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Hao Mu Wang Tian: Chapter 2

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

"Sir, you seem to be familiar to me."

As everyone walked down the mountain, Qin Wangtian suddenly turned around and said to Mu Ling, who was walking slowly behind him, "Have we met before?"

Mu Ling was startled, but pretended to be indifferent. In a genuine tone, he said, “A lot of people tell me that...Hehe, my mother often said I have a face of the masses since I was a child, and in one out of ten, the chosen one would look like me."

Ling Dang, who always held on to the corner of Mu Ling’s sleeve lest he may escape, asked curiously, "Face of the masses?"

Mu Ling waved to her, walked a few steps more slowly, then negotiated with Ling Dang in a low voice, "I said Ling Dang, let us discuss something."

"What?" Ling Dang turned her head to look at Mu Ling.

"Look, I'm just a useless sickly scholar. Where I go, I would add chaos. Aren't these heroes helping you? Just let me go."

"No!" Ling Dang refused.

"Why?" Mu Ling became dispirited.

Ling Dang whispered, "That big brother, he looks so scary."

Qin Wangtian heard from the front, turned his head and grinned. He then asked Ling Dang, "Do you think my face is scary?"

Xiao Ling Dang looked at Mu Ling and stuck her tongue out. Mu Ling quickly said, "Actually, it’s not bad, very distinctive."

Qin Wangtian smiled faintly, slowed down and walked to Mu Ling's side, and said, "By the way, if it wasn’t for someone, I wouldn't be in the shape I am in now.”

Mu Ling felt his heart starting to hammer and realized he had to change the topic quickly. “Well, today’s weather is nice and sunny.” Mu Ling chuckled.

Qin Wangtian raised his head and looked at the rising moon, then nodded, "It really is nice. Oh right, how may you be called?"

"Uh, my surname is... Lin." Mu Ling thought to himself, Anyway, there is only one more wood. There is no loss.

"Oh...It turned out to be Brother Lin..." Qin Wangtian asked again, "What's your name?"

Mu Ling silently scolded the little demon and his household as there was no need to ask so specifically. After thinking more, he said, "Oh, call me Baisui."

"Lin Baisui?" Qin Wangtian smiled. "Good name, by the way, the surname of the person who harmed me is Mu."

"Did someone make you like this?" Xiao Ling Dang felt that Qin Wangtian was pitiful. She raised her head and asked, "Why is that person so bad?"

"Oh...I remember that I was only seven or eight years old then," Qin Wangtian explained, "But he was already seventeen or eighteen. I was stealing wood from him but got struck by lightning."

"Hehe...isn't it because you were stealing wood." Mu Ling grinned, "How can you say that people hurt you?"

"I was too young at the time." Qin Wangtian looked helpless and clarified, "He even teased me and led me to steal wood every day. As a result, I was struck by lightning in the end. You know, if he didn’t taunt me, I would fail once, and I would never steal a second time."

Mu Ling was a little speechless since he may have played a part in the responsibility.

"However, that was not the most irritating thing." Qin Wangtian spoke with contempt, "The man still claimed to be the number one genius doctor in the world, but he couldn't even cure a burn, which caused my yin and yang face. Being despised by everyone...I say, he is nothing but a quack."

In this world, everyone has an explosive point, and they will burst if they are stepped on. It's like Situ's taboo is anyone touching his Xiao Huang, Xiao Huang's most taboo against people saying bad things about Situ, and Mu Ling's most intolerable thing is when people call him a quack.

"Dare to say this Lao Tzu is a quack?" Mu Ling jumped up and reached out to grab Qin Wangtian's collar and pointed to his nose viciously. "If I hadn't saved you back then, you would have met your makers!"

Qin Wangtian squinted his eyes and looked at Mu Ling for a long time, "Lan Mutou, it's really you!"

...Mu Ling wanted to quibble again, however, it was too late. Silently cursing, he turned to run, but Qin Wangtian had already jumped ahead and landed before his eyes, stopping him in his tracks.

"Don't run."

"You, what do you want?" Mu Ling looked at Qin Wangtian, who was already taller than himself. "It's been so long. Aren’t we even now?”

“Even?” Qin Wangtian glared at him, "How can we be even? You will heal my face, otherwise I will fight you today!"

Mu Ling squatted to the side and drew a circle, muttering gloomily, "If I had known, I would not have gotten annoying." As he spoke, there was a scream of a woman and of dogs barking from the mountain.

"It's my sister's voice!" Ling Dang called out "Sister" and ran over.

Qin Wangtian's four men turned their heads. "Da Ge, do you want to save them first?"

Qin Wangtian carried the sabre in his hand and warned Mu Ling, “You’re coming too!"

