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Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Chapter 10 "Chao"

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

After the hand protruding from the coffin forced everyone's nerves over their limit, they went numb. The presence of the World's First Fortress's Bao Zhu gave them a degree of confidence. In an instant, a crowd gathered behind Xing BeiMing. The prestigious old man asked the Great Xing Bao Zhu tremblingly, "Master Xingbao, this...this..."

Xing BeiMing said in an irreproachable tone, "This Bao Zhu doesn't believe in the existence of ghosts or demons in this world. Those come from the imaginations of cowards."

Although the "cowardly people" were angry, they still hid behind him and did not move. "Still...still may the Great Xing Bao Zhu, please investigate further, in case it-it really is..."

"Preposterous!" A loud shout, everyone looked, turned their attention, the Yan family's third child was furious. "My father's bones are not even cold, and you are here, saying these..." It is probably because the scholar doesn't know how to swear, choked to the point his face flushed.

In any case, his value words were still regarded to assist another. Xing BeiMing finally remembered the purpose of why he came, "Doctor Qi."

Shadow Seven was stunned, but saw that the Master's eyes were looking at him. After thinking about it, he quickly understood. "Doctor," muttering in embarrassment by the title, he walked forward and said to everyone, "Please listen to me. After a person has died, the blood stops flowing. Occasionally spasms would cause contractions to create movements such as stretching of the arms and legs. These are all common phenomena. You do not need to be afraid."

Since they are from a doctor, his words are taken seriously, let alone the doctor of the World's First Fortress. Everyone's hearts temporarily return to their chest, but some still have questions. "Then what's the reason for the cold breeze earlier?"

Ying Qi clasped his hands and looked at the three young masters of the Yan family. "This, you have to ask the Young Master of Yan's."

Which of the three Young Master Yan did he refer to? They did not know, but turned their attention to the eldest Young Master Yan Changhu. Yan Changhu's face darkened and said in a calm voice, "This matter has nothing to do with me. Ask the third child what my father said to him, even me, the eldest doesn't know."

It turns out that there was this inside story. According to the meaning of Yan Changhu's words, it seems like the third son of the Yan family is the most favored by Yan Zhuanghu?

Yan Yunsheng was very grateful to see Ying Qi's help, but was now dragged into the battlefield. With the flames of war upon him, he could no longer hold back and angrily pointed at Yan Changhu and said in grief, "Elder brother! Dad only told me before he died, in case his life was shortened. I have to protect his body and not let anyone who has ill intentions destroy it. I thought he was joking, how could father have such a thought when he is still healthy! Unexpectedly, the next day... It turned out that dad knew that someone wanted to harm him, eldest brother, this person. Who is it?"

Yan Changhu also pointed to his nose and scolded, "What do you mean? Could I harm my own father? Third brother, be careful of your accusation, or be struck by lightning!"

Yan Yunsheng pointed at the sky angrily, "People who do bad things deserve to be punished by the heavens!"

"Boom!" The sky suddenly muffled thunder, as if lightning flashed by, Yan Changhu was startled, and his expression was broken. A face with a clearly guilty conscience. One after another, looking at Yan Changhu's expression is like looking at a murderer.

Yan Yunsheng sneered, "Big brother, are you guilty? It turns out that father was killed by you!"

Yan Changhu suddenly panicked and waved his hand quickly, "No! It's not me! I didn't kill father!"

"It's him! He killed our father! Yes! I saw it with my own eyes!" The second Yan, who stood behind, suddenly looked righteous, pointing angrily at the Eldest Yan, who was also affectionately calling yesterday. "That night, father said that he would divide the property equally among our three brothers, but older brother was upset. He quarreled with our dad, and when big brother got angry, he started to strangle our father. Everyone knows that our eldest brother has strong martial arts, and I was afraid that he would kill me if I spoke...I am not a human being. I watched him kill our father..."

The second Yan's words not only prove Yan Changhu's crime, but also wiped away his part of the crime of not saving his father. On the ground, he cried loudly, while shaking the coffin.

"Not even human, even had his father killed!" Yan Changhu's eyes red with the pointed fingers of the people around him, he madly attacked Yan's Second Young Master. "You speak nonsense! I didn't kill Dad! You framed me. You want to monopolize the property. I will kill you!"

Second Young Master scrambled to escape, shouting for help while fleeing for his life. The prestigious Old Man was so angry, even though his beard was trembling, he commanded the people around him, "Go, catch that animal. We will send him to the authority after the funeral!"

