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Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Chapter 13 "Poisoned"

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Seemingly realizing his mistakes, the inherent steadfastness in Seventeen's eyes was gone, only silence remained.

Jin Yi Gongzi’s finger paused at Seventeen’s lower abdomen for quite a while, curled up, and rubbed the fresh bloodstain. He swung the sleeves of his robe, heading out of the torture chamber and barked a sentence, "Take him to my room, be alert, and don’t let him run."

Wu Enci and Li Wan'er saw a brocade robe flashing past the iron fence, and then two people passed by, dragging a bloodied person. They looked at each other with anxiousness and panic.


In the Lost Forest on the outskirts of Suoyun City, a group of martial artists was searching. Ke Weiqing observed that the two men and the girl they saw yesterday were talking anxiously, and he couldn’t help sighing. “That’s why beauties should not appear at such a dangerous time to attract attention. Is it because they have little experience in the world, or do they rely on martial arts to keep the flower-picking thief at bay?"

Ying Qi searched for some time, finally finding a character in an inconspicuous place under the base of a small tree. He hurriedly reported to Xing Beiming. "Master, the mark disappeared, and there was no trace of skirmish nearby."

The man surnamed Zou, who was also a skillful martial artist heard the discovery and immediately appeared in front of them. He asked worriedly, "What mark, what clue do you have?"

Xing Beiming’s mind was somewhere else at that moment, so he said with a nonchalant tone, "There are no clues at present."

Although the man with surnamed Zou was dissatisfied, he didn't say anything, but the little maid couldn’t contain herself, she rushed over and yelled, “Hey, we are on the same boat now. If anything were to happen to our lady your family member wouldn’t fare any better! My lady is the daughter of Jiangnan Li’s family, all of you are nothing compared to her!

The man surnamed Zou stopped her, "Xiao Mei, stop talking nonsense!"

Xiao Mei pouted, "What nonsense did I say? How do they know that the lady was brought here? There must be something suspicious!"

Ying Qi shook his head, not acknowledging the young girl, while Ke Weiqing sneered. "Since you think we are untrustworthy, then what are you doing here with us?"

After all, Xiao Mei was still a teen. After being robbed of her words, her face turned red, but she was not giving up. However, the man surnamed Zou stopped her, making her roll her eyes and squat down.

Xing Beiming simply ignored what they were saying and walked a few steps along the mark, staring down. He squatted down and pushed aside the grass...


Warning: NSFW, Non-Consensual  

When Seventeen opened his eyes again, he was already lying on the bed. He began to move, but his body felt heavy, even though the chains on his wrists and ankles were gone. He was unsure if he could make his escape.

He wanted to get up as usual, but ended up rolling on the ground. The wound on his upper body was untreated. The action caused his mouth to crack open. Seventeen clenched his teeth, due to the sharp pain, which refused to subside. At the same time, a strange heat gradually rose, stinging the opened flesh of the whip marks. Seventeen's weak body couldn't bear it and immediately passed out.

There was an inexplicable heat in his body, and the stinging was like being bitten by thousands of insects. Seventeen opened his hazy eyes, but came face to face with that person. The young man, Jin Yi from the torture chamber, excitedly asked, "How do you feel? Isn’t it uncomfortable? It’s okay. If you can’t stand it, then beg me, and I’ll release you right away.”

Seventeen ignored him, silently mustering his inner strength. Still, there was no reaction, but his body became hotter and hotter. Especially the deep whip marks, the strange itch, and heat almost made him scratch them.

"Does it feel strange? This is a special spring dream formulated by Běn Gōng. Not only can it delay the healing, but also achieves the same medicinal effect as the high-grade aphrodisiac. Is it enjoyable? Your wound is painful, itchy, and hot? Don't worry, the pain will be over soon, leaving the itch and heat, and it's not just here!" His right hand stroked the burning body, satisfied by the tremor.

Aphrodisiac? He wanted to do that sort of thing? It was not like Seventeen was unaware of such human matters. During some of his missions, he had seen them before. He didn’t have any thoughts at the time. Now he couldn’t help but recall them in his mind. Burning even hotter, Seventeen struggled desperately not to touch his body for comfort, and closed his eyes tightly.

Jin Yi Gongzi leaned over him, watching his will gradually fade, and slowly revealed a charming smile. The originally slightly feminine appearance was even more elegant. "You are delicious! It seems that Ben Gong had picked up a treasure unexpectedly, haha~"

Before, this pitiful man’s magnificent body under the bloodstain was a beautiful sight. Now, after being tormented by the poison, his firm face had turned red. His eyes were hazy, full of mist, and the long sweaty strands of hair were stuck to the cheeks, which brought out the weakness of the originally strong man, making him even more unusually seductive! Sure enough, being able to tame such a person gave a sense of satisfaction!

"Is it hot? Why don't you take off your pants first..." No longer hiding his intention, obviously, this prominent man didn’t care about taking advantage of someone who was in a defenseless state and spoke without care.

Placing his hands on the somewhat loose belt, deliberately at a slow pace to further torture the sensitive body, he finally threw the belt to the ground. The pants were torn callously. The pants, after all, were soiled with blood anyway...

Just about when the final layer of fabric was uncovered, a respectful request came from outside the room, "Palace Lord, Yan Zhuangzhu wants to see you.”

After a pause, he stood up in disappointment and patted Seventeen’s sweaty cheeks. "You can enjoy yourself slowly. I’ll come back and enjoy you again~" Without bothering to cover Seventeen with a quilt, he just threw it on the bed and left.

The sounds of the door closing and footsteps slowly disappearing faded until he could no longer hear them. Seventeen suddenly opened his eyes, and his pupils were terrifyingly bright. He struggled to get up, but his mind was rapidly turning. This man claimed to be a Palace Lord. From his knowledge, the kind of people who would address themselves as such from the Jiangju is from the Blood Demon Palace that withdrew from the Martial World a few years ago. They were known to slaughter countless innocents, and because of their cruel methods, they were conquered by the righteous men back in the days. Yin Haoyue, the Mistress of the Blood Demon Palace, was defeated by the previous three masters and fell off the cliff of Wan Zhang. Blood Demon Palace was disbanded...but now Jiangju is...

Seventeen shook his head, a little confused. Don't think about it! He turned his focus towards the door behind him, reluctantly gathering his strength to listen carefully, but he couldn't detect how many people there were. But no matter how many people there were, he could never get out with his current condition. So he dragged his steps toward the window. Feeling cold underneath his body, his loose pants could not stay and began to slip before his weak hands could grasp them. Eyes darkened, Seventeen collapsed.

Therefore, when the Lord Xing Bao broke in, he saw his shadow guard lying on the ground almost completely naked, leaving those round buttocks…



Běn Gōng - 本宫, This Palace (How Jin Yi addressed himself)

Yin Hao Yue - 尹皓月 (The Mistress of the Blood Demon Palace)

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