Mu Ling just wanted to say no, then suddenly heard a shout from Ling Dang. With the situation ahead, the two of them had no choice but to put aside their battle and step forward to rescue the sisters.

Not far away, they saw two sisters hugging each other in a small clearing in front of them surrounded by a few roaring dogs and a dozen sturdy men around them who looked fierce. One of them yelled, "You run, and I'll feed you to the dogs if you try again."

Mu Ling hugged Xiao Hei beside him and tweeted twice, "So fierce, so ugly."

"What?" The one in the lead noticed the arrival of Mu Ling and shouted, "Who?"

When only six people and a horse were visible, the bandit sneered, "It’s not your business. Leave the horse behind. Today I’m in a good mood, I’ll let you go with the horse."

Mu Ling wrinkled his nose, poked Qin Wangtian with a finger, and said, "He has a problem with his brain. He said he wanted to keep the horse, and he said he would let us go with a 'Horse'. Do you want a horse or not?"

Qin Wangtian glanced at Mu Ling in disdain. Why is this man still so wicked, his mouth is so fucking cheap, and he still takes advantage of others.

Ling Dang was so scared that she was crying, but she couldn't help laughing after hearing Mu Ling's words, which was terrible.

Mu Ling squinted, staring at the snarling vicious dogs for a while, he pulled some grass from the side of the road, rubbed his hands, walked a few steps and squatted down, "tsk tsk" to arouse the dogs. The dogs were fierce at first and barked at Mu Ling, but Mu Ling "tsked" a few more times, and the four dogs ran over without knowing why and sniffed at Mu Ling's hand. Mu Ling stretched out his other hand to stroke their fur. After a while, those vicious dogs groaned and squeaked with enjoyment, and they kept rubbing Mu Ling's hand to act coquettishly.

" you are the boss?" Mu Ling suddenly chatted with the dogs. “I see, so the boss is also the youngest? Have you had dinner?"

The bandits wanted to call the dogs back. Usually, they were quite obedient, but for some reason today, they didn’t bark at all, and acted as if they only acknowledged Mu Ling.

Ling Dang was very clever, taking advantage of Mu Ling’s stalling of several bandits who were in a daze, dragged her sister and rushed to Mu Ling's side.

"Slaughter them!" The angry mountain bandit leader ordered and rushed over with his men.

Qin Wangtian lifted the black saber in his hand and flew forward, only a dark shadow was visible, with the large saber in his hand. Incomparable, he swept through with only one move...Qin Wangtian sheathed the sword. Looking at the bandits now, they were injured and fell to the ground.

Mu Ling clapped his hands. " amazing."

At this moment, the moon, which was originally blocked by the clouds and mist, showed a corner, and the moonlight poured down through the cracks between the dense branches on the top of the trees and hit Qin Wangtian's face. That left side of his face, which was particularly pale due to burns, was unusually clear. On the contrary, the healthy right half of his face was concealed in the dark light. The black gold behind his back was shining faintly against the moonlight. The brilliance.

"You…," a bandit leader pointed at Qin Wangtian. "The number one horse bandit in the northwest...The Half-Faced Shura..."

Mu Ling was inwardly startled. He had also heard of the term "Half-Faced Shura", although he didn't pay much attention to the martial world, only read trivial books, but had heard about this name. Back then, he was surprised when Situ said that this kid would have a promising future ahead of him. He seemed to be right.

Several horse bandits looked at each other, and said to their hearts, as bandits, this is the ancestor of bandits. Mouthing "God," they clutched their wounds, got up and ran without a trace.

When Qin Wangtian turned his head, he saw Mu Ling and the two girls looking at him silly with their mouths open. Before they had time to speak, they heard Mu Ling suddenly say, "Great noodles! Wide noodles and thin noodles?"

Everyone heard Qin Wangtian's teeth rattle, but one of his subordinates seemed to suddenly reflect, "Oh...noodles...hahaha." He immediately earned a glare from Qin Wangtian.

Back in the ruined temple, Mu Ling checked the sisters. Luckily, the sisters only suffered some minor injuries, which was no longer a problem.

The woman was called Yue Qiuling. She was originally planning to rush to Shuzhong to ask for a genius doctor for her father to treat his illness. She didn't expect to hear that her father had returned to heaven when she left the house, so she wanted to hurry home.

"Oh." Mu Ling nodded, "That's really a pity."

"I think my father's death was strange," Yue Qiuling said. "Originally, I asked Doctor Shi Wentai, the first genius doctor in Jiangnan, to treat my father. He said that although my father was seriously ill, he could persist for at least two months. He told me to hurry up to Hei Yun Bao in the central of Shuzhong and ask the genius doctor of Yan Wang Di Mu Ling. He is the only one in this world who can save my father's life...just that, less than five days away from home, I heard that my father has died."

