determined. But he still stretched out his hand and put it on the table.

The fake Mu Ling stretched out his hand and lightly touched his three fingers on Mu Ling's wrist. The strange thing was that his fingers were not placed on Mu Ling's veins, but they were slowly drawn up from the base of the wrist, and then stayed. Above the pulse. Although it looks like an inadvertent action, it feels a little intentionally ambiguous. Mu Ling irritably realized...

...this kid...eating my tofu?

The fake Mu Ling took the pulse for a while, then withdrew his hand and said, "You are very ill and will not survive for a year."

"Ah…?" Suddenly the people around them gasped. Of course, the loudest one is Mu Ling. There was silence for a while, then Mu Ling jumped up and slammed the table. "Screw you, when you're in the grave, I'm still alive, I'll be a hundred years old!"

Qin Wangtian was helpless. Whenever Mu Ling was overly excited, he reverted back to his usual personality. Of course, Mu Ling's reaction once again caused the people around him to gasp. The fake Mu Ling laughed and said, "You are no ordinary man either, still so lively despite your condition. One can't help but love."

Again, everyone took another breath of surprise. This is blatant flirting! Mu Ling turned pale with anger, admitting this guy deserves to be an imposter, as his face is thick enough.

"Your illness, other genius doctors with smashing reputations, won't be able to cure it." The fake Mu Ling leaned towards Mu Ling with a smile. "But I can do it."

Mu Ling's brow furrowed. Is it true?

"Haha..." Fake Mu Ling stood up with his hands behind his back and said, "If I can cure your disease, then the real world's number one genius doctor would be me, don't you think?"

Mu Ling pouted and thought, Keep showing you off.

"There is one more place, I will show you." The fake Mu Ling said to the people who leaned in curiously, "You think this brother Lin looks healthy at first glance? He doesn't look like he's having a serious illness at all, right?"

Everyone nodded curiously and answered yes.

"Actually, he doesn't even know where his true illness lies, but I know." As he explained, the fake Mu Ling stretched out his hand and pulled Mu Ling over, a steady approach, almost holding Mu Ling in his arms. "Aaah..." Everyone took a deep breath.

"What do you want to do?" Mu Ling whispered to the fake Mu Ling, who was leaning against his ear. "What's your purpose?"

The man smiled and said softly, "I am the real number, one genius doctor, in the world." After those words, he reached out and touched three inches under the side of Mu Ling's ribs.

Mu Ling felt how he touched his ribs and knew that this person was definitely not an ordinary person... The imposter couldn't dissipate the poisonous gas in his body, so he pushed all the toxins to that place with internal force, forming a small black birthmark. Therefore, it couldn't be touched, or the pain would come.

Mu Ling instantly understood why the person had to hug him first and then touch him, because in this posture, no matter how high his martial arts is, there is no way to avoid him. When he almost made his advance, a hand suddenly stretched out and grabbed the fake Mu Ling's hand.

Everyone was stunned...Qin Wangtian held the fake Mu Ling's hand, reached forward, and pulled Mu Ling into his arms. He asked, "Master, are you okay? Why is your face so pale?"

Mu Ling finally escaped, patted his chest, and said to himself, this kid is handy at critical moments. Regaining his senses, a smile returned to his face. He waved to Qin Wangtian and said, "Oh. ... That's because I found that the genius doctor Mu also very sick."

"Huh..." A few of the guests had already gasped and started to hiccup.

"Oh?" Fake Mu Ling smiled, "Excuse me, Lin Didi, what's wrong with me?"

Mu Ling grinned back, "I'm not as good as the God of Medicine, but let me check your pulse too?"

The Fake Mu Ling nodded, held out his hand, and handed it to Mu Ling. "You can give it a try."

Mu Ling was still smiling and stretched out his hand to gently press on the fake Mu Ling's pulse. Strangely, as soon as his hand touched fake Mu Ling's wrist, the fake Mu Ling suddenly shook and fell on his ass.

Incredibly widened eyes looked at Mu Ling. The fake Mu Ling couldn't react. Mu Ling stood beside him and calmly said, "I did say you are sick."


吃豆腐 (Chī dòufu) - "to eat tofu,” but saying that someone is “eating tofu” generally means they are taking advantage of someone, often with a sexual implication.


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