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2020 Because of You: Untold Stories - Episode 5 "Lies"

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Why was my heart beating so fast earlier? Is it because this guy is actually my real brother? So we’re related by blood?


Yuan Jun Cheng rushed out of the room. He paused... took a few steps more... again, he stopped.

That can’t be because of blood. My heart never races this way for those brats. In fact, it rarely beats for anyone. Among the rules of the Yuan family, we were taught not to have an emotional attachment, siblings included. Or maybe, it’s just him? This person alone...

Flustered by realization, Yuan Jun Cheng turned back to his captive, but within a blink of an eye, a body slammed into him, knocking him down on the carpeted floor. The captive that should have stayed put quickly ran towards the door, but Yuan Jun Cheng grabbed his ankle as he passed. He yanked and the boy also met the floor with a thump. Despite Lin Xun's persistent struggles, the annoyed Yuan Jun Cheng didn’t even bother dragging him up, instead, he decided to climb over Lin Xun’s body, straddling him in place.

“When will you give up?” Yuan Jun Cheng scowled in annoyance. However, he was not surprised since Lin Xun had tried to make his escape for probably the tenth time now. The eldest Yuan was seriously debating if he should cage him instead.

With his hands behind his back, Lin Xun could barely rise, but his will to fight wasn’t over. “You got what you want, now let me go! Was there a need for you to bring me here to take a sample?!” Lin Xun growled.

Yuan Jun Cheng used his weight and position to his advantage, nevertheless, he also took notice of how frail the body beneath him felt. His thighs on either side of Lin Xin’s midriff, Lin Xin’s waistline, barely wider than a woman’s. This kid still hasn't eaten, he recalled. He should feel guilty, but he didn’t. If only Lin Xun would have listened from the beginning, they would be dining instead of struggling. This kid needs to be more grateful when others are being nice to him.

“Because Father wants me to deliver you to him once we have our results,” Yuan Jun Cheng gave his nonchalant answer.

Which was a lie...

A Yuan’s blood is still a Yuan’s blood. He wouldn’t let father get close to his bargaining chip until he is assured that the boy would be on his side. He could, in theory, let Lin Xun go now and come back to get him if they were indeed brothers. However, the thought of releasing his perhaps-soon-to-be brother was a troubling thought. From what he could recall, Yuan Jun Cheng never felt the need to keep any of his brothers this close before. Growing up, he would throw them off their yacht during outings if they annoyed him enough.

That odd feeling rose again. Why?

Lin Xun scoffed, “I don’t care about the results. I can guarantee you, it won’t match. My mother would never lie to me.”

Yuan Jun Cheng had to chuckle at his naivety, “Parents always lie.”

Lin Xun, who took offense to the statement flung himself up. “I’m sure yours do, but not mine,” he proclaimed as they came face to face.

Their eyes locked, just like before, but unlike earlier,non hostile emotions come into play. Something told Yuan Jun Cheng it wasn’t blood that connected them. It felt deeper, an attachment to the only woman in their lives that would elicit this kind of protective intensity.

“Even her illness?”

“I knew about her illness.”

“Only when she could not hide it anymore, am I right?” Yuan Jun Cheng made his assertion.

“How did you…” Unable to hide his shock, Lin Xun tried to break away again but Yuan Jun Cheng wouldn’t let him. He slid his hand behind Lin Xun’s back and pulled him closer than before.

“Know?” Yuan Jun Cheng whispered harshly. He frowned due to his own revelation. He shifted his gaze, and said, “When you love, you lie.”

Those words quickly registered, the captive stopped his struggle, followed by a glimpse of understanding in his eyes.

The Yuan Patriarch never hid his intentions regarding his first son’s existence, while the women were stupid enough to think they could be loved by such a man, his mother included. As his first wife, she was delusional enough to make excuses for his behavior. Lies after lies, to a child who saw through the signs. When she couldn’t do it anymore, that's when her heart finally broke. If she didn’t lie to herself and follow the path of Lin Xun’s mother, would she be alive today?

For the Eldest of the Yuan’s, a life lesson learned when he was far too young…

Older now, an established adult that none of his half brothers could surpass. But now, on the forsaken floor, on which he could not figure out why he was still straddling the person who had ceased his grappling. Yuan Jun Cheng could no longer handle the pitiful expression from his very own captive. In Lin Xun’s veins, ran the blood of the woman his father could not obtain.

What did she possess that mother didn’t?

A darkness rose from within, Yuan Jun Cheng taunted, “Will you try to run again?”

“Of course,” his captive prey responded.

Yuan Jun Cheng smiled, “Then don’t blame me for Oppa’s first lesson when it comes to being my brother.”

Enjoying the startled expression Lin Xun returned, the satisfied Eldest Yuan stood up with Lin Xun in tow. Lin Xun’s senses awakened when he realized he was being dragged into the bedroom again.

“I am not your brother! What lesson? Wasn’t kidnapping me and stealing my saliva not enough for you? Where are you taking me? Wh-What are you doing?” Lin Xun yelled even louder as he was shoved into the closet.

Yuan Jun Cheng didn’t stop there, even going to the extent of grabbing another cable to secure Lin Xun’s ankles followed by a lecture, “As your future Oppa, I’m teaching you life lessons when it comes to being kidnapped. Don’t tell your kidnapper the truth. At least the youngest knows to distract the kidnappers until I arrive, to save the damsel, which is my brother.”

“But you’re my kidnapp--” Lin Xun’s last coherent words were stifled because Yuan Jun Cheng decided to cover his mouth with a towel in order to get some quiet time.

“Yes, I am your kidnapper, and a smart person would know not to piss me off. With you, I doubt you’ll survive long enough for me to rescue you, if a real kidnapper was involved. Now be quiet in this closet and I’ll bring you some food,” Yuan Jun Cheng ordered with a little bribing on the side, but that only earned further rage and glares from the reluctant most likely not, but maybe soon-to-be brother.

Still, it was a necessary measure for Yuan Jun Cheng to collect the evidence, whether it was true or not, so he could play his cards right with his father tomorrow. Despite the old man’s belief that Lin Xun was his son, Yuan Jun Cheng had his doubts the more they spoke.

All parents lie, but maybe...just maybe this one’s parents was one of a kind.

Possibly, could be. At that moment, Yuan Jun Cheng also wished he was free.



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