Mu Ling frowned slightly and said, "Girl, if Shi Wentai said that a person can live for two months, then he must live for two months, but your father is dead. It is indeed strange."

"Really?" Yue Qiuling bit her lower lip and shook her head. "Could it be my second brother... it shouldn’t be impossible."

Qin Wangtian asked suddenly, "Your surname is Yue? Your father, is he Yue Nanfeng, the Master of Yuejia Zhai who passed away last month?”

“Correct.” Yue Qiuling looked at Qin Wangtian in surprise. “En Gong, do you know my father?”

Qin Wangtian sneered, “I don’t know that Yue Nanfeng, but I know of Yue Zaiting."

"Are you a friend of my second brother?" Yue Qiuling was a little nervous.

"Rest assured, I don't know your second brother at all." Qin Wangtian pointed at Mu Ling. "Was your father killed by someone? Ask him to go and check."

Mu Ling was shocked. Glaring at Qin Wangtian, he declared, "Stop it, I'm very busy, and there are still important things for me to do."

"This En Gong is?" Yue Qiuling looked at Mu Ling.

"Hehe...I’m not much of a benefactor, that is, the green mountain is still there..." Mu Ling was about to sneak away when he heard Qin Wangtian call out, "This is the genius doctor you were going to ask for help in Shuzhong, Mu Ling."

Yue Qiuling was startled, and hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed to Mu Ling, "Genius Doctor Mu, please come back to Yuejia Zhai with me. If my father was really harmed, only your words can convince the world's heroes."

"Uh..." Mu Ling screamed in his head, his pet peeve is when trouble comes to his doorstep.

Xiao Ling Dang, who was unable to follow along, asked Mu Ling, "Guài shūshu, isn't your name Lin Baisui?"

Yue Qiuling pulled her down as soon as Ling Dang finished asking, "Ling Dang, hurry, kneel down and beg En Gong to come back with us."

"Huh? Guai Shushu is going back to Yuejia Zhai with us?" Ling Dang was pleased. "Okay, Guai Shushu go back with us!"

Mu Ling was crying, thinking of ways to skirk but heard Qin Wangtian ordering his subordinates. "You guys go back first. I will follow the genius doctor Mu for a while."

"Huh?" Mu Ling opened his mouth to look at Qin Wangtian. "Why are you following me?"

Qin Wangtian pointed to his face. "What else could it be? You will be responsible for curing my face, or I will deal with you!"

Mu Ling squatted depressedly to draw circles on the ground, muttering words, "Bodhisattva, dear old man, are you really that busy? I’ve already given you so much incense and money, you, give me back my money..."

Finally, Mu Ling was helplessly dragged to Luoxia City by Qin Wangtian and Yue Qiuling. Meanwhile Mu Ling had to comfort himself, at least this time. There was sunset and the clear water to see.

Yuejia Zhai is a Villa built on the top of Luoxia Mountain outside the north gate of Luoxia City. Yuejia Zhai is said to be an ancient village. It has been around for thousands of years. The whole village is magnificent, straddling two mountains and one ditch, like a sunset.

The cottage is divided into five small villages. Because the owner of the village is named Yue, the five villages are named after the five mountains. They are the five major villages of "Taihua Heng Heng Song". Yuejia Village is strong, and today, except for the first spot, Black Cloud Fortress and the second place, Seven Star Water Village, in the martial world, Yue Village is the largest.

There are three sons and two daughters of the Villa Master Yue Nanfeng. The two daughters are Yue Qiuling and Yue Ling Dang. The three sons are the eldest son Yue Zaifeng, the second son Yue Zaiting, and the third son Yue Zaiyun. Among the three sons, the eldest son Yue Zaifeng is the most honest and does not know martial arts. He manages most of Yuejia Zhai's business. He moved out of Yuejia Zhai a long time and settled in Yuefu in Luoxia City. The second and third sons are very promising. Yue Zaiting is twenty-three years old this year, a literary and martial artist, and is the most respected son of Yue Nanfeng, almost in charge of all affairs in the village. And the third son Yue Zaiyun is nineteen years old this year. He is very proud of his martial arts. Yue Nanfeng loves him the most, and he often declared "this son is most like me." Therefore, there are rumors that Yu Nanfeng has been reluctant to pass the position of the Village Master to Yue Zaiting and wait for Yue Zaiyun to grow up.

However, Yue Nanfeng passed away suddenly, and his last words said that the next head of Yuejia Zhai was passed on to his second son Yue Zaiting, which made Yue Zaiyun, who was practicing martial arts abroad, quite furious. It is said that Yue Zaiyun had set off overnight and is preparing to rush back to Yuejia Zhai before Yue Zaiting's inauguration to demand a hearing.

