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Chang Shan & Swan Fanfic 3310

Excerpt: (chapter 47.5 MY & SW Fanfic PotUP) 

Her eyes lit up at his response, her red lips curled into a smile. “You care for her that much?” 

“I do…” he whispered. Yes, his swan was beautiful, but it wasn’t just her beauty, but her attentiveness, which had brought comfort to his lonely heart. “She has become a piece of me. I feel lost without her.” Chang Shan had to chuckle at his own words as soon as they left his lips. His hand covered his eyes at his own silliness. “You must think I am a fool.” 

“No…,” came the unexpected response that made him look at her again. Her soft eyes held his as she continued. “Only a wise man is willing to look foolish for the one he cherishes.” 


A Swan Story

Ch 39.5  Love Sign

Coming Soon....

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