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Hao Mu Wang Tian 

by Er Ya




Translator: MiniOrchid

Editor: Morgan, Mary & kissed-by-circe

Status: Ongoing



Ten years ago, Qin Wangtian was just a child between the ages of seven and eight. He went to Black Cloud Fortress to steal some wood but was discovered by a teenage Mu Ling. The unfortunate boy got struck by lightning and despite receiving treatment from Mu Ling, his body still had many scars. Before leaving Black Cloud Fortress, he pointed to the tree of Mu Ling and vowed to change his name to Qin Wangtian and one day, will take back the tree.

Ten years later, Mu Ling became a Genius Doctor, the best in the world.

Ten years later, Qin Wangtian became a Horse Riding Bandit, the fiercest in the world.  

Fate united these two former childhood enemies. Mu Ling was blackmailed by Qin Wangtian, accused of not being able to cure the burns of over ten years and was forced to stayed beside Qin Wangtian to help him take revenge on an enemy, Yue Zaiting, who was once a friend, but had betrayed him and killed his benefactor's family. 

Translator's Note: This is my 2nd Translation starting in September 2020.  This series is actually the 2nd part and 2nd couple of "The Four Books of Mythology" Trilogy by Er Ya, which had the best hilarious comedy dual from the whole trilogy, however, the first couple Situ/XiaoHuang will also make their appearance. 


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Chapter 1

Chapter 2 

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5 

Chapter 6 


Main Characters 

Mu Ling - Genius Doctor, 2nd Boss of Black Cloud Fortress 

Qin Wangtian - Horse Riding Bandit 

Supporting Characters 



Chapter 1

Lǎo Dà - 老大 - Boss

Jiào Hún - 叫魂 - Calling the Soul (Waking the Dead)

Hei Yun Bao - Black Cloud Fortress

Xiao Er - 小二 - Waiter(Little Two)

Kè Guān - 客官 - Customer

Zhēn Rén Bù Lòu Xiàn - 真人不露馅, Real Person Not Reveal (Means a person with a hidden talent. or a talented person in disguise) 

Líng Dāng - 铃铛, Bells, Xiao Ling Dang - Little Bells

Guài shūshu - 怪叔叔, Weird Uncle or Strange Uncle


Chapter 2

Lín - 林, Forest

- 木, Wood, Tree (Mu Ling added an extra Wood/Tree to his surnamed for it to be Forest.)


Lín bǎi suì - 林百岁, 100 years old Wood

bǎi suì - 百岁. 100-years-old

Lǎozi - 老子, Lao Tzu, father, Elder, Old Man

Làn Mùtou - 烂木头, Rotten Wood Head

Bànmiàn xiūluō - 半面修罗, Half-Faced Shura

Xiūluō - 修罗, Shura

A kind of evil in ancient Indian mythology, living in the sea, often fighting the gods. Buddhism uses its name, it is listed as one of the Tian Long Ba Bu, also listed as one of the six reincarnations.

Shura 修羅 or Ashura 阿修羅 is a Japanese way to call the Buddhism demigod of war Asura. In Japanese, it is also used to describe a person who fell into a situation in which they have to fight an endless war against something, in a relentless and inhumane manner.

Noodles and Faces - Mu Ling was trying to compliment two faces of Qin Wangtian's yin and yang, by referring to mixed noodles. Leading to Qin Wangtian grind his teeth. Perfect face, perfect appearance face, "face" can also mean noodles. Mixed Faces = Mixed Noodles, it can be a beautiful and delicate face but can be thin noodles.

Yánwáng dí Mù Líng - 阎王敌木凌, The Devil's Rival, Mu Ling

Ēn Gōng - 恩公, Benefactor, Savior

Jianghu or jiang hu - 江湖 (lit. "rivers and lakes"), is the community of martial artists in wuxia stories.


Qin Shi Huang - 秦始皇. First Emperor of China. (Historically a tyrant by his method of conquering all the warring States to unite China under his rule.)

Chapter 3 

gǒuzuǐ li tǔbuchū xiàngyá - 狗嘴里吐不出象牙, A dog can't spit out ivory-- nothing good could come from a filthy mouth. 

Chapter 7

吃豆腐 (Chī dòufu) - "to eat tofu,” but saying that someone is “eating tofu” generally means they are taking advantage of someone, often with a sexual implication.


***Update Ongoing***

Hao Mu Wang Tian Footnote


DISCLAIMER: I do not own the story and the characters. The original Author was Er Ya, who published the novel in Chinese on jjwxc (purchased raw for translation purpose). Unless otherwise indicated, all material on these pages is copyrighted. Please do not repost.  

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