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Hao Mu Wang Tian: Chapter 5

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Mu Ling gallantly followed Yue Zaiting to Yuejia Zhai in order to eat and drink, and Qin Wangtian, who was behind him, had to admire his thick skin.

Yujia Zhai is located in the ravine of Luoxia Mountain. This location was indeed peculiar. Generally, a Fortress is built on the top of a mountain. Still, this Yuejia Zhai is situated between two mountains, like a rainbow directly connecting the sides of two hills, giving a mesmerizing sense of grandeur and beauty without losing line of sight.

"Oh..." As Mu Ling stood on the edge of the cliff and looked at the Villa, he couldn't help but exclaim, "It's really a magical place! How amazing."

Yue Zaiting had watched Mu Ling along the way. This person was indeed an enigma. He was always lively, but after a while, he would be silent again for no reason. Sometimes he would speak the commoner's language, and sometimes his speech was intellectual. Really, who knew which side was his true face. Was he a wealthy man with no martial art skills or a hidden great figure? Yue Zaiting's interest was aroused, so he planned to figure out Mu Ling's true identity through these few days.

"Mr. Lin, you will stay in the other yard for these few days." Yue led Mu Ling into the courtyard and explained, "Whatever you want, just tell the servants."

"Okay." Mu Ling nodded and said to Yue Zaiting with a smile, "Rest assured, I won't be polite or modest."

Qin Wangtian followed from behind and was a bit helpless. Although Mu Ling covered himself well, it was still too shameful.

Because it was getting late, Mu Ling and Qin Wangtian were going to rest first. Tomorrow morning, Yue Zaiting would take them to visit the entire Yuejia Zhai. After hearing Yue Zaiting's arrangement, Mu Ling was a little puzzled and asked, "Brother Yue, are you busy? If you are busy, don't worry about us. We can do our own sightseeing, or arrange for someone to show us the way. "

Qin Wangtian sighed inwardly. This Mu Ling was cunning; he could guess what he wanted to say.

"How can that be?" Yue Zaiting waved his hand in a polite and inexplicable hand gesture, which made Mu Ling shudder.

"Isn't Mr. Lin a distinguished guest?" Yue Zaiting said, "Allowing others to receive you would be discourteous of Yuejia Zhai."

Mu Ling was too lazy to play games with him. He was hungry. Fortunately, he had brought the roast chicken and wine from earlier. Tonight, he planned to go to the roof to eat while enjoying the moonlight. After that thought, he waved his hand to Yue Zaiting. Of course, this wave of his was perfunctory and unsentimental. Mu Ling briefly replied, "See you tomorrow." He turned and left.

Mu Ling and Qin Wangtian entered the other courtyard, but Yue Zaiting was dumbfounded. What was going on? Normally, ordinary people would say a few more polite words. The reply still choking in his throat made Yue Zaiting a little at a loss, and finally, he could only shake his head and turn back.

Perhaps Mu Ling was a foodie. Before the lantern lights were raised, Yue Zaiting had sent for a large banquet table. Qin Wangtian sat down for dinner, but unexpectedly, Mu Ling, the glutton, did not come to eat.

Qin Wangtian walked to the courtyard and searched around, but still, no one was seen. Wondering, he heard a sound from the roof. Leaping over the roof with a light effort, he found Mu Ling lying, gazing at the starry night sky in a daze, with his arms resting behind his head, his left leg arched, and his right leg resting on his left leg with a shaking rhythm. He appeared at leisure and at ease.

The night breeze blew gently, Mu Ling's clothes and hair drifted softly with the wind. There was no cloud in the sky, and the stars flickered. Mu Ling's dark eyes were also dotted with stars.

Seeing Mu Ling's rare calmness, Qin Wangtian walked to him and sat down. He raised his face and looked at the stars for a while. "Dinner."

Mu Ling seemed not to hear him, but still stared at the stars in a daze.

"Hey." Qin Wangtian pushed him, "Aren't you hungry?"

Mu Ling still ignored him. Qin Wangtian was a little annoyed, and not bothering to care about him, turned around and prepared to go down to head back to the room to have a meal. Later, he would check out Yuejia Zhai.

Before he jumped off the roof, he heard Mu Ling suddenly say slowly, "It is not suitable for scouting tonight."

"You..." Qin Wangtian originally wanted to ask, 'How do you know', but swallowed those words and instead asked, "Why?"

Mu Ling said with a smile, "There are some things that children do not understand."

Qin Wangtian raised his eyebrows and walked to Mu Ling's side, "What did you say?"

Mu Ling shook his legs again indifferently, "The so-called three-point qi could be used in a thousand ways, one day changed, and everything stopped. Do you understand this principle?"

"Ah?" Qin Wangtian didn't know if Mu Ling was talking about another topic, or if they were still on the same subject.

"It means that if you want to do great things, you must be patient." Mu Ling changed his right foot, put his left foot over the other, and continued shaking. "We have just arrived, and Yue Zaiting must be watching very closely, so it is not appropriate to act rashly. Is it not clear enough?"

Qin Wangtian couldn't respond. Indeed, he was too hasty.

