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Hao Mu Wang Tian: Chapter 6

Yue Zaiyun, a hatchling inexperienced in the matter of love, although he was no longer young. Occasionally, he may have such thoughts... It's just that children are still children, after all. How can he compare to Mu Ling, who went on to tease, causing the latter's face to flush in an instant.

Seeing that this child was still green, but interesting nonetheless, Mu Ling merely played with him, leaning into his arms and said, "It's so cold."

Yue Zaiyun, in a daze, frantically asked, "Cold…? What...What should I do?"

Yue Zaiting was also dumbfounded beside them. Could Lin Baisui really not know how to use martial arts? Observing him again, wet clothes, drenched hair, and only one shoe while the other foot was bare...he probably fell in the river.

Qin Wangtian saw Mu Ling playing with the two brothers from afar, while Yue Zaiting and Yue Zaiyun froze there stupidly, not knowing what to do. A certain someone couldn't stand it anymore. Qin Wangtian stepped up and said, "Master..."

Mu Ling did feel a little uncomfortable by Yue Zaiyun's hold, and felt that this little pervert had yet to let him go. Seeing Qin Wangtian coming, he immediately called out, "Wang Wang, I was pushed down into the water..."

Qin Wangtian heard the two words "Wang Wang", and suddenly wanted to throw Mu Ling into the water again.

Yue Zaiting was also unsettled. If Mu Ling really doesn't know martial arts, then he had almost let him die. He hurriedly stepped forward and said, "It was reckless of me, causing you to be frightened."

Mu Ling nodded. "Yeah, I was terrified." Hugging Qin Wangtian, he said, "Wangwang, carry me back to change my clothes."

Qin Wangtian had a strong desire to push Mu Ling underwater and give him a dunk, but he couldn't due to their overall situation, so he had to carry Mu Ling and hurry back to the other courtyard.

The two that were left, Yue Zaiting and Yue Zaiyun didn't even bother to continue their spar. They watched Mu Ling and the other's depart. Yue Zaiyun asked, "Who... who is that person?"

Yue Zaiting glanced at him and answered, "His name is Lin Baisui."

"Lin Baisui?" Yue Zaiyun seemed a little taken back, muttering to himself, "How could such a handsome person take such a name?" After thinking about it, he asked Yue Zaiting again, "He looks like he doesn't know martial arts. Why is he at Yue's Villa?"

Yue Zaiting sighed, "He is Qiuling's savior. I offered for him to stay here while entertaining him for a few days."

Yue Zaiyun nodded, then picked up the sword that was dropped on the ground earlier. He said to Yue Zaiting, "I have invited the three great Jiangnan doctors over, and they will be here in three days. I want them to examine our father's body."

"Whatever you want." Yue Zaiting tilted his head. "If there is no problem with the post-mortem autopsy, you will cease your opinions?"

"Your hope's in vain." Yue Zaiyun said coldly, full of confidence. "When the new leadership ceremony comes, I will duel with you in front of the world's heroes. After a contest, if I win, you will obediently give way. You are not worthy to lead Yuejia Zhai." He left after those words.

Watching Yue Zaiyun walk away, Yue Zaiting shook his head with a sneer. "He still smells like mother's milk, yet unaware of his strength."


Qin Wangtian took Mu Ling back to their room. He instantly dropped the person on the bed.

"Ow..." Mu Ling rubbed his waist that hit the bed board and glared at Qin Wangtian, "Can't you be more gentle?"

Qin Wangtian frowned, followed by a glare, "Do you have issues? Do you know that he is a man?"

Mu Ling raised his eyebrows and shrugged indifferently. "I know. Otherwise, I would wear a skirt and go to the street."

"Urgh..." Qin Wangtian took a breath. "Then what kind of pose were you doing earlier?! Throwing your arms around him?"

Mu Ling stared at him for a while and said with a smile, "Oh, Xiao Wang Wang is jealous!"

"You..." Qin Wangtian gritted his teeth, then sneered, "but your Heiyun Bao seems to have this tradition too. The Chief, Situ is married to another man, and the deputy leader Jiang Qing and the current emperor are well put it bluntly, they are all abnormal..."

Before Qin Wangtian could finish, he suddenly felt a murderous look rushing toward his face. So quick, he could barely see what was going on, Mu Ling suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. His gaze was lethal, with an unexpected and cold expression on his face—a look he had never seen before.

He barely reacted, suddenly a "bang," Qin Wangtian almost sank into the wall, which cracked behind him as Mu Ling squeezed his neck and pressed him against the wall. His head was disoriented, and there was only one realization pops into his mind—he had no power to fight back, and he didn't even see Mu Ling's movements clearly.

The mocking expression on Mu Ling's face disappeared, a pair of slanted phoenix eyes were full of killing intent, and he spoke to Qin Wangtian in a low voice. "Let me tell you, I care not for myself, but no one dares to say such word towards my brothers, or I'll make sure you die without peace," he warned, staring into Qin Wangtian's eyes. "Remember, there's no next time."

Qin Wangtian understood he had gone overboard and nodded cautiously.

Mu Ling withdrew his hand, and for a while, the atmosphere was stiff...Just then, someone knocked on the door, "Master Lin, the second young master, wants us to send in bathwater."

Mu Ling lifted his sleeves and immediately opened the door that had been closed tightly. The men brought in the tub with hot water buckets while someone else put a bowl of soup on the table and said, "Master Lin, this is ginseng tea with pearl powder. The master asked us to bring it to you."

"Leave it there." Mu Ling nodded.

The few servants retreated after pouring the bathwater. Qin Wangtian felt a little suffocated and said, "Wash as you please ." Then, he headed to the courtyard to wait.

