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Hao Mu Wang Tian: Chapter 3

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Qin Wangtian was awakened by Mu Ling's snoring. He opened his eyes and almost burst into laughter. Unlike Mu Ling's usual courteous air, his sleeping appearance was really…

Half of Mu Ling's body was exposed from under the blanket, his arms wrapped around the pillow, sleeping with his mouth open. Because the body was partially covered, his shirt was rolled all the way up, revealing a thin waist, the pants tied low so that a little belly was seen. Qin Wangtian raised his eyebrows and simply rolled over, admiring the “physique” of Mu Ling’s.

There’s a good reason why Mu Ling gave others the impression of a sick and weak scholar. After all, his abnormally white skin would remind them of a sickly constitution. Moreover, this man was not short in stature, just thin, with thin arms and thin legs. And at first glance, he looked like a scholar who couldn’t tie down a chicken. But Qin Wangtian knew, clearly in his heart, that Mu Ling was not a weakling, and his identity as the second master of Heiyun Bao was not given for nothing. Although Mu Ling had always been known for his medical skills, everyone in Jianghu knows that in this world, there was only one person who could rival Situ. This Mu Ling, indeed possessed extraordinary martial arts.

Gazing at the flat belly that was not covered by his shirt and the faintly visible soothing muscle lines, Qin Wangtian raised his eyebrows. This quite interesting when he is exposed. It was indecent just to see him snore with his mouth open.

His eyes moved up from Mu Ling's waist little by little, and paused when he fell on his shoulders...Mu Ling's shoulders and neck were exposed because of his sleeping posture. He had delicate shoulders. Qin Wangtian had to admit that Mu Ling’s shoulder lines were indeed beautiful, perhaps because he was so thin. The collarbone emerged, with the middle slightly hollow, and the slender neck, coupled with the abnormal paleness, probably even women would envy such beautiful shoulders.

Dumbfounded for a moment, Qin Wangtian turned his attention to Mu Ling's face. If Mu Ling hadn't been so venomous, his personality would not have been so irritating. His face was small, with a pointed chin and wide forehead, thin eyebrows that were crooked when he smiled, and a pair of slightly slanted phoenix eyes, especially his eyes, narrowed into a half-moon shape. This was the legendary peach blossom eyes. The nose was straight, not high nor low. The nose was high and the contours of the facial features very deep. It gave people a sudden and aggressive feeling, just like Situ, but Mu Ling was softer and not aggressive, which was why most people thought he was not threatening. The vast majority wouldn’t think Mu Ling had the fortitude, due to his peaceful appearance. Still, the most irritating thing was Mu Ling's tongue, probably because he was used to bantering, a mean and poisonous tongue from those thin lips. Lips that were slightly open with snow-white teeth, arranged neatly and finely. His hair was long, but not overly much. Looking closer, it was slightly brown. His ears were not small, but the earlobes were large, and the flesh was quite thick.

Qin Wangtian suddenly had a mischievous thought, stretched out his hand to pull out a small piece of wood from the headboard, raised it at Mu Ling's nose, he was about to throw it, but his line of sight turned to Mu Ling's neck. Unconsciously, his attention was focused on the hollow part between the collarbone.

Mu Ling was snoring and felt the sound of wind in the air, so he violently raised his hand and took a shot of his backhand. Qin Wangtian was startled, tilted his head to avoid, and heard the wind pass his ears. When he turned his head again, he was surprised to find that the piece of soft wood had been embedded in the wall.

Qin Wangtian was stunned, having been deceived by Mu Ling's harmless appearance. It seemed that he underestimated him. Mu Ling was not an ordinary person.

Mu Ling's movements were purely instinctive reactions. Because of his lethargy, he developed the ability to deal with assassins with his eyes closed. Qin Wangtian was unaware of that fact, and looked at Mu Ling with increased alertness. Could it be that he was already awake? But why was he still snoring?

