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My Letter to you, for those who stayed...

Hello Readers,

First, I want to apologize for the lack of communication. 2020 had been a disaster, and so my time and devotion to the site. Plus, the transition from the old to new blog was not as ideal as I thought it was going to be. It took me awhile to figure out a few kinks after the changes.

Secondly, many readers have contacted me about my unfinished fanfictions -- from my first fanfic couple Yan Zhi and Zi Lan of Peach Blossoms, to Guardian the gateway BL of cdrama, and recently The Untamed my other love, as well as the translation project Mantou and oneshots. I would love love love love to write and finish these stories; even launch my original untitled work, which I am also working on. Now you realized how much of a manic writer I am, because I can't stay with one project, I need multiples!

The reason is that I am an emotional writer. I can't write on cue, I can't write due to suggestions, and most importantly, I can't write if I'm distracted. When you think about it, I am a terrible writer if someone was paying me to write. They probably won't get much out of someone who could only write through emotions. Also, I want to stay true to myself, stubbornly so.

Thirdly, I have lost a few beta readers and editors along the way, due to their attention was elsewhere, they misunderstand their role, and/or because they are busy with their real life.

An active team is essential to keep me on track. Having even one person invested is an important motivation to keep writing for these characters. I need someone to challenge my views, question my motives, and demand me to do better. Most definitely I would fight back, but it's what I need to improve and think outside my box, which is more of a Rubik cube when you think of the multitude of characters that exist in my head.

Lastly, even though I rarely ask for assistance, but I believe it is due time, since many readers want to have a conclusion to their favorite fanfics on this site. If you think you can give your time, long term, for particular fanfic on this site, since I do not believe I could finish any of these stories within a year. Multiple beta readers and editors are highly valuable(if others are busy) and would also expedite the story's publication. Please send me an email

Of course, I wouldn't want anyone to jump on this bandwagon blindly, given the work this entail. We will have a personal chat to see if you and I are the right fit to work together before collaborating. I am very particular of giving credit where it's due, that's why beta reader, translator, and editor are clarified as they are.

That being said, this post lifted so much weights off my shoulders. Now that everyone knows, I could not do this all on my own. However, I still can, just a bit longer than others, but eventually, I'll get there.

Thank all the readers who stayed, and those who happen to find my little paradise. Good health to everyone out there!



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