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Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Chapter 16 "Hundred Flower Festival"

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

"What's the matter? Is there gold in the blanket?" Xing Beiming, in a good mood, sat down on the bed. He patted the blanket, accidentally or deliberately, touching the round form under the quilt.

"Master!" Hearing Xing Beiming's question, although it was a tease, Seventeen, who had been accustomed to proper etiquette, suddenly jumped up, reddened but still preparing to bow and ask for forgiveness. "Master, this Subordinate was disrespectful--please punish me!"

Xing Beiming's good mood vanished in an instant. "Disrespectful? Tell me about your disrespect. This Bao Zhu has said many times before. You are now a personal guard. A guard has the rules of a guard. You keep kneeling every time. Are you ignoring my words like the blow of the wind? Or do you think that this Bao Zhu won't punish you because of your current condition?"

Seventeen's red face turned pale, still kneeling awkwardly, he stammered, "No... this Subordinate dare not, but...please punish me, Master."

Seeing him like this, Xing Beiming couldn't help but miss the crimson face from before. It was more pleasing to his eyes, but now that it's like this, he was irritated! "Get up, lie down, lay on the blanket, and reflect. The next time you repeat such behavior, this Bao Zhu will not go easy on you, do you hear? Don't let me say it a second time."

"Yes, Master." Seventeen obediently went under the blanket, straightening himself to sleep.

Xing Beiming grew tired from his sleeping posture, but earlier, he did speak too harshly. At this moment, Seventeen's nerves would still be alert, fearing of making mistakes again. After a moment of thought, he felt it was necessary to leave. So Xing Beiming, who had just entered less than a quarter of an hour ago, got up again and left.

Meanwhile, Seventeen's stiff body took a while to finally relax.


The Hundred Flowers Festival was postponed for two days due to the Flower Snatching case. The Martial Law in the city was over, and the town was crowded with people once more. Children must be careful not to be lost in the crowd when they go out!

The Hundred Flowers Festival, in layman's terms, is the beauty pageant. This beauty pageant, held once every ten years, brings together all the flowers from the north of Yan State, south of the Yangtze River, including the southwest coast. Of course, beauty is not the only requirement and talent among the well-known beautiful women selected from various places. Women who have confidence can also recommend themselves. Still, they have to rely on their ability to get into the eyes of the public, so in the end, the girls who have made it into the city of Suoyun, where the Hundred Flowers Festival is held, are all well prepared!

A large stage platform was erected on Yunliu Lake's shore, and there was an exquisite background curtain. In front of the curtain were the gentry, wealthy, and dignitaries who held the Hundred Flower Festival. Behind the curtain were various temporary tents. The girls were preparing in their tent, and the martial law team of Suoyun County stayed at their posts to prevent riots and unforeseen accidents.

Relying on their strengths and Qinggong, Xing Beiming, and Ke Weiqing had long chosen the most suitable place for viewing: the Zuiyan Building roof on the opposite side of the platform. Although they could sit in front of the curtain with their identities, however, this trip was only a personal adventure. They were willing to be low key in such an event.

Their method was admired by the people below, since others had to endure the crowd and sweat searching for a better view. The people flooded in, their clothes fluttering, enhancing the magnificent and colorful scenery. The ordinary folks who don't know martial arts could only sigh at the rooftop above with envy, but continued to hustle on.

Someone with a fair amount of Qinggong landed not far away from Xing Beiming with the others, and was about to flash them a triumphant look -- See. I can do it too! But before his face could express such meaning, his eyes were caught, followed by an open-mouthed speechlessness.

Zuiyan Building is located on the bank of Yunliu Lake, the most beautiful place in Suoyun City. As a famous restaurant, not only the pillars on the walls were beautifully decorated, but the roof is also meticulously built. Although there are sharp stone pillars in the middle, there are platforms around them. The corners of the eaves are just right for people to sit cross-legged. On this narrow platform, the first four people who came up sat on a thick mattress that appeared very soft, and there were fruits and pastries beside them. Chatting and laughing, their appearance was really….magnificent...

Actually, it's because of...Xing Beiming's "The Master's Illness." Ke Weiqing was used to such comforts, with Seventeen was still in the observation period, while Yingqi just followed along for pleasure...

Yingqi picked up a crisp apple and handed it to Seventeen. "Shiqi, it's good to eat more fruit."

Ke Weiqing narrowed his eyes at him, "Oh~ so you have to eat more nutritious fruit. Shiqi Guard, this is the last snow pear. Let this Shao Ben give it to you?"