Yan Changhu, with bloodshot eyes, saw their attacks, but everyone could not stop him, dragging on the fight. After a while, the Old Man cast his eyes for help. Xing BeiMing only used one finger to crush Yan Changhu in place, then everyone tied him with a rope and held him. The unfinished funeral continued. The hapless solemn Master Yan was able to go to the grave peacefully.

Even though he tearfully explained why he couldn't save his father, Yan Lao Er was worried that he would be implicated, so he cried even hard. But in everyone's eyes, they saw the two older Yan brothers differently now from before. At the same time, Yan Yunsheng, who has always been responsible for his duties and received the renowned Master's entrustment, won everyone's approval. The Second Yan suddenly felt that his position was threatened, so he looked at the Third Yan, but there were traces of hatred in his eyes.

The funeral was soon over. Some people who didn't want to participate in the Yan family property struggle quickly left. Most of the rest stayed for the show, and of course there were a few bored individuals from Yueming City.

Yan Changhu had been sent to the authority, and Xing BeiMing and the others were indifferent to the outcome. Now Yan's second child has become a rat who can't cross the street without the fear of condemnation from the public, and dare not to set foot outside his room. Contrary to the usual indifference, Yan Yunsheng visited various places to invite officials and businesses who had contact with the Yan family in the past. His words and deeds were decent and generous, so he became more popular among the people.

One night, an agonizing scream spread throughout the Yan's family residence. When everyone arrived, they saw Yan Yunsheng lying on the ground with a pool of blood, injury on his abdomen, holding a jade pendant that was obviously torn from someone else in his hand —It's Yan Lao Er.

"Bastard! Couldn't even let your brother go!" Qizhou's former state official, that is, the respected Old Man, once again, Xu Zhu frowned and trembled with anger, and it became urgent to search for the escaped Yan Lao Er.

The Great Xing Bao Zhu, who had been following the drama, saw enough excitement and returned to his quarters, completely ignoring the chaos behind him. Some went to see a doctor, some helped stop the bleeding, and some volunteered to catch Yan Lao Er. The second child...

Leisurely sipping the herbal tea. Ke Weiqing said, not quite sincerely, "The Master of the house is injured, the house is in chaos, how sinful are we at this time to be at ease?"

Xing BeiMing said casually, "Isn't this what he wanted?"

His attention was now drawn by the person standing behind him. Seventeen's expression was a bit unwell. Perhaps due to the constant running back and forth the past few days, he didn't have a good rest, hurting his vitality. His eyes signaled at Ying Qi, and Ying Qi hurriedly led Seventeen back.

Ke Weiqing kept watching the two of them leave before returning his gaze. He still couldn't believe that there was a little life in the body of the guard.

"Actually, it is safer for you to leave him in the Fort," Ke Weiqing said suddenly.

"Such a rare occurrence, of course, this Bao Zhu needing to oversee the whole process, preferably without a step away."

He said that, but didn't he intend to keep him at the Fort in the beginning? It seems like, for the first time, becoming a father, the Great Xing Bao Zhu, was worried, fearing for what may come with his child, right?

The next day, the miserable Second Yan was surrounded by a crowd at the entrance of the gambling hall. After a fight, he was thrown into prison. So far, the Yan family Elder and the Second Brother met in jailhouse, and Xing BeiMing decided to depart.

Yan Yunsheng was very grateful and polite, "Lord Xing Bao, Yunsheng is grateful to you again for coming, and thanks to you, my father-killing eldest brother was caught. In the future, if you ever need anything, Yunsheng definitely won't say a word, no!"

Xing BeiMing nodded knowingly. "No need for gratitude, when all that was done was helping usher the process along."

Yan Yunsheng stiffened, and immediately laughed again. "Master Xing Bao, what does this mean?"

Xing BeiMing did not respond, turned, and left. Seventeen and Ying Qi hurriedly followed. Ke Weiqing walked to him leisurely, and the wind from the fan lifted the bangs on his forehead, revealing a heartless smile. "Yan, the third son, everyone is all smart here. There are some things you already know. It's boring once revealed, farewell!"

Yan Yunxia ran out panting, and saw that the party had already gone quite a distance. Stomping her feet and scowling, "Oh, brother, why didn't you help me keep him...are they?"

Waiting for a while, she didn't hear her brother answer. Yan Yunxia reluctantly took her gaze from the carriage, preparing to pout at her brother, but when she turned to face him, she was frightened by Yan Yunsheng's dark expression!



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