Mu Ling glanced at him, and seeing Qin Wangtian lowered his head in thought, he knew that he had listened, and said proudly, "Knowing when to perceive time, this is the essential difference between an adult and a child!"

Qin Wangtian glared at him coldly, snatched the wine and roasted chicken, turned around, and jumped off.

"Ah?!" Mu Ling sat up, "Damn brat, give it back to me!"

Qin Wangtian went to the yard, removed the seal of the wine jar, raised it, and took mouthfuls, "Ummm...Good wine..."

"Ah!" Mu Ling() came down and grabbed it. Finding that there was only a bit of wine left, he was distressed, "Fifty years of Huadiao, you little devil!" Mu Ling yelled viciously.

"Ah-ha!" Qin Wangtian stared at Mu Ling, "You changed the wine jar intentionally, so that no one would snatch it from you."

"Uh…" Mu Ling was speechless, since he was found out.

"This roast chicken is definitely not ordinary!" Qin Wangtian was about to take a bite of the chicken but was grabbed by Mu Ling. "Don't eat that!"

Qin Wangtian contested, "I want to eat!" "

"This marinated chicken is called Huaji. It must be eaten with Huadiao!" Mu Ling stretched out his hand to grab the chicken by the leg.

But Qin Wangtian had already grabbed the other chicken leg, put it in his mouth, tore off a piece, and chewed it, "Wow... it's delicious." "

Mu Ling, seeing that only half of the original good wine was left, and most of the roast chicken was gone, stomped his feet and cursed, "Qin Wangtian, you little Devil!"

Seeing how upset Mu Ling was, Qin Wangtian clicked his tongue and ran back to the room. "You can leisurely watch the moon slowly. I'll enjoy the large table of food."

"I'll go too!" Mu Ling also rushed in. The two of them fought while eating. In fact, with a large table of dishes, let alone two people dining, two pigs were enough, but they just wanted the dishes under each other's chopsticks. Mu Ling, an adult, Qin Wangtian half an adult, for a piece of meat, two pieces of vegetables, they fought from heaven to earth.

Nothing happened that night. Early the next morning, Qin Wangtian went to the courtyard to practice his morning exercises, while Mu Ling still hugged the quilt in the room in a deep sleep.

Qin Wangtian practiced for a while before he saw Yue Zaiting slowly walk into the courtyard. He paid his respect and bowed to Yue Zaiting, with a low voice. "Master Yue Zhai."

Yue Zaiting nodded. Looking at Qin Wangtian from head to toe, he asked, "How may I address you, brother?"

Qin Wangtian answered, "Qin Wangtian."

"Qin Wangtian...good name." Yue Zaiting rechecked his appearance, before asking. "You and Brother Lin are..."

Qin Wangtian had already remembered the words Mu Ling said last night by heart, "If you want to do great things, one must be patient." Therefore, his face remained calm and ashen. In a low voice, Qin Wangtian replied, "Master was my savior, and I am responsible for protecting Mr. Lin's safety."

"Oh." Yue Zaiting nodded. "You have a great skill. Which sect?"

"I do not belong to any sect. I just act as a bodyguard for others. At first, I was beaten, but later I fought back," Qin Wangtian replied.

Yue Zaiting nodded and asked, "Mr. Lin hasn't woken up yet?"

Qin Wangtian smiled, "It'll be a while, my young master won't be up until the sun has fully risen."

Yue Zaiting was surprised, thinking, 'Then...does it mean he does not know martial arts?'

The two were still conversing when they heard a "thump" from the room. It seemed that something had fallen on the ground, and it was not small either.

Yue Zaiting was taken aback. He asked Qin Wangtian, "What's the matter?"

Qin Wangtian shrugged and said indifferently, "Probably fell to the ground."

"Fell…?" Yue Zaiting felt it was unbelievable, pretending to be worried. "Let's go in and take a look, just in case." Before Qin Wangtian could stop him, Yue Zaiting had already opened the door to their quarters. Mu Ling was wearing a slim white gown, fast asleep on the ground with his arms around a wine jar. His waist was exposed, trousers were loose, with two calves exposed. His hair loose as he snored.

Yue Zaiting was stunned...How could this be the unfathomable figure. But of course, the possibility that he was acting deliberately could not be ruled out, but it was unimaginable to this extent.

Qin Wangtian shook his head. He walked forward and carried Mu Ling. Mu Ling was still struggling while being held. He muttered, "Dead kid, stealing my roast chicken..."

Shaking his head, Qin Wangtian placed Mu Ling back on the bed, tidied up his clothes, and covered him with a quilt. He turned around and saw Yue Zaiting looking on in bewilderment. He reluctantly said, "Master Yue Zhai should wait until noon."

Yue Zaiting nodded and turned around in embarrassment. He left the courtyard with further contemplation. Mu Ling was lifted back to the bed by Qin Wangtian just now...A man, so light, how could he be held so easily?