Ke Weiqing had already consumed the snow pears multiple times, which is why only one was left, an indication enough to show his love for snow pears. Seventeen hurriedly shook his head, "There's no need, Ke Gongzi, you can eat it yourself."

Ke Weiqing then serenely stretched his hand and opened his mouth wide, preparing to take a bite, squatting. The sound of the upper and lower teeth colliding and a loud voice attracted Seventeen and Shadow Seven to look back. Ke Weiqing held his right hand in a circle with his mouth open about to bite, but there was nothing in his hand...

"Eat." A snow-white pear suddenly appeared before Seventeen, and he was taken aback. Xing Beiming handed the pear into Seventeen's hand, without caring for others' looks. He continued to eat the pastries and watch the pageant.

Seventeen looked at the pear in his hand for a long, long time but couldn't help but take a bite. It was so sweet...

Ke Weiqing finally regained his senses and couldn't help but burst. "Xing Beiming, you value beauty over friends! How dare you!"

The Hundred Flower ceremony had already been carried out for some time. The masses crowded by the stage, attracted by the beautiful and talented women who appeared one after another. The crowd was enthusiastic and applauded. However, many unfortunate folks were crushed and trampled, then were carried away by the county government's men for treatment. Even so, nothing could offset the excitement of the masses.

There was a faint scent. The four people on the roof already knew who it was. The crowd under the stands just sniffed their noses and smelled the refreshing fragrance. For a while, they were quiet on the field, and when Li Wan'er slowly stepped up, everyone's eyes were about to roll off.

"So beautiful, I've never seen such a beautiful person before!"

"Wow--it's so fragrant. Jiangnan's Li Wan'er is truly extraordinary, no one else can compare to it!"

"I must vote for her!"

"Me too..."

While Li Wan'er had yet to perform, she already received the majority of the audience's support. And soon comes the votes (in fact, made with a unique flower), which did not take long to fill the basket.

Li Wan'er's talent was very ordinary, dancing, but because of her body's fragrance, this dance was destined to be extraordinary. In the hot summer, a group of colorful butterflies is called upon by the aroma, making the audience's eyes widen in astonishment.

"A loud applause does not mean that it is the best. Making others' speechless is the highest compliment." Ke Weiqing looked at the crowd watching attentively without blinking, waving his fan with self-confidence.

"This Gongzi is correct. I believe so as well." A male voice echoed behind them.

Looking back, a handsome young man in white clothes was smiling at them. Although they didn't know each other, they couldn't ignore someone who smiled like blossoms. Ke Weiqing replied meaningfully, "That's right, the heroes here also have the same mind, haha..."

The latter two 'haha' had ​​quite a bit of inexplicable meaning to them. All the people present could hear it, but they didn't know why. When Ke Weiqing turned his head, he pretended to glance at the waist of the white-clothed man inadvertently. White jade made up the fan's frame, which was much more elegant than the fan with gold and silver in his hand. It was also... much more expensive than mine. It's a pity I didn't find such suitable jade before. So jealous...

Seeing that the people in front didn't pay attention to him, he didn't care. He again looked at the current girl on the stage with a smile on his lips. He pulled out the white jade fan to enjoy.

A glamorous woman followed Li Wan'er's performance. She wore a peach-colored long dress, extremely elegant. Covered in pink tulle, with her long hair touching to her hips like a waterfall, and each of her dance moves drew the audience's eyes. Although it was the same dance, she and Li Wan'er had opposite styles. If Li Wan'er is fresh and graceful, then this lady is tempting and seductive.

"The secret weapon of the Yiqing Pavilion? They really deserve their reputation!" Ke Weiqing was enraptured. Although the Yiqing Pavilion is a famous artisan shop in the Capital, it is a place where many government officials and business people gather. Still, Bai Xiaoyin is the treasure in the pavilion and is even more challenging to see than the top courtesan of Yansuo Brothel. So the appearance of Bai Xiaoyin here has made many people realize their dreams had come true.

Xing Beiming didn't pay much attention. His gaze fell on Ying Seventeen's face unconsciously, only to find that the young man's eyes were staring intently, as though he was drunk. A wave of suffocating anger suddenly condensed in his chest, neither high nor low, just repressed.

"Where are your eyeballs falling!? ShiQi, this Bao Zhu didn't know you like this type. Do you like what you see?" The cold voice, which is the same as usual, was a bit more chill. Irritated.

"No, no, this Subordinate, it's just..."

Seventeen was inexplicable, but he didn't know how to explain it. The Master seemed to be angry. Does the Master like this girl? Then...I shouldn't look anymore so as not to make the Master unhappy. Although the girl on the stage seems a little familiar, I can't remember where we met…



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