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Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Chapter 15 "Shy"

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Warning: Light NSFW

The moment Seventeen opened his eyes, he still didn't know where he was. The heat within his body had reduced slightly, clearing his head. Then he felt an outstretched hand probing him from behind, where he had never experienced it before...

Although his body was still weak, he was able to snatch that wicked hand. Seventeen struggled, but was stunned when he met a pair of familiar eyes. "What are you doing...M-Master?"

Face to face, he did not know what became of his heart...

Xing Beiming never ceased his actions, even lowered his head to see if that place was still bleeding, relying on Seventeen’s earlier release as he explored further.

"Master!" Seventeen was terrified. What is he doing?

"Don't move!" Xing Beiming held Seventeen’s struggling body in a tight hold, ignoring his reaction, steadfastly slipping in the middle finger, then asked the frightened face, "How does it feel?"

"What..." Seventeen was stunned.

“I’m asking you if it hurts? Or...this Bao Zhu is not hitting the right spot?" Xing Beiming still felt unsure, but as he spoke, his fingers kept exploring.

"Master...What are you doing?"

“You were exposed to an aphrodisiac, this Bao is detoxifying you. Can’t you tell? The baby was almost gone, you know. This time, you disobeyed my order and acted on your own. When we return, I’ll deal with you!" Xing Beiming’s authority was challenged over and over again, and it was imperative for someone to realize again that his command was above all else. Told you to take good care of yourself and take care of your baby, yet you have taken care in someone else's bed... He was fuming ...

Suddenly, Seventeen remembers what happened in the culprit's room. He had nearly forgotten his current situation. Wholeheartedly, he started reporting to the master, "Master, this subordinate heard that the person claimed himself as Běn Gōng, there was...Ah..."

Unsure where those fingers were searching from behind, they hit a spot and Seventeen caught his breath as the strange pleasure assaulted his body. The member which had risen high before, became more stiff. Seventeen awkwardly wanted to close his legs, but he could only grip the hips of Xing Beiming.

This way, Xing Beiming’s mood improved somewhat. “Right now, the most important thing is to detoxify you first. Other things can wait until your dangerous period has passed. Listen, cooperate with me a little. "

Cooperate? Cooperate? How to cooperate? He could only close his eyes tightly as his Master caressed his body while his flexible finger searched within the unspeakable place, causing Seventeen to feel very strange, unconsciously reaching for above...

Even though Shadow Seventeen did not give instructions, Xing Beiming knew that at present, Seventeen’s body was not suitable for complete fulfillment. When Seventeen’s desire subsided as he gasped for breath, Xing Beiming gazed at the person who had no strength left. He lowered his head and stared at his own awakened lust, took a breath, covered Seventeen with a blanket, got off the bed and called for the hot water.

He wiped the person again, and changed the bedding once more. Xing Beiming went out and called for Ying Qi, then quickly ran off to take care of his own hot body.

Seventeen was extremely tired and drowsy. He knew who was taking care of him subconsciously, but he didn't have the strength to open his eyes or struggle, so he fell asleep in a complicated but warm feeling.

Ying Qi came in and saw Seventeen was properly cleaned and changed. A smile appeared on his lips. The Master has never done these things himself since he became the Master of the world's first fortress. After checking Seventeen’s pulse, it was determined that the properties of the poison were almost dissipated. His mind was relieved. Fortunately, that man did not intend to put Seventeen to death. Although he had never seen this kind of poison, it was still precarious. Seventeen’s internal force should recover within the next three days.

Seventeen did not wake up from his slumber until the next afternoon. As soon as he became aware, he heard the noise outside the door from both men and women. He frowned unconsciously and opened his eyes. The curtains were drawn and the view was hazy, so he didn’t know what time it was. Seventeen sat up and was about to open the bed curtains...

Not wearing any clothes? Seventeen swished into the quilt again, blinked and remembered back to yesterday when the Master used his fingers to do that sort of thing... Boom, Seventeen's face instantly turned red. Although his body was weak even now, it still trembled. Master...why did the Master do such a thing? Was it just to cure him... Seventeen shook his head. I don't dare to think too much

The Master said yesterday that the child was almost gone...His right hand slid down the quilt, lightly, but shaking as he touched his belly. Is it still there?