Still, in doubt, Mu Ling suddenly moved. Qin Wangtian panicked, jumped, and after a closer look, he saw that Mu Ling bent his leg, stretched out his hand, and scratched the bottom of his foot...

Qin Wangtian was completely speechless, got up, put on clothes, and went out for breakfast.

Yue Qiuling and Yue Lingdang rushed to the Yue Mansion that morning. It seems that the two wanted to invite their eldest brother to settle the family’s affairs.

When Qin Wangtian returned to the inn, the sun was already high above the sky. He pushed the door into the room and saw that Mu Ling was still wearing the inner garment, but he had already awakened. To be precise, he had just woken up and sat on the ground in a daze. His eyes were blurred, the neckline of the gown was wide open, and the slender shoulders...that one...white.

"Are you awake?" Qin Wangtian retracted his gaze, walked to the table, and poured himself a glass of water.

Mu Ling stood up, picked up the pillow from the ground and patted it, then lay back on the bed with an "um" and then went to sleep.

Qin Wangtian has the urge to beat someone. If a person wants to practice divine powers, wouldn’t he have to get up early and sleep late and practice hard? Why is this Mu Ling so lazy? However, Qin Wangtain did not know when Situ drove Mu Ling out, he cursed: "It's better to raise a pig than you."

At noon, Mu Ling finally woke up, freshly washed his face, changed clothes, and grabbed a handful of strange medicinal materials to soak. After drinking a few cups of tea, he waved to Qin Wangtian, "Come here, kid!"

Qin Wangtian looked at Mu Ling, who was half a head shorter and thinner than himself, and thought dare to call me a kid?!

"Come here!" Mu Ling scowled, "Do you not want the treatment?"

Qin Wangtian reluctantly walked over and sat down in front of Mu Ling. Mu Ling stretched out his hand, his white and slender fingers were about to touch Qin Wangtian's face, but they were swiftly caught, "Wait."

"What?" Mu Ling looked at Qin Wangtian with dissatisfaction.

In fact, Qin Wangtian suddenly remembered that Mu Ling seemed to be scratching his foot with this hand this morning, and asked him a little disgusted, "Did you...have you washed your hands?"

Mu Ling was stunned for a moment, raised his eyebrows, dove over, and rubbed his hands all over Qin Wangtian’s face. “Rotten boy, how dare you say I’m dirty?!"

Qin Wangtian was terrified, while avoiding and countering Mu Ling’s attack, going back and forth from more than a dozen strikes. Qin Wangtian became more and more frightened, unable to test the depth of Mu Ling’s skills. Mu Ling gradually frowned, and with a backhand flicked away Qin Wangtian's palm. He jumped back and looked at him. "How do you know the skills from Qi Ju Sect?"

Qin Wangtian was a little surprised, "As expected from the second master of the Black Cloud Fort. You even know of the Qi Jue Sect."

Mu Ling shook his head and said solemnly, "Are you a fool? The Qi Jue Sect kung fu are insidious and poisonous. The more proficient you practice, the more poisoned you will become. This is why your burns always hurt!"

Qin Wangtian found a stool. Sat down, he said, "Don't blame others if you are not good at medical skills."

Mu Ling gritted his teeth, "You little devil! You can't spit ivory from your dog's mouth!"

Qin Wangtian rolled his eyes, "I'll see if you throw up."

Mu Ling reacted for a moment before realizing that Qin Wangtian was scolding him. His anger rising, he berated, "You little bastard! Scallion noodles!"

Qin Wangtian was taken aback, scallion noodles? Only then did he realize that Mu Ling had once said that his hair was like green onions, and it was noodles...

The two grind their teeth and lock their gazes.

After some time, Mu Ling sat down and continued drinking tea. He asked Qin Wangtian, "What level are you at?"

"Level Six." Qin Wangtian replied lightly.

"Puff..." Mu Ling sprayed a sip of tea on Qin Wangtian's face.

"Why are you so dirty?!" Qin Wangtian wiped his face. "What kind of water is this? It smells like medicine."

