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Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Chapter 8 "Traveling Together"

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

The Master's dark gaze continued to lock on to Seventeen, but he did not take notice. His mind was a mess. The night Bai Yuqin was on the way back to the Fortress, he could only remember vaguely. The Master entered the inn, Seventeen was secretly guarding as usual, and then...He was stunned by a strange sound, and the memories stopped. After that, he discovered he was naked, then scrambled to put his clothes back on as he ran out.

At the time, Ying Shiqi felt unwell, thinking he was attacked by an assassin. The moment was a blur, so he didn't care who was next to him. His trained ears searched for the sounds of a skirmish and headed straight there. After they reached the Fortress, he had completely forgotten about the incident... Seventeen shook his head, he was definitely attacked by an assassin, there was no other reason!

Meanwhile, Xing BeiMing was fuming. Is this man ignoring his existence? "Shiqi, speak, what are you thinking of?"

Seventeen was startled, but he quickly knelt on the floor. "Master, this subordinate remembered that there was an ambush that night, and I did not leave any survivors."

Xing BeiMing frowned. "That’s all?"

However, Xing Bao Zhu’s only memory was of Bai Yuqin arriving to serve him the following morning. At the time, Shadow Three reported an ambush that occurred that night. He didn’t pay much attention to the insignificant raid. Now thinking back, he was indeed ambushed! More alarming was the lack of awareness.

Seventeen bowed, "Yes, Master."

Xing BeiMing turned his attention away, and gave his order, "Ying San, Ying Wu, come in."

Fully aware of what the Master planned to ask, Shadow Three and Shadow Five both gave the same response. When the incense fragrance was dispersed, perhaps thanks to their distance, the two were not affected. Shadow Eleven and Shadow Twelve were also called in, bewildered, but they did not show their expression. Instead, they looked at Seventeen with complicated gazes. From the outside, they heard the situation clearly. The Master was drugged, he possibly impregnated someone, and Seventeen is also...

Noticing the eyes of his Shadow Guards, for the first time, Xing BeiMing felt that things were out of his control. Since Seventeen was diagnosed with a happy pulse, he never thought the matter was related to him. How did he sleep with a man and doesn't know? Out of curiosity, he kept this shadow guard by his side, but now that it could be his, the feelings had become complicated.

Withdrawing from the shadow guards, Xing BeiMing looked at the Seventeen who was still kneeling on the ground. "This Bao Zhu orders you to give birth to this child, by which time everything will become clear." The tone was threatening, with no means to resist. If it’s already his flesh and blood, what’s wrong if it's a male giving birth to it?

The Master got up and left the room, leaving only Seventeen kneeling in the room for a long, long time....


For the trip to Qizhou, due to the Masters’ decision, two more people were added--Shadow Seven and Shadow Seventeen--one as a personal guard and one as an accompanying doctor. For the first time, he had changed his shadow guard garments to that of a scholar. Yingqi was uncomfortable, but looking at Seventeen who was "imprisoned" in the carriage like himself, he was at ease again, because it was Seventeen who was the most uncomfortable.

Throughout the journey, Seventeen did not speak, but suddenly said with a hoarse voice, "Qi Ge?"

Ying Qi panicked, "Uncomfortable?" Even if he is not a serious doctor, Ying Qi is fully aware of the danger during the first three months. If the Master wanted Seventeen to have the child, then he would do everything in his power to keep Seventeen safe.

Seventeen shook his head, and said, "Qi Ge, is what you’re saying true? Really, here is..." Overwhelmed, his hand unconsciously touching his stomach.

Ying Qi was crushed. Being the closest shadow guard to Seventeen, he always regarded himself as his elder brother and took care of him as his younger brother. Although he has few words and doesn’t show much expression, in YingQi’s opinion, he’s carefree. Seventeen’s heart only focuses on protecting the master and completing the task. But now, he is showing distress and worry. Ying Qi really doesn't know what to do...

"Shi Qi, Qi Ge doesn't know how to explain, but since there are precedents in the ancient books, then you will be fine. Believe in Qi Ge.” The most important thing is to help settle Seventeen’s mind.

Seventeen nodded. In fact, he hadn't felt much before, but the Master's overbearing behavior would make him feel embarrassed. But yesterday, he saw the master's serious expression when he stared at his stomach, with the stubbornly determined spirit to have him give birth to the child. Suddenly, he felt a kind of inexplicable pressure. He had been lonely since he was a child, and no one had told him about the Sāngāng Wŭcháng, but he also knew that a man giving birth is unnatural. From his impressions from the past, he only saw pregnant belly aunties, who occasionally passed his straw hut. Will he turn into them?

"Qi Ge...will Shi Qi also turn into the Auntie from Fang's Family?" Seventeen suddenly felt horrified. Turning into such a thing, could he still protect the Master?

