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Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Chapter 14 "The Antidote"

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Warning: Light NSFW

Xing Beiming calmed down. The first thing was to close the door and to cut off access to any curious passersby before walking towards the shadow guard who was lying on the ground. But after he turned the person over, his face instantly changed, restraining his desire to hunt down the culprit and the impulse to torture him to death. He took off his robe and wrapped it around the person and walked out.

When he went out, Xing Beiming met Ke Weiqing's telltale eyes, leaving only one sentence. "Don't anything yet, leave things to the people of the Li family and the authorities."

Ke Weiqing opened his mouth, but the subject of the question disappeared in front of him like the wind, and so he had to swallow another question. Before leaving, he gave the guard lying on the ground some harmless medicine as a meeting gift for the messenger. The reason why Xing Beiming didn't make a move was simple. It was just a small stronghold and it was not worth his effort. However, depending on how dark his face was before he left, this culprit would not have a peaceful day ahead! Pray for you, Ke Weiqing lamented.

Ying Qi, with a sullen face, diagnosed the pulse of Seventeen, while Xing Beiming sat on the bedside. Instead of his usual leisurely posture, his eyes fixed on someone's bitten and bleeding lips. Even if he was unconscious, his state was seriously grim. Seventeen’s face was still abnormally red.

Ying Qi put down his hand, looking carefully at the scarred upper body, and said heavily, "Shi Qi was given a medicine that temporarily restrained his internal strength, but he was forced to use his internal strength, which caused the backlashes, with serious internal injuries, and...There are tiny barbs in his wound that are not easy to remove..."

"If it's just internal backlash and these whiplashes, he wouldn’t be unconscious. What else?" Of course, with his own shadow guards, Xing Beiming was more familiar than anyone else. They have endured the worst injuries before, how could he be in this state?

"There seems to be some kind of toxin on the wound, which I have not seen before, but from the appearance of Seventeen, it is obvious there was an aphrodisiac substance added..." Ying Qi's finger touched a whip mark, and again, Seventeen’s body trembled with a desire he could not get rid of, even though he was still delirious. Ignoring the embarrassing circumstances, Ying Qi looked at Xing Beiming in contemplation. "Master, Shi Qi's pulse is not stable, this subordinate thinks..."

"What?" Xing Beiming looked up at him.

"This Subordinate thinks..." It was difficult to explain, but he had to say it, "As you can see, Shiqi’s...his lower...body is..."

Xing Beiming froze. Instantly, he remembered that someone’s body was not normal at that moment, but...Suppressing his anger, Xing Beiming stood up, signaling Ying Qi to change positions with him, then sat down beside Seventeen. Removing the loincloth that was soaked in blood, the lower part of the body had slightly lifted its head, appearing before their eyes. Yet neither were in the mood to pay attention at such a time. The traces of blood oozed from underneath, making Ying Qi chilled to the bones. He suddenly stood up. "Master, this subordinate thinks we have to invite a doctor here immediately. Shi Qi’s situation is becoming dangerous!"

Xing Beiming clenched his hands, "Eleven!"

There was an answer from outside the door, and then the sound of clothes turning, which was more detectable.

Ying Qi wiped off the blood on Seventeen’s body and replaced the bedding. He was put into a soft bed, but he obviously did not need any of this. Still unconscious, he couldn’t restrain his body’s reaction. Overflowed with soft moans and gasps, the two present turned dark.

Ying Qi tried his best to stop the bleeding first but suddenly broke from the pressure. His hands that were carefully wiping away the blood stopped. Gazing at blood-stained cloth with worry, he said, "Master, in this situation, the subordinate feels..Before the doctor arrives, it would be better to let Shi least once..."

There was almost no pause, Xing Beiming waved, "You are relieved, bring the doctor here as soon as possible."

"Yes, Master." Ying Qi placed the blood-stained cloth and went out first.

Xing Beiming's eyes looked at Seventeen with a complicated gaze. This person is in critical condition while he has to perform that kind of service, even though it is to relieve the toxin...

"I, as Lord of the Fort will serve you today, next time I will receive my payment in double!" Xing Beiming said in a vicious voice, and his right hand grasped the upright heat without hesitation...

Focusing on the scorching heat in front of him, Xing Beiming knew that it was best to let Seventeen be released as soon as possible, so he tried his best to encourage it. Fortunately, the person was unconscious and was unaware of the situation, and very soon a hot liquid was released, splashing on Xing Beiming's stiff hands. Still, in high spirits no less, he put down curtains as soon as the doctor arrived.

The doctor who was brought back in a dash with trembling legs, finally regained his senses, but he knew the people in front of him were obviously not someone he should provoke, so he swallowed his anger and stepped away from Shadow Eleven. He immediately took himself over to check the pulse of the person behind the curtain.