Mu Ling reached out and grabbed Qin Wangtian's wrist, probed three fingers for a pulse, and was shocked, "You kid, are you crazy? Don't you want to live?"

Qin Wangtian was unmoved, and asked, "How long can I live?"

Mu Ling frowned, "Don't you become mad at level Seven? For what?? Do you want to go crazy like those martial artists?!"

Qin Wangtian said nothing, looking at Mu Ling. "Do you think I can beat Situ with my current kungfu?"

Mu Ling raised his eyebrows. "Keep dreaming. The seven great elders were all killed by Situ. It's up to you to kill him? Might as well demand to be defeated by Situ."

"What about you?" Qin Wangtian asked.

Mu Ling looked up at the sky and pondered, "Given your current situation, it is estimated that you will have your pigtail before that day."

Qin Wangtian thought for a while and asked, "Then...what about Yue Zaiting?"

Mu Ling thought for a while and frowned, "Yue Zaiting is just a rising star, and the Yue family's kung fu is mediocre. If you just want to beat him, you don't need to risk your life to practice kung fu."

Qin Wangtian shook his head and said, "I want Yue Zaiting to be ruined, dead without a burial.”

"Wow..." Mu Ling couldn't help but shake when he heard Qin Wangtian's words. "How cruel, did he kill your family?"

Qin Wangtian slowly turned his face to look at Mu Ling, and said every word, "Yes, he killed 73 members from my Qin family."

Mu Ling was dumbfounded.

"If you can't heal my face, make sure that I will be alive before taking revenge." Qin Wangtian said coldly.

Mu Ling blinked and asked, "Yue Zaiting is about the same age as you... You were already wandering outside at the age of seven or eight, isn't that..."

"I was eight years old that year, and he was a teenager..." Qin Wangtian looked at Mu Ling. "Do you want to hear?"

Mu Ling shook his head quickly, covering his ears and rushing out. "I want to have breakfast..."

Qin Wangtian was speechless.

After hurrying out of the room, Mu Ling went to the bun shop next door and bought two buns with carrot stuffing. He wandered into the stable and pulled Xiao Hei out. After slipping to a riverbank with beautiful scenery and beautiful birds, Mu Ling found a wooden village by the shore and sat down, crushed the buns, and fed Xiao Hei.

Xiao Hei's favorite is carrots and beans. He ate with his tail wagging. Mu Ling was in a trance while feeding and said to himself, "Bodhisattva, why don't you cover for me? How troublesome such meddlesome businesses are."

He was still absorbed. Suddenly, from a small boat in the lake not far away, there was a cry of a woman.

Mu Ling turned his face and saw a young girl standing by the side of the boat dangling a few times before she fell off with a "puff", while the maid who was sitting on the boat with her was so scared that she called "Miss". While shouting "Help", it seemed that she was not a martial artist nor could even swim.

At the same time, many people gathered on the riverbank, and many enthusiastic people had jumped into the river and swam to the place where the girl was drowning.

It was just that the river was quite wide, and the place where the girl fell was in the middle of the river. Seeing that the people who went into the water to save her were still beyond the reach, the girl was almost sinking.

At this very moment, he saw a white figure in the crowd on the opposite shore. This person jumped into the lake with a strong internal force, stepped on the water, caught and raised the girl, then flew straight to the opposite shore. To the shoreline not far from Mu Ling. Placing the girl on the ground, the man stretched out his hand to check on her, found there was no breath, and frowned slightly.

Seeing that the girl's face was suffocated, Mu Ling knew that when she was sinking in the river, she drank a large amount of water and debris, which blocked the trachea. By this time, a lot of people had already gathered around. Mu Ling waited for a while, he became anxious, and when he saw that none of the people knew how to heal. Seeing that the girl would die if he waited any longer, reluctantly, Mu Ling raised his hand to break off a willow, removed the leaves, walked slowly over, squatted down beside the girl, gently pinched the girl’s chin, let her open her mouth, and tucked the willow in lightly. With a light touch, a small group of green aquatic plants were hooked out, which caused the girl's chest to spasm twice. Mu Ling stood up, turned around, and left.

