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Yan Zhi & Zi Lan Fanfic 3310

“I thought I was dreaming...Dreaming of a beautiful Goddess who could take away my nightmares. It was you, the woman I adore, the only one who can sooth away my demons. ” -- Zi Lan, ch. 41.5  

Excerpt: Chapter 40.75 (MY & SW FF or Vol 1 Jasmine's Fate PDF)


Yan Zhi found herself falling down the side of the cliff. Utterly surprised by this turn of events, she tried to cloud jump, but fear struck her when she realized her magic was still suppressed. Helpless, she continued to descend at rapid speed. Suddenly, Zi Lan materialized next to her, caught her in his arms, and cloud jumped back to the edge of Kunlun waterfall.


“I got you,” he told her, his smug radiant face smiling above her. Infuriated again by his obvious ruse, Yan Zhi scrambled out of his arms.   


“You did that on purpose!” She accused him, putting more distance between them.


Unfazed by her reaction, his tone was as calm as before. “I assure you, it was not my intention. I was not certain you wanted a hero.”


“You’re no hero,” she shook her head.  


“Good,” his eyes became dark, predatory, and with a deliberate stride, Zi Lan moved towards her like a tiger ready to pounce on its prey. “Because I never wanted to be one.”


Instinctively, she backed away from him. There was something about his tone that unsettled her very core. “We… we’re done here,” she found herself stammering.  


“Yan Zhi…” her name left his lips like an enchanting spell. She would have frozen by the magic he had deliberately cast, if she hadn’t been so afraid of what she might do.   


“Don’t follow me,” she ordered. Yan Zhi turned and ran as fast as her feet could carry her.

Volume 1

Coming Soon...

Author’s Note: 

When the drama Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms concluded, Yan Zhi and Zi Lan’s ending was the least satisfying of all the couples in the drama. Fanfiction came along to give closure to the audience that was left unsatisfied with the outcome. I started Zi Lan (16th Disciple) and Yan Zhi’s continuation story as part of the additional couples within Mo Yuan and Shao Wan’s fic on PotUP.

Who knew that after several months, their story would take a life of its own, and their journey would become far different from what I first started writing as their reunion. This story has evolved to become their second life. I am continuing their third life, the 2nd volume of their journey, on The Wolves of Mistwood. Here, I have compiled their chapters from Volume 1 of the Mo Yuan and Shao Wan fic into pdf form for your convenience.  

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