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Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Chapter 19 "Combing Hair"

Warm breaths blew on his face, startling Seventeen. His body subconsciously wanted to roll away, but he felt an arm on his waist. He immediately stopped, otherwise he would have disturbed his Master’s sleep. The consequences...Not everyone can bear Master’s mood.

Deliberately breathing softer, Seventeen couldn’t think of any reason why his Master had appeared on his bed. He didn’t go to the wrong room yesterday. And if he did go to the wrong room, the Master would have thrown him out instead of lying next to him. Not wanting to think further, he pushed those questions aside.

Instead, Seventeen stared at the handsome sleeping face, as he had never had the opportunity to be this close to the master. Even beaten to death, he could never imagine there would come a day for him to be so close to Master like this. It’s like a dream…

The face before his eyes was not expressionless nor cold as usual, on the contrary, he seemed gentle. Seventeen could not imagine that Master could be this soft. However, Master's eyelashes were long and trembling...

"What are you doing?" Xing Beiming suddenly opened his eyes and asked coldly.

"Ah!" Hastily retracts his outstretched hand, Seventeen felt that his heart was beating rapidly. He had almost touched Master's eyelashes. Was he seeking death? "Master, this Subordinate, this Subordinate was ready to get up! It was nothing!"

ShiQi had stretched his hands to his face and that was nothing? However, Xing Beiming did not want to expose him at this time. The awakened Lord of Xing Da Bao may not be able to control himself, in fear of causing bloodshed... He sat up expressionlessly, got out of bed, and stared at the clothes thrown on the ground yesterday and frowned.

Seventeen cleverly and quickly put on his clothes, went to the room next door and grabbed the Master's new clothes for him to change into. Xing Beiming looked at the person who lowered his head to dress him with a serious face, and the earlier thought to dismiss him instantly disappeared without a trace.

After the belt, it was a success. Seventeen, who wanted to retreat, saw the Master sit in front of the dressing table, pointing to the comb. "Come here, comb the hair for this Xing Bao Zhu."

Seventeen stiffened. This was completely beyond the scope of the personal guard, right? It was a pity that the Master's order cannot be defied. Seventeen reluctantly picked up the comb and combed carefully. Xing Beiming's hair was jet-black, long to the waist, and very smooth. It didn't take much effort to comb it. Seventeen couldn't help but touch it a few more times, but what should he do next? Seventeen felt abashed. Normally, he would comb his hair a few times, and then tie it up with a string, but how can the master be like him!

Xing Beiming knew that he was in trouble, and did not deliberately make things difficult for him. He only stretched out his hands and slowly gathered the long hair on both sides of the temples, twirled up, picked up the white jade crown used to tie his hair, and put it on in slow motion in a way that people could understand. Seventeen was concentrating intently. Xing Beiming looked at him from the mirror, but that person only stared at his hair in a trance. Somehow, that made him happy.

Xing Beiming moved with elegance, only slightly adjusting his clothes after finishing his hair. An appearance of a handsome gentleman of high status. Xing Beiming turned around and saw that his Shadow Guard had become stunned. The corners of his lips clicked happily, and he did not go back to his room. Washing up in ShiQi’s room, he left a sentence before heading downstairs, "After washing, go downstairs to eat.”

Ying Qi and Hou Jia, who had been waiting outside the inn, saw that Xing Beiming and Seventeen appeared one after the other. Following from behind, ShiQi’s face was slightly flushed. They looked at each other in surprise as Hou Jia whispered, "Bao Zhu is in a good mood today!"

Just as they were about to depart--clippity-clop--a horse showed up from behind. As usual, Miss Wu Enci gave a bright smile and said, "Oh! What a coincidence! Everyone is going through Qizhou. It just so happens that we are on the same road, let’s go together."

Ke Weiqing pretended to be clueless, "Isn't Miss Wu going to seek the Chief of Martial Arts? What’s going on?"

Wu Enci was waiting for this sentence. "I heard that the Martial Art Chief has changed his route. In a few days, he will pass through Qizhou and then head south. I’m going to stop him there!"

Ke Weiqing glanced into the carriage and shrugged. "Since we are on the same route, let's travel together, so you will also have a companion, but if Miss Wu is in a hurry, feel free to go first."

Wu Enci grinned, "No hurry, you can get to Qizhou from here in time by carriage."

Ke Weiqing. "..."

