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Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Chapter 18 "Massage"

After entering Seventeen's room, Ying Qi took his wrist to check the pulse. Finally, he was assured when the pulse was stable, passing it’s perilous period.

"Shiqi, after this you are no longer alone, you must pay attention and take care of your body. Don't be like the last time, luckily nothing happened! Since the Master has decided to keep it... naturally he has his purpose..." Almost speaking out his speculation of their Master's thoughts, Ying Qi hurriedly changed the subject, but would Seventeen not know it?

"Qi Ge, have you noticed that you have spoken more and more recently? It is completely different from before," Seventeen replied, his wrist still stretched out for Ying Qi to check his pulse. Obediently listening to him scolding, instructing, while warmth grew in his heart. In the past, although everyone lived together, the division of labor was inconsistent, and it was difficult to gather and converse. Now... Seventeen thought about the "thing" in his stomach and felt at a loss. Should I thank it?

Ying Qi glared. "Are you saying I’m nagging? If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't bother to care!"

Seventeen smiled, and then thoughtfully said, "Qi Ge, why are the victims all women? If it is really blood Evil sects like the Demon’s Palace, they shouldn’t be targeting women. According to them, male’s qi is the best aid to practice. Is it just to shield the public’s eyes?”

Ying Qi sat down and analyzed with him. "This incident has only recently emerged, and it was at the Hundred Flowers Festival where many martial arts people gathered. Perhaps there was preparation. The previous flower-picking gang committed crimes are probably their pretense. This incident of theirs could be a declaration of war on the martial artists."

Seventeen thought of what he had heard, and couldn't help frowning. "We’re not sure how the Yan family are related. Yan Zhuangzhu, the Elder, can be regarded as a respectable person. If there is a connection, given Yan Yunsheng asked for the Master, then it's definitely with illful intention. With a character such as our Master, they have no fear of what happened ten years ago..."

Ying Qi saw Seventeen was frowning and wondered the reason for this. Even knowing he was worried, it was obviously much more than that, so he patted his hand. "Don't think about it. Would the Master be at the mercy of others? As far as I see, the Master has already had his plans, but has yet to tell us. You should take a rest, we will be on the road again tomorrow."

Seventeen didn't want Ying Qi to worry, so he took off his outerwear and obediently went to bed, but he was not sleepy. He held onto the quilt with both hands, staring in a daze. Ying Qi was helpless, but there was no other way, so he retreated first. Who knew he would run into Xing Beiming who was eavesdropping…

Uh, not eavesdropping, but openly listening...

"Master." Ying Qi was a bit startled.

"En," Xing Beiming replied, and then said, "Come with me and I have something to ask you."

Ying Qi followed Xing Beiming to the next room. Master Xing Bao Zhu asked, "Ying Qi, be honest, this child, when the time comes, how does it come out?"

Ying Qi trembled. The Master asked the most important question this time. He pondered for a while and decided to tell the truth. "Master, this Subordinate has researched through the medical books at the Fort, and there is no record of this. A man’s body is different from that of the woman, and this subordinate dare not assert...”

Xing Beiming was displeased. “What should I do if the child can’t come out after reaching full term?”

Ying Qi broke out in a cold sweat, but still, he had to answer. "In the meantime, we can only wait until the seventh month, perhaps there will be some signs... However, there may be genius doctors who may have ancient knowledge, such as..."

"Gu Weijing?" Xing Beiming asked. This genius doctor, Gu Weijing, was known as the crested crane more than ten years ago, while another name is “Ghost Sees Sorrow", which shows his superb medical skills.

Ying Qi nodded, but this genius doctor had been in hiding for more than ten years, and they didn't know if he was still alive, nor did they know where to look...In short, hope is pretty slim.

Xing Beiming didn't bother to talk about this issue, but turned the topic to Seventeen. "How is his health? Returned to normal?"

Yingqi reported truthfully, "The medicines have been taken on time, and he has been resting for the past two days. I have checked, his body is fine, but normal or not, there is no precedent. This subordinate doesn't know how to compare..."

Xing Beiming did not make it difficult for him, just recalled his daily words and deeds in his mind. “Compared to those pregnant women?"

Ying Qi deliberated for a while before replying, "When women are pregnant, most of them are irritable and easily become hotheaded. In the early stage, they are also prone to nausea and vomiting, lethargy, tiring easily, and they also particularly like sour or sweet things. But the subordinate feels that ShiQi... these symptoms seem to be absent..."

Lethargy, short-tempered, vomiting, liking sweet and sour things... Xing Beiming mentally repeated those words to himself. After he remembered them, he instructed, "Okay, you can go. Tomorrow...wait outside the inn.”

Does the Master mean that he didn't need to wake Seventeen, right? Ying Qi responded by stepping back.

Xing Beiming didn't feel sleepy, so he got up and walked out of the room, heading straight into Seventeen's room. A polite thing like knocking on the door, Lord Xing Da Bao rarely used it.

Because Ying Qi had blown out the candle from the lampshade when he left earlier, the whole room was dim. Still, Xing Beiming could see someone sleeping on the bed at a glance. The medicine was added with a calming herb, so even though that person didn’t feel sleepy before, he had now entered a deep slumber at this moment. With his hands still on the quilt, his lips opened slightly, making this resilient man very...lovely...

Xing Beiming felt that he was probably dazzled. When did he start to find this shadow guard cute? He knew that he had changed from the moment he knew ShiQi was pregnant. He asked Seventeen to keep the child, moved Seventeen to his bedroom, let him follow him all the way to Qizhou, and gave him the snow pear on the roof of the restaurant... Perhaps most of it was because the child in his stomach may be his own, but he unexpectedly doesn't hate this change, but enjoys it instead.

Sitting on the bed, Xing Beiming looked at the sleeping shadow guard in a daze. Suddenly, the sleeping person wrinkled his relaxed brows and looked a bit painful. Xing Beiming carefully inspected his body and found that there was something wrong with his legs. Shaking unnaturally. Cramps? Ying Qi didn't say this just now, Xing Beiming thought displeased, but still gently lifted the quilt, put the poor trembling calf on his leg, and kneaded it gently.

Different from the softness of a woman, the ankles are strong muscles, which are obviously male characteristics, but Xing Beiming unexpectedly found that he was not annoyed. Dislike? A deeper relationship was already established, who would dislike this little contact?

Xing Beiming massaged until the stiff and tense muscles in his hands relaxed, and the crease of Seventeen’s brows disappeared. He slowly placed the slender legs under the quilt and looked at the person sleeping comfortably. Abruptly, an inexplicable anger arose. This Lord of the Fortress has served you for this long, and you still sleep so soundly, really the audacity! This Master wants his revenge, he wants his benefits!

Therefore, Xing Beiming arrogantly pushed Seventeen inward, taking off his outerwear, and got into the bed. It’s not uncommon to sleep in the same bed with another man. In his youth, he had slept in bed with his friends, but this is his shadow guard, whom he had an intimate relationship with before. It did feel strange, however, Master Xing quickly pushed that thought aside and fell asleep peacefully...

So...When Seventeen woke up the next morning, he felt like he was trapped in someone’s arms. He immediately opened his eyes and found a distinctively familiar handsome face next to his.




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