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Hao Mu Wang Tian: Chapter 2

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

"Sir, you seem to be familiar to me."

As everyone walked down the mountain, Qin Wangtian suddenly turned around and said to Mu Ling, who was walking slowly behind him, "Have we met before?"

Mu Ling was startled, but pretended to be indifferent. In a genuine tone, he said, “A lot of people tell me that...Hehe, my mother often said I have a face of the masses since I was a child, and in one out of ten, the chosen one would look like me."

Ling Dang, who always held on to the corner of Mu Ling’s sleeve lest he may escape, asked curiously, "Face of the masses?"

Mu Ling waved to her, walked a few steps more slowly, then negotiated with Ling Dang in a low voice, "I said Ling Dang, let us discuss something."

"What?" Ling Dang turned her head to look at Mu Ling.

"Look, I'm just a useless sickly scholar. Where I go, I would add chaos. Aren't these heroes helping you? Just let me go."

"No!" Ling Dang refused.

"Why?" Mu Ling became dispirited.

Ling Dang whispered, "That big brother, he looks so scary."

Qin Wangtian heard from the front, turned his head and grinned. He then asked Ling Dang, "Do you think my face is scary?"

Xiao Ling Dang looked at Mu Ling and stuck her tongue out. Mu Ling quickly said, "Actually, it’s not bad, very distinctive."

Qin Wangtian smiled faintly, slowed down and walked to Mu Ling's side, and said, "By the way, if it wasn’t for someone, I wouldn't be in the shape I am in now.”

Mu Ling felt his heart starting to hammer and realized he had to change the topic quickly. “Well, today’s weather is nice and sunny.” Mu Ling chuckled.

Qin Wangtian raised his head and looked at the rising moon, then nodded, "It really is nice. Oh right, how may you be called?"

"Uh, my surname is... Lin." Mu Ling thought to himself, Anyway, there is only one more wood. There is no loss.

"Oh...It turned out to be Brother Lin..." Qin Wangtian asked again, "What's your name?"

Mu Ling silently scolded the little demon and his household as there was no need to ask so specifically. After thinking more, he said, "Oh, call me Baisui."

"Lin Baisui?" Qin Wangtian smiled. "Good name, by the way, the surname of the person who harmed me is Mu."

"Did someone make you like this?" Xiao Ling Dang felt that Qin Wangtian was pitiful. She raised her head and asked, "Why is that person so bad?"

"Oh...I remember that I was only seven or eight years old then," Qin Wangtian explained, "But he was already seventeen or eighteen. I was stealing wood from him but got struck by lightning."

"Hehe...isn't it because you were stealing wood." Mu Ling grinned, "How can you say that people hurt you?"

"I was too young at the time." Qin Wangtian looked helpless and clarified, "He even teased me and led me to steal wood every day. As a result, I was struck by lightning in the end. You know, if he didn’t taunt me, I would fail once, and I would never steal a second time."

Mu Ling was a little speechless since he may have played a part in the responsibility.

"However, that was not the most irritating thing." Qin Wangtian spoke with contempt, "The man still claimed to be the number one genius doctor in the world, but he couldn't even cure a burn, which caused my yin and yang face. Being despised by everyone...I say, he is nothing but a quack."

In this world, everyone has an explosive point, and they will burst if they are stepped on. It's like Situ's taboo is anyone touching his Xiao Huang, Xiao Huang's most taboo against people saying bad things about Situ, and Mu Ling's most intolerable thing is when people call him a quack.

"Dare to say this Lao Tzu is a quack?" Mu Ling jumped up and reached out to grab Qin Wangtian's collar and pointed to his nose viciously. "If I hadn't saved you back then, you would have met your makers!"

Qin Wangtian squinted his eyes and looked at Mu Ling for a long time, "Lan Mutou, it's really you!"

...Mu Ling wanted to quibble again, however, it was too late. Silently cursing, he turned to run, but Qin Wangtian had already jumped ahead and landed before his eyes, stopping him in his tracks.

"Don't run."

"You, what do you want?" Mu Ling looked at Qin Wangtian, who was already taller than himself. "It's been so long. Aren’t we even now?”

“Even?” Qin Wangtian glared at him, "How can we be even? You will heal my face, otherwise I will fight you today!"

Mu Ling squatted to the side and drew a circle, muttering gloomily, "If I had known, I would not have gotten annoying." As he spoke, there was a scream of a woman and of dogs barking from the mountain.

"It's my sister's voice!" Ling Dang called out "Sister" and ran over.

Qin Wangtian's four men turned their heads. "Da Ge, do you want to save them first?"

Qin Wangtian carried the sabre in his hand and warned Mu Ling, “You’re coming too!"

Mu Ling just wanted to say no, then suddenly heard a shout from Ling Dang. With the situation ahead, the two of them had no choice but to put aside their battle and step forward to rescue the sisters.

Not far away, they saw two sisters hugging each other in a small clearing in front of them surrounded by a few roaring dogs and a dozen sturdy men around them who looked fierce. One of them yelled, "You run, and I'll feed you to the dogs if you try again."

Mu Ling hugged Xiao Hei beside him and tweeted twice, "So fierce, so ugly."

"What?" The one in the lead noticed the arrival of Mu Ling and shouted, "Who?"

When only six people and a horse were visible, the bandit sneered, "It’s not your business. Leave the horse behind. Today I’m in a good mood, I’ll let you go with the horse."

Mu Ling wrinkled his nose, poked Qin Wangtian with a finger, and said, "He has a problem with his brain. He said he wanted to keep the horse, and he said he would let us go with a 'Horse'. Do you want a horse or not?"

Qin Wangtian glanced at Mu Ling in disdain. Why is this man still so wicked, his mouth is so fucking cheap, and he still takes advantage of others.

Ling Dang was so scared that she was crying, but she couldn't help laughing after hearing Mu Ling's words, which was terrible.

Mu Ling squinted, staring at the snarling vicious dogs for a while, he pulled some grass from the side of the road, rubbed his hands, walked a few steps and squatted down, "tsk tsk" to arouse the dogs. The dogs were fierce at first and barked at Mu Ling, but Mu Ling "tsked" a few more times, and the four dogs ran over without knowing why and sniffed at Mu Ling's hand. Mu Ling stretched out his other hand to stroke their fur. After a while, those vicious dogs groaned and squeaked with enjoyment, and they kept rubbing Mu Ling's hand to act coquettishly.

" you are the boss?" Mu Ling suddenly chatted with the dogs. “I see, so the boss is also the youngest? Have you had dinner?"

The bandits wanted to call the dogs back. Usually, they were quite obedient, but for some reason today, they didn’t bark at all, and acted as if they only acknowledged Mu Ling.

Ling Dang was very clever, taking advantage of Mu Ling’s stalling of several bandits who were in a daze, dragged her sister and rushed to Mu Ling's side.

"Slaughter them!" The angry mountain bandit leader ordered and rushed over with his men.

Qin Wangtian lifted the black saber in his hand and flew forward, only a dark shadow was visible, with the large saber in his hand. Incomparable, he swept through with only one move...Qin Wangtian sheathed the sword. Looking at the bandits now, they were injured and fell to the ground.