As Seventeen struggled in the room, outside, a situation broke out. Ying Qi blocked the door with a cold face, baring the girl who was throwing a fit saying she wanted to thank him from entering. Even though she was saved partly by Seventeen’s efforts, it was obvious that the person who should receive gratitude was not him. And there was no way she could enter with the current situation!

Wu Enci had come to the Inn after lunch. She wanted to see the young man who was taken away. She heard from his father that if he hadn't left the signals along the way for his Master to find, they would not have been able to find them so quickly. The Flower Snatcher case would not have been solved. So that man is the biggest hero! She just wanted to thank him and take a look at his injuries. Who knew that she would be stopped at the door by this fierce person who was really unreasonable!

Wu Enci grasped her hips and demanded angrily, "Hurry up and let me in. I just want to see my benefactor. Why won’t you let me in?"

Ying Qi answered calmly, "My younger brother is too badly injured and has not yet awakened. There’s nothing you can do, please go back."

Wu Enci refused to give up. "What's the matter with you? Can’t I take a look? I will come out after seeing that he is all right, okay?"

Ying Qi remained calm. "No. Please go back."

Wu Enci angrily snapped, "Maybe my benefactor wants to see me. Even if you are an older brother, you can't control your younger brother's thoughts, can you?"

Ying Qi stopped talking but took a step away and bowed his head.

Wu Enci was triumphant, thinking she had finally convinced Ying Qi, and laughed happily. "Now you know you’re in the wrong? You should have realized it sooner than wasting my saliva...huh?”

Her voice stopped. There was a cold energy from behind. When the wind pressure hit, she came back to her senses and was already standing in front of the door of the next room. Wu Enci opened her bright eyes. What kind of internal strength is this, as if I was sent here lightly? She had no doubts. If that person was malicious, she would definitely fall to an unknown corner in the most ugly posture. The internal strength was so smooth and effortless. Who is it?

As soon as Xing Beiming went upstairs, he heard a sparrow chattering noisily, standing in front of that person’s door. His eyebrows wrinkled as he remembered that person was still asleep after he was given the medicine in the morning. Throwing her aside with an inner strength that wouldn't do her harm, Xing Beiming automatically entered the door as he said, "Noisy person."

Noisy? She realized! When Wu Enci recovered and ran over again, but she found out that she couldn't make a sound when she opened her mouth. She was hit with a muting acupuncture point…

Ying Qi retracted her hand and calmly said, "It will be resolved in an hour, please go back.”

Wu Enci rolled her eyes, grabbed her neck, and walked away angrily. The expression in her eyes before leaving was very obvious: I will not give up!

In the next room, the Lady and servant, who were secretly listening by the door, went back to the table and sat down in frustration. Li Wan'er covered her cheeks and said, "It seems that we will end up like Miss Wu. We still don’t know how his injuries are?"

Xiao Mei pouted, "Miss, your identity is different from hers. Besides, you are so beautiful, which man can refuse you? Why don't we try?"

"No, we shouldn’t embarrass ourselves. Those men are not ordinary people..." Even the young man who was said to be a guard was indifferent to her, let alone the Master. For the first time, Li Wan'er had no confidence in herself, and she didn’t know what to do. What kind of woman makes him see her differently?

Xiao Mei didn't take it seriously. Of course the people who can come to the Hundred Flowers Festival are those who love beauty. If they don't care about a beautiful Lady like her Lady, then why are they here? She doesn't believe that there is a girl from Jigang that can compare with her Miss from the Li family!

Xing Beiming found out that the person was awake when he entered the room. Of course, it was so noisy outside, it could wake the dead! He couldn't help but think that the shot earlier was too light... But when Xing Beiming opened the curtains, he immediately showed a roguish smile. His shadow guard had hid himself in the quilt very tightly. Even knowing the Master had arrived, he did not bow. He must be shy…



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