When Ying Qi reentered the bedroom, he deliberately did not look at the Master wiping his hand.

The doctor brushed his beard and diagnosed the pulse. He said with a serious face to Xing Beiming, who seemed to be the Master, "Mistress Zhu was drugged but still tried to use internal energy. A common knowledge, the martial community all knew about. I will not say much more, but the thing is, Mistress Zhu is now showing signs of miscarriage. I will prescribe a preventive prescription. You have to immediately prepare the medicine and have her take it. Hopefully, she will survive this!"

Shadow Eleven immediately took out a pen and paper, and the doctor wrote down the prescription but continued to nag. "What kind of husband are you? She is already pregnant but you still let her run all over town! How irresponsible! Currently, she’s less than three months, the most precarious time, didn’t anyone tell you that? You men…”

After finishing writing the prescriptions through his babbling, Shadow Eleven divided his duties with Shadow Twelve. One went to collect the medicine while the other borrowed the kitchen.

After the Doctor left, Ying Qi breathed a sigh of relief. The doctor said the medicine should be taken every day for three days. If Shiqi doesn’t get worse after three days, then he is safe. Although it was not the child they had anticipated, no one wanted it to disappear, moreover, especially under this kind of situation.

After feeding Seventeen the medicine, Ying Qi felt more comfortable to treat the wounds on Shi Qi’s body. Every time a thin thorn was removed, the other’s body would tremble. Ying Qi felt the pain dearly, but he could not stop. If these wounds were not treated, they would only lead to complications.

Ying Qi withdrew his hands from the body that was covered in sweat and addressed Xing Beiming. "Master, I have never encountered Shi Qi’s poison before, so I do not dare to take risks. It would be better to detox him first."

Xing Beiming seemingly to have prepared himself, calmly said, "I’m aware, you can stand down."

When a person reaches a desperate moment and perceives another’s presence, he would immediately cling to them. Limps stubbornly held on, refusing to let them go. His body unconsciously rubbed against someone's body. Naked, the searing skin took pleasure from the cool relief of another’s flesh. His cheeks moved to follow someone's face and left, an arm was wrapped around his neck, and the hot body finally sensed a trace of coolness. Seventeen sighed in comfort.

Displeased, as he gazed at the person who had wrapped his whole body around him, Xing Bao Zhu, who always preferred to take the initiative, pulled away from the arm around his neck and pushed the person down, but received a frustrated growl from Seventeen.

Always dressed in black, the steadfast and loyal shadow guard was now naked, with a bandaged chest, sweaty temples, flushed cheeks, and a body that was also reddened by the effects of the medicine. His slightly opened lips parted. Moaning softly with a fragility that could not be denied, yet, an inexplicable temptation before his eyes.

Xing Beiming realized he could be hardened even for a man. Looking at the beauty in front of him, he felt that he was infected from the same heat. Without hesitation, he took off the clothes that were in the way and frankly faced his shadow guard with the same male body.

A sigh followed, from the chilled body that had returned. Instinctively, the uncomfortable person wrapped his body around him again. This time, Xing Beiming did not push him away, but tentatively licked those lips. This was no woman with such a sweet smell. On the contrary, because of the bitten lips from before, there was still a trace of blood. Despite that, Xing Beiming still felt that this was the most comfortable mouth he had ever kissed...

He licked again, and then their lips and teeth intertwined. Xing Beiming was satisfied with the response of the person in his arms. After tasting inside and out, he moved his lips to someone’s neck. Although Shi Qi’s body was cleaned not long ago, he quickly was covered in sweat again. Awash by sweat, the taste was slightly salty, so Xing Beiming quickly gave up kissing someone's body, but could not help leaving tooth marks on the two redbuds.

"Ugh..." Still wrapped in the scorching heat that was still ignored, Seventeen's mouth overflowed with desperate moanings. His body rubbed against Xing Beiming's, indicating that he wanted much more.

Xing Beiming held the trembling body in his left hand, while the right tried hard to serve, moving up and down. Xing Bao Zhu focused on the most sensitive places of men from his knowledge. Soon the person in his arms stiffened, overflowed, the release arrived, followed by a tremor...

Seventeen felt that he had been suffering in a frying pan. The flame that would not cease. He felt as if he was being comforted by someone. He was placed on a bed, then someone touched his unspeakable place, and later something was poured into his mouth. It was bitter, followed by a comfortable feeling of coolness, salvation which he grasped and clung to. Hold on, the temperature of his body was not as unpleasant as it was before. On the contrary, a pleasurable feeling of release…

Seventeen’s body had no strength left, embraced by Xing Beiming, panting roughly, and slowly those eyes that were tightly closed before, opened...



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