Ying Qi was stunned, and then he couldn’t help but choke on a "Phew” and laughed out loud. Aunt Fang is the wife of the chef in the Fort who had a child when she was past her prime. However, she liked to arrogantly flaunt her belly in front of the servants. Thinking back, it seems to have traumatized Seventeen.

Outside the carriage, Xing BeiMing kept on a serious face while wanting to lift the curtain of the carriage. After a short while, he suddenly dropped his hand and rode the horse to the front. He was sitting on the carriage in front. Because he suddenly remembers the Doctor's warning about the danger of traveling the first three months of pregnancy, he could not help but grab the guard's horse and come down to check. Who knew he would hear such unsettling words!

Yes, even though they had sent her back to Fufeng Sect to save their face, he can’t guarantee that there won’t be a second Bai YuQing. After Xing BeiMing pondered further, he decided to bring Seventeen with him. Feeling more at ease with him under observation and security. Saying to himself, this is all for the child, that’s it!

Outside, he was thinking deeply as he rode his horse. Ke Weiqing opened the carriage’s curtain and poked out his head, he yelled, "Master Xingbao, why did you run out? Did you not have enough riding before? Really, do you even know how to enjoy...Hey, what’s wrong with your face...laughing? Ah, are you really laughing?"

Xing BeiMing turned his head and glared at him, slowly retracting the corners of his mouth that were accidentally opened to the sides and pursed.

Ke Weiqing was dumbfounded. This stoneface man could even laugh? This Young Master only knew of his occasional frown, sometimes scowl, and he would occasionally glare at him. Could he have such an expression? Basically, his mouth except for scolding people, giving orders, and eating, has no other function. Did he laugh today? He must have been dazzled! This must be the case!

Ignoring Master Ke's internal struggles, Xing BeiMing would push his horse forward, but only occasionally slipped to the carriage behind him.


In the evening, they stayed in the inn by the passing town. Seventeen, as always, habitually sought for a secret place that was not easy to be noticed but was closest to the Master. As a result, Ying ShiQi was forced into the room by Xing BeiMing's glare, while Ying Qi diligently put ShiQi to bed, then went to borrow the inn's kitchen to prepare Seventeen’s decoction.

Xing BeiMing wandered around in his room for a while, and couldn't help but stride his legs to the next room, opened the door with a big swing, and saw the well-laid person who hurriedly rolled off the bed and bowed down, "Master!"

Somehow, he suddenly felt frustrated, but this Xing BaoZhu didn’t say anything. He walked to the chair and sat down, "Get up, sit and talk."

"Thank you." Seventeen stood up and sat against the bed, Xing Beizhen dared to bet, this fool of a shadow guard definitely sat on less than half of his ass!

"Sit down!" Xing BeiMing was furious. "This Bao Zhu wants you to remember one thing well, in your stomach could be the son of this Master. If we find out it’s not in the future, it will be fine. However, if you want to harm him, consider the consequences! Take good care of him in the future, and put aside your Shadow Guard duties. Later, when this Master is satisfied, you can return to your post."

Seventeen was pale for a moment, but soon realized he could return to be a shadow guard and immediately thanked the master, "This subordinate thanks the master." He only half kneeled when he glared again.

When Ying Qi finished preparing the medicine and returned to the room, he saw Seventeen sitting straight on the bed: "How did you get up? Hurry and drink the medicine and lie down. I will call you again at dinner."

Ke Weiqing after taking a good bath, excitedly left his room, but saw Xing Beizhen coming out of the next room. If he remembered correctly, that wasn't his room? Adhering to a gossip heart, Ke Weiqing dragged Xing BeiMing into his room. He asked in a hurry: "Master Xingbao, Běn Shǎo was patient all this time. Who is the guard in the carriage? Why is only he in the carriage while others were riding horses? What did you do in his room just now? Speak now!"

Xing BeiMing kept his mouth shut as he sat down and adjusted his robes. Waiting until Ke Weiqing becomes more anxious with impatience, that’s when he leisurely said, "Ke Shao, don’t you know, the more you know, the faster you die? ”

Ke Weiqing laughed and shook his fan. “Ben Shao could only wish. You tell me first, and this Ben Shao will accept your assassination!”

Xing BeiMing pondered for a while. It's not like he wants to hide from Shaoqing Ke, his friend in life and death. With the knowledge he may have a child, if something were to happen, he will certainly provide his assistance.

In the eyes of Ke Weiqing's anticipation, Xing BeiMing was about to open his mouth, but outside he heard the hissing of the blades against the wind. Xing BeiMing's eyes narrowed and disappeared with Ke Weiqing.

Seeing the other person's figure intersecting with human weapons in the air, Xing BeMingi could not help shouting, "ShiQi, did you eat everything I said like rice!"



Sāngāng Wŭcháng - 三纲五常 Three Fundamental Bonds and Five Constant Virtues

What you hear is gone like eating rice - Rice is meal, In one hear and out the other

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