Mu Ling lightly sighed, walked to the table and took a sip of the bowl of ginseng tea...well, it tasted good.

Qin Wangtian sat down on the steps outside the door, his head in turmoil. Mu Ling's appearance just now, and the Mu Ling who was hugging him before, and the thick skinned Mu Ling who cheats and drinks...Which one is the real him?

As he was thinking, he heard the sound of splashing water coming from the room. Mu Ling should have already started taking a bath. He reached up and touched his neck. Qin Wangtian couldn't figure out why Mu Ling was so thin and frail while possessing such a high internal strength, and yet he is still so lazy…

As his contemplation continued, there was suddenly a roar of out-of-tune singing in the room, accompanied by the sound of water-- "bath~bath~bath~~~" The song was so unpleasant it startled the countless birds nearby.

Qin Wangtian helplessly supported his forehead weakly and told himself, "Stop thinking. This person is not normal at all."

Yue Zaiting, arrived at the entrance of the courtyard, heard the earth-shattering singing, and looked at the door with a mixture of laughter and tears, gazing at Qin Wangtian.

Qin Wangtian saw that Yue Zaiting had come over with a set of clothes, so he stood up to welcome him.

"Haha, I see Master Lin is still so energetic. I am relieved then." As he spoke, Yue Zaiting gave Qin Wangtian the set of clothes in his hands. "Master Lin's clothes were soaked just now. This is a little gesture to settle my dues. By the way, tonight there will be a dinner party in the front yard. When it's time, Master Lin definitely must come."

Qin Wangtian took the clothes and nodded to Yue Zaiting, "Okay, I will tell the young master."

Yue Zaiting smiled, turned, and left the yard.

After he was gone, Qin Wangtian realized the sound of water and the terrible singing inside had stopped. Thinking Mu Ling must have finished, he pushed the door open, intending to bring the clothes to Mu Ling. He pushed the door, trying to deliver the dresses to Mu Ling. When the door opened...

He saw Mu Ling was finishing bathing, standing in the tub, wiping his body, with his back facing the door. Qin Wangtian froze on the spot. Mu Ling's wet black hair spread on his back, and his snow-white body stood in the water. What's worse, the hair only covered his back, and his waist was extremely thin, with his small pretty buttocks exposed. Qin Wangtian rushed in to see more clearly. Eyes stared at Mu Ling's slightly raised butt...This person, why didn't he take a bath with a screen?

Mu Ling turned his head and saw Qin Wangtian staring straight at him. He immediately hid in the water and yelled to the sky, "Ah... pervert!"

It took Qin Wangtian a while before reacting. Mu Ling called him a "pervert." Just as he tried to explain, he was smashed with a set of wet clothes over his head.


In order to recover from being thrown into the water and the surprise of Qin Wangtian peeking in the bath, Mu Ling ordered himself a pot of white fungus and snow swallow soup with pearl powder and ginseng tea. After Mu Ling finished the tonic, he climbed onto the bed and hugged the quilt to make up for sleep. He always wore his little white gown. The clothes that Yue Zaiting had sent were on the table. When Qin Wangtian wanted to tell Mu Ling that Yue Zaiting is hosting a banquet in the Main Court tonight, Mu Ling had already fallen asleep with his arms embracing the pillow.

With enough sleep, Mu Ling finally woke up when the lamp lights were lit. The servants came to make an announcement, saying that the front hall had already set up a banquet, and invited Mu Ling and Qin Wangtian over.

"Is there a banquet to eat?" Mu Ling touched his stomach and got up. "Well, I seem to be a little hungry." As he spoke, he picked up the set of clothes on the table to change. When changing clothes, he deliberately climbed onto the bed, lowered the curtains, and did not forget to give Qin Wangtian a glance, "Pervert."

Qin Wangtian was speechless, and cursed viciously in his heart, "Call me a pervert again, believe me. One of these days, I'll definitely perv you!"

After he changed his clothes, Mu Ling looked himself up and down. The kid, Yue Zaiting, was very discerning. He chose an all-white suit with a goose-yellow tulle outside the shirt, and a wide-brimmed gold piping belt at the waist, which fit his style very well. Mu Ling looked like a rich young master, which suited his image of being lazy and thick-skinned.

"Let's go." Qin Wangtian didn't say anything anymore, in case Mu Ling teased him again.

"Wait a moment." Mu Ling stopped him and turned to the stool beside the table. "Go there and sit down."

Qin Wangtian walked over, sat down, and saw Mu Ling take out a ceramic jar from the medicine box.

"Raise your face," Mu Ling said as he opened the lid of the porcelain jar, stretched out a slender finger, and took out a white plaster.

"This...what?" Qin Wangtian looked up at Mu Ling puzzled.

"Your half-faced Shura is also considered famous." Mu Ling looked at Qin Wangtian helplessly. "It's difficult to ensure no one will recognize you." As he said it, he put the ceramic pot on the table and raised Qin Wangtian's chin with his left hand. Gently with his right hand's index finger, he smeared the plaster on Qin Wangtian's burned face.

The cold paste made Qin Wangtian relax, feeling miraculous inside. His half injured face cannot be touched, because it would hurt upon contact. He didn't know why, but today, as Mu Ling gently spread the medicine, not only was it not painful, but he also felt very comfortable.

"Comfortable?" Mu Ling saw Qing Wangtian's reaction and chuckled. "This is my special medicine. It can not only make your face tone uniform, but it can also cure the injury." Qin Wangtian didn't hear a word; he only watched. Mu Ling's fingers were slender and white, with well-defined joints and neatly trimmed nails...The palms were relaxed, and they were enjoyable when they touched his flaming skin.



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