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Hao Mu Wang Tian: Chapter 1

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Translator's Note: This is my 2nd Translation starting in September 2020.  This series is actually the 2nd part and 2nd BL couple of "The Four Books of Mythology" Trilogy by Er Ya, which had the best hilarious comedy dual from the whole trilogy, however, the first BL couple Situ/XiaoHuang will also make their appearance. 

Without saying, this is an English translation of a Boy Love Novel. Only proceed if you're comfortable with such coupling.



Mu Ling planted a tree that gazed at the sky. Being mischievous, he caught a thief who stole his wood. Mu Ling, as a fifteen to sixteen-year-old teen, bullied a seven to eight-year-old boy relentlessly. He beat him up and let him go, let him steal and caught him again, caught and beat, again and again. The wild child was quite stubborn towards the taunting and eventually was struck by lightning when he came back to steal the wood one day. Mu Ling treated him and saved his life.

After he recovered from his illness, the little boy departed, and shouted to the big tree before he left, "You, with surname Mu, from this day forward, I will be renamed to Qin Wangtian. Just you wait, sooner or later, I will come back to take this wood.”

Ten years later, Mu Ling was a genius doctor, the greatest in the world.

Ten years later, Qin Wangtian was a horse riding thief, the best bandit in the world.

In the early autumn of a certain year, Mu Ling went on a long journey to find Medicinal Wonders of the World to extend his life. Before the journey, he made three commandments with himself.

One, no more meddling!

Two, no more meddling!

Three, no more meddling!


Being struck by lightning, it wasn’t painful as others imagined. It just left him a little numb in that short moment. But the burns from the flames still hurt after ten years. That moment, when he fell into the fire, when he saw that person’s rare anxious look, he felt euphoria. Then, when the cold healing medicine was applied on his wound, the burning and stinging pain soon disappeared.

In the blink of an eye, ten years had passed. That person should be in his twenties, but he is still a teenager...

"Lao Da! Lao Da, wake up!”

Someone shook him in his sleep. Qin Wangtian opened his eyes and looked at the men standing by the bed. "Are you calling the soul?"


“Lao Da, we have inquired about Yue Zaiting's whereabouts,” one of his men said hurriedly.

"Really?" Qin Wangtian’s spirit lifted. Turning over and sitting up, he asked, "What is that kid doing now?"

“I heard that the old man of Yujia Zhai returned to the heavens a few days ago, he is now the new Master of Yuejia Zhai,” His man replied. "Next month is his inheritance ceremony."

"What!” Qin Wangtian frowned. "So fast?"

"Lao Da," His subordinates looked at Qin Wangtian, "Afterall, they are famous. With Yuejia Zhai's current strength, except for Hei Yun Bao and Qixing Water Village who are powerful… We are but few men and horses, how can we compare?"

"What did you say?" Qin Wangtian's face darkened. He raised his foot and kicked a coffee table next to him. “Do you have the guts to repeat that?”

“Dare not...we dare not…," The subordinate quickly stepped aside.

"I, Qin Wangtian, absolutely will have that brat, Yue Zaiting, pay his debt in blood!" Declaring it coldly, Qin Wangtian stood up and walked out of the room in anger. In the clearing of the back mountain, the surroundings were barren, and here only a tall tree stood in the center of the clearing.

Looking up at the top of the tree soaring into the sky, Qin Wangtian closed his eyes and asked himself, "Qin Wangtian, what do you have to compete with?"

He lifted his foot and kicked the tree hard, "I refuse to let go!"

The tree shook a few times, some leaves fell slowly, were swept up by the mountain wind, and flew into the valley.


Mu Ling left Black Cloud Fortress with his luggage. To be precise, he was driven out by the leader Situ.

"What are you doing at home all day? Go find your elixirs so you can live a long life!" Situ kicked Mu Ling out with his baggage. "Don't cause any more trouble here!" After speaking, he cuddled his sweetheart back to the main house.

Mu Ling jumped up and scolded, “Situ, you bastard, why do you care how long I live?!" Before he could finish speaking, he was hit by a box that flew out in front of him—his medicine box.

"Humph," Mu Ling rubbed the bump on his head, opened the bag, and looked at it. Fortunately, this Situ still had a little conscience, so he stuffed him with a lot of money inside. Packing up the bag and carrying the medicine box, Mu Ling wandered on the road, thinking, the goal is to live a long life!

When he reached the bottom of the mountain, before taking the main road, Mu Ling suddenly stopped. There was a Buddhist Temple nearby. Mu Ling rushed in to worship the Bodhisattva, knelt on the broken mat, and muttered in his mouth, "Bodhisattva, Bodhisattva, you must bless me this time to find the elixir of longevity. Also, I swear, by the way, this...this time during my travels, I will not be nosy or get involved in others' businesses! If I break this oath..." Mu Ling thought about it, gritted his teeth, "If I fail, I can only live to be ninety-nine. Isn't it ruthless?"

Seeing that the Bodhisattva seemed to smile at him, Mu Ling stood up carrying his belongings and asked a little beggar who was sitting next to the Bodhisattva, "Do you know what I was talking about?"

The little beggar shook his head honestly.

Seeing him shaking his head, Mu Ling nodded in satisfaction, reached out, and handed him a piece of paper. "Very good." After speaking, he turned and strolled away happily.

It took a long time for the little beggar to come back to his senses. He picked up the piece of paper and looked at it. He was stunned for an instant - one hundred taels of silver tickets?!

When Mu Ling saw a beggar along the way, he would give him one hundred taels. When he saw a temple, he went in to add incense money. Anyhow, he was wearing the belt of the Black Cloud Fortress. The Second Master had arrived, and he was not afraid of spending money. Mu Ling thought fiercely, Situ, watch me burn your fortune!

After traveling for some time, he finally found an inn. Mu Ling bought a thin horse for a hundred taels of silver. The groom looked at Mu Ling as if he were looking at a fool. Can’t blame the man, why would anyone spend a lot of money to buy a sick horse?

Mu Ling proudly said, “You know nothing. I can tell you that this is a diamond in the rough. He may be sick now, but once I cure it, this horse will be worth ten thousand gold teals!”

Dumbfounded, the groom half-understood Mu Ling’s meaning and watched as he led the frail horse away. Along the trip, Mu Ling didn't ride the horse, instead, he spent money to buy medicine, went up the mountain to collect herbs, and spent about a month to heal him. Not only did the horse get well, but he also got plump and radiant.

"Hmph." Mu Ling nodded triumphantly, swung himself onto the horse, raised his foot, and gently touched the horse's flank. The horse neighed, raised its hooves, and galloped away.

After another month, Mu Ling finally reached the official road, not far ahead was Luo Xia City. By reputation, there was beautiful scenery of the sunset and clear water. Mu Ling decided to do some sightseeing and enjoy the view.

The black horse named Xiao Hei listened very well. He probably knew that Mu Ling was his savior, so he never held him back, but followed him wherever he went.

Swayed to a small tea house next to the official road, Mu Ling got off his horse, took out a water bag to pour some water for the horse, and then asked a X