Traveling back along the same route, but this time there was only one carriage left. Ke Weiqing gave up his comfort to accompany the beautiful lady, riding a horse while talking and laughing with Wu Enci, leaving Ying Qi and the coachman huddled together. The weather is pretty cool today, and the carriage carried the refreshing breeze along. Only Seventeen and Xing Beiming were sitting in the carriage. Seventeen didn’t know where to put his hands and feet. Thinking about this morning, the blood rushed to his face. He didn’t know what was wrong with him at the time. He had stared at the Master and may have lost his mind…

Xing Beiming watched his Shadow Guard's face turn from red to white and then to red again, and finally bowed his head unbearably until he showed only the back of his head . On the small table in the carriage, there was the candied fruit the Master had specially asked Hou Jia to bring. When he was about to tell him to have some, the curtain on the side of the carriage was lifted.

Wu Enci's lovely face appeared and greeted Seventeen. "Benefactor, why are you staying in the dull carriage? Come out and enjoy the breeze in your hair, it's refreshing! It's boring to always sit in the carriage!"

Recently, he was forbidden to do strenuous exercise. Seventeen raised his face that had returned to normal, and politely declined. Wu Enci didn’t try again reluctantly, because the cold gaze on the opposite side almost froze her stiff. Turning her head away, she sadly questioned Ke Weiqing, who was leading the way. "Hey, tell me, the Benefactor is a guard, right, but how is he treated this way? So different, right? Or am I wrong? Actually, are you really friends?"

Ke Weiqing asked, "Really now? Why would you say that?"

Wu Enci gaped at him. “Well, obviously so. You all live in the same room, and travel together in the carriage, however, when Benefactor was injured, they wouldn’t allow me to see him. Is it not obvious!? But seeing Benefactor's behavior, he’s also afraid of that person, and there is also the fact the two of them do indeed call that person the Master! Ah, I’m dizzy now..."

Ke Weiqing shook his head, as there was no way he could tell her the truth. "Why do you have to think so much, as long as you remember that he is still your Benefactor. You know, many people have secrets of their own, and knowing more will lead to...your own grave…" The tone was grim and scary.

Unfortunately, the threat didn’t work on Miss Wu. She didn't shed a tear after being locked up by the Flower Snatcher for so many days, which showed how resilient she was.

"Alright alright, this only hurts my head. It's better not to get involved with troublesome things. Now I just have to think about how to help my father!" Wu Enci suddenly became serious.

"Really, a filial daughter!" Ke Weiqing complimented her without knowing what she meant and got a blank look. "However, if you have time, I'd better ask the Martial Arts Chief to check out the situation in Qizhou, since it’s not far. There may be clues."

Suddenly receiving such a reminder, there must be something in Qizhou! In deep gratitude, but still feeling a bit of resentment. Is it too much for you great men to help a weak-willow girl?! Wu Enci, the weak-willow girl, whipped the horse's ass vigorously in anger, causing the gray horse to run in the dusk, unjustifiably venting her anger on the innocent!

Ke Weiqing stopped the horse suddenly and drew back to the carriage, under Wu Enci's puzzled gaze. "Xing Bao Zhu, a visitor is here."

A deep, cold voice came from the carriage. "Since they are not going to reveal themselves, may as well continue ours. Change direction to go southwest. "

Southwest? Ke Weiqing understood what his friend meant after a split second of thought, and a smirk appeared. "You are not kind. Are you planning to dig someone's ancestral grave?" Riding the horse to the lead, Hou Jia, he whispered a few words, and the team gradually deviated from the original track and headed towards southwest.

After, he dispelled what Wu Enci wanted to ask, since there will be a good show coming. "Miss Wu, don’t get too far away from the carriage. It’s best to talk to our Doctor Qi. See, he’s really obviously bored.” Without waiting for her to speak, Ke Weiqing rode his horse in the original direction.

Wu Enci closed her mouth that was about to ask and turned her gaze. Ying Qi, who was sitting in front of the carriage with wind in his hair, couldn't help but snort. Such a boring person, she would rather not talk to him.

Ying Qi, out of nowhere, received the glare. This woman was really unreasonable.

Feeling the sharp murderous intent coming closer, Seventeen's body habitually tightened, ready to take action at any time. His hands suddenly became warm, and Seventeen was dumbfounded. Xing Beiming had placed his hand over Seventeen’s. "Master?"




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