The crowd stared at Mu Ling with wonder, suddenly the girl coughed twice and slowly opened her eyes.


The maid's boat had also been rowed to the shore, and she hurriedly climbed ashore to help her lady.

There was also some commotion among the crowd. Mu Ling took Xiao Hei and strolled back to the inn, muttering, "Xiao Hei, if you want a fancy name, how about Chalk White Dragon or Shining Lion’s Pearl? Or the Jade Lion, maybe something like...Ah, so you want to be called Black and Black, aye? Are you okay with that?"

Xiao Hei seemed dissatisfied with the name, waved his tail a few times, bowed, and nudged Mu Ling.

“Sir, please wait..." someone called behind him.

Mu Ling heard it, but he still said to Xiao Hei, "Calling Sir doesn’t mean it’s necessarily to us, does it? You shouldn't turn your head back if called by others. For example, if someone called out to pay back money, if you turned around, wouldn’t that mean you admit that you owe others money?”

As he said that, the person behind him shouted, “There is lost money here!”

Mu Ling hurriedly turned back and looked at the ground behind him, "Where?"

"Haha..." A hearty laughter came. Mu Ling raised his head and saw the white robe fluttering gently in the soft breeze. Standing in front of him was a young man dressed in white, handsome, and refined. The man looked up and down at Mu Ling and smiled, "Sir, you are really interesting."

Mu Ling blinked and pulled Xiao Hei over and said, "Xiao Hei, don't talk to strangers casually." After speaking, he turned and continued walking.

"Wait..." The man hurriedly stepped forward, stopped Mu Ling, and said with a smile, "You know how to heal? Fortunately, you just helped me."

Mu Ling squinted his eyes and looked more closely. He recognized the man in white as the one that saved the lady. After looking at the man again, he was dressed neatly, and the tailored fabric was extremely elegant, which showed that it was very valuable. He was tall and upright, with handsome features, smiling at the corners of his mouth, and black hair neatly combed, looking quite decent and chic.

Mu Ling nodded, ah, "Sure enough."

He wanted to go after speaking, but the man simply stepped forward to block him and laughed. "Why did you leave in such a hurry?"

Mu Ling rolled his eyes. “The girl jumped into the river desperately, just to be saved by a hero like yourself. Why should I join the excitement?"

"Haha..." the man laughed and said, "Sir, you have good eyesight, how did you figure that out?"

Mu Ling did not like the way this person laughed. In his opinion, if laughter was not from the heart, but for the sake of laughter, it was not much different from making faces. So he lazily replied, "Nonsense, why would two wealthy girls travel on the lake without their attendants? And why would they yell before they even fell?”

The man nodded, then stared at Mu Ling for a while, and finally said, “You are observant. By the way, do you want to have a drink together?"

Mu Ling widened his eyes. "Why should I go for a drink with you?" After scowling, he pulled Xiao Hei away again. "Xiao Hei let’s go, we shouldn’t talk to strangers."

The man followed up with a smile, and said, "Doesn’t exchanging our names mean we’re acquainted? I’m Yue Zaiting, what is your name?"

Mu Ling stopped, stretched out his fingers, and pulled on his ear, he asked, "What...What’s the last part?"

"Zai..." The man couldn't help but grin. "Yue Zaiting."

Mu Ling was stunned for a moment, then suddenly hugged Xiao Hei. Rubbing Xiao Hei’s neck, he cried, "Mother, I won't mind other people's business anymore!"

Yue Zaiting was puzzled by Mu Ling and asked, "Mister, what's wrong with the name of Zai? Brother...Hello…"

Yue Zaiting wanted him to stay, but Mu Ling had already covered his ears and fled...while running, muttering in his mouth, "I didn't hear anything, I didn't hear it!"



gǒuzuǐ li tǔbuchū xiàngyá - 狗嘴里吐不出象牙, A dog can't spit out ivory-- nothing good could come from a filthy mouth.

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