People in the Jianghu have always liked to watch drama, from when they first heard there will be a good show of brothers fighting for the right to be the head of the family. On the other hand, Situ of Heiyun Bao had already spoken, the Black Cloud Fortress does not want to get involved with the Martial World’s business, so he and Huang Banxian could live in a secluded life, only envied by mandarin ducks and mortals. Xiao Luoyu of Qixing Water Village also retired from the Martial World and traveled freely. Leaving Yuejia Village to be the next powerful martial arts sect in the future. In essence, whoever becomes the master of Yuejia Zhai will become the number one in the new world. It is difficult for anyone to defeat Yue Zaiting and Yue Zaiyun in terms of kungfu in today's martial arts... Therefore, this time, the battle between brothers is also in the actual sense, the world's number one battle currently.

After Mu Ling and Qin Wangtian followed Yue Qiuling and Yue Lingdang into Luoxia City, they did not rush back to the Villa, but chose an inn to settle down at. Recently, Luoxia City is full of people from other places who came to see the excitement. They squeezed in and gossip about two names, "Yue Zaiting, Yue Zaiyun."

Mu Ling was originally unwilling, but after he entered the city, he found that there would be great excitement to join in, lest the nature of the world would come up. So he waited until the time to watch the good show. Luoxia City has another advantage... They sell steamed buns filled with carrots!

After settling down in the inn, the shopkeeper told several people that there have been too many people from Jianghu recently, so there are only two rooms left in the upper floor. Therefore, with only two girls, Mu Ling and Qin Wangtian. Mu Ling really wanted to treat Qin Wangtian, but Qin Wangtian didn't seem to care about his scars, but was very attentive about the situation of Yuejia Zhai.

Mu Ling caught on quickly, he knew there must be a tale at first glance. That night, just after blowing out the lights and going to sleep, Mu Ling suddenly asked Qin Wangtian, "You are so enthusiastic about going to Yuejia Zhai, do you have another purpose?"

Qin Wangtian didn't deny it, "Yes."

Mu Ling rolled on the bed with the pillow in his arms, and asked, "Tell me a bit, so I can see if it’s dangerous."

Qin Wangtian sneered, "I want Yue Zaiting’s life!"

Mu Ling quietly got up and opened the window. "That...seems to be very dangerous, as the green hills will not change the long green water..." As he was about to jump down, he heard Qin Wangtian coldly aim his words directly at him.

"Quack Doctor, who can't cure a burn for ten years!"

"..." Mu Ling shut the window, walked back into the room, and raised the table, "Qin Wangtian, if I can't cure you, I'll take your surname!"

Qin Wangtian turned over gently and smoothly added, "Okay, then you will be called Qin Shihuang from now on."

...Nightfall, Mu Ling hugged a pillow and rolled on the bed all night long, gnawing the pillow until the teeth mark showed. Inflamed from rage!



Lín - 林, Forest

- 木, Wood, Tree

So he added an extra Wood/Tree to his surnamed for it to be Forest.

Lín bǎi suì - 林百岁, 100 years old Wood

bǎi suì - 百岁. 100-years-old

Lǎozi - 老子, Lao Tzu, father, Elder, Old Man

Làn Mùtou - 烂木头, Rotten Wood Head

Bànmiàn xiūluō - 半面修罗, Half-Faced Shura

Xiūluō - 修罗, Shura

A kind of evil in ancient Indian mythology, living in the sea, often fighting the gods. Buddhism uses its name, it is listed as one of the Tian Long Ba Bu, also listed as one of the six reincarnation

Shura 修羅 or Ashura 阿修羅 is a Japanese way to call the Buddhism demigod of war Asura. In Japanese, it is also used to describe a person who fell into a situation in which they have to fight an endless war against something, in a relentless and inhumane manner.

Noodles and Faces - Mu Ling was trying to compliment two faces of Qin Wangtian's yin and yang, by referring to mixed noodles. Leading to Qin Wangtian grind his teeth. Perfect face, perfect appearance face, "face" can also mean noodles. Mixed Faces = Mixed Noodles, it can be a beautiful and delicate face but can be thin.

Yánwáng dí Mù Líng - 阎王敌木凌, The Devil's Rival, Mu Ling

Ēn gōng - 恩公, Benefactor, Savior

Guài shūshu - Strange Uncle, or Weird Uncle. Either way, he's still a loony.

Jianghu or jiang hu - 江湖 (lit. "rivers and lakes"), is the community of martial artists in wuxia stories.

Qin Shi Huang - 秦始皇. First Emperor of China. (Historically a tyrant by his method of conquering all the warring States to unite China under his rule.)


Translator's Note: Thanks to my lovely and hardworking volunteer editors, I was able to publish on a more regular basis. Hopefully, I can keep up this pace so there would be a chapter each week.


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