After Yue Zaiting left, Qin Wangtian gently pushed Mu Ling and said in a low voice, "He is gone." He initially thought that Mu Ling was pretending to be asleep, but he didn't expect Mu Ling to turn over and put his arms around the pillow. Snoring...Qin Wangtian chose to remain calm, turned around to leave, but he still felt irritable. He picked up the pillow and patted Mu Ling on the face. Watching Mu Ling wake up with a "um" sound, Qin Wangtian clapped his hands and returned to the yard contentedly to continue practicing.

Yue Zaiting was absent-minded all morning. At noon, he decided to return to Mu Ling's yard. As soon as he walked into the garden, he saw a person sitting on a Jiuqu Bridge above the stream. It was Mu Ling. Today, he had changed into a long snow-white garment, already a somewhat frail appearance. Hence the white clothes only made him look paler. He sat with his legs crossed by the bank, with one hand on his chin, as if in a daze.

What is Mu Ling thinking? Mu Ling was depressed. He was robbed of wine and roasted chicken last night, and he was defeated in the next round of food robbing competition. In the morning, he was awakened by the brat, Qin Wangtian. Now he is suffering from a severe lack of sleep and mental imbalance...Thinking about it, he raised his face and yawned, propped his chin, and continued to his discontentment.

"Mister Lin, you're up." Yue Zaiting walked up to the garden and greeted Mu Ling politely.

Because Mu Ling hadn't slept enough, he was lazy. He glanced back at Yue Zaiting, nodded, and gave a soft "um."

Yue Zaiting frowned, and thought...Is this the Lin Baisui of yesterday? The same Lin Baisui who cheated and drank like a ruffian, a mouth full of dirty words?

"Mister Lin's complexion is not well." Yue Zaiting took a few steps closer, and continued to probe, "Did you not sleep well last night?"

As soon as he spoke about his tragic failure last night, Mu Ling was even more sullen to lift his energy and frowned. Raising his eyebrows, he nodded as if he was annoyed by Yue Zaiting's presence in the garden, and said nothing.

Yue Zaiting was perplexed by Mu Ling's hot and cold attitude. Still puzzled, suddenly, he heard an unfavorable wind from a distance. Yue Zaiting quickly stepped aside and saw that one fell on the Jiuqu Bridge. A young man in a blue shirt with a sword in his hand. In fact, Mu Ling had long discovered that the young man was lurking in the dark. His skill was good, but he was not at the level as Yue Zaiting.

"What...Fourth Brother?" Yue Zaiting frowned at first, but when he saw the person's appearance, he was a little surprised and honest, "Zaiyun, when did you return?"

Mu Ling heard the name, and understood that this was the fourth Yue from Yuejia Zhai. Paying closer attention, he felt this person was the same age as Qin Wangtian, less than 20 years old. Compared with Yue Zaiting's graceful poise, Yue Zaiyun was more handsome and more assertive with fortitude. It can be said that he looked better than Yue Zaiting, but he was younger, so his temperament felt more vigorous, and not yet mature.

"Yue Zaiting, pay with your life!" No further words, Yue Zaiyun drew his sword and attacked Yue Zaiting.

Yue Zaiting evaded the attack from left to right, and said, "Zaiyun, what's wrong with you? Is there any misunderstanding?"

"Stop pretending." Yue Zaiyun accused, "How could father just leave?"

"Father died from sickness, if do you not believe it, then ask the deputy head and the steward." Yue Zaiting avoided another attack, and sternly ordered, "Cease this ruckus!"

"Screw you," Yue Zaiyun said coldly, "Those are your people, who would they dare say otherwise?!"

Seeing that the two brothers were playing inextricably, Mu Ling stood up and held his arms to watch the excitement, while pondering, that Yue Zaiting's skill was far above Yue Zaiyun's, but he couldn't exert all his strength...Unpredictable indeed.

Seeing that the two were still battling, Mu Ling thought about finding a place to avoid them, and suddenly saw Yue Zaiting shoot out his palm. The internal force swept over Mu Ling.

Mu Ling's heart shook, thinking, 'Okay, you little wolf boy, you still have time to test my abilities while battling?' Mu Ling debated if he should fall or not fall, but before he could make a decision, he had already fallen into the lotus pond.

Yue Zaiting and Yue Zaiyun were both stunned. By coincidence, Qin Wangtian arrived on the scene. Watching Mu Ling, and saw him stupidly stumble into the pond.

"Mister Lin? "Yue Zaiting yelled on the bank, but Mu Ling was an oddity. Ordinary people falling into the water….at least...try to struggle a bit more. He just sank directly. What to do now? Would he die?

At the same time, Mu Ling was also debating—should I fly up with light effort or swim up?

When Yue Zaiyun saw that someone had fallen into the river, he lowered his sword, took off his outer garment, and jumped into the river. After a while, he saw the surface of the water. When the water splashed over, Yue Zaiyun held the wet Mu Ling and flew to the bank.

Mu Ling was soaked, and the white material was initially thin, but now it was slightly transparent. Yue Zaiyun subconsciously wanted to see the person in his arms, placed him on the ground, but was stunned for a moment when he lowered his head...Seeing Mu Ling's soaked white shirt wrapped around his body, the snow-white skin could be seen through the white shirt. A faint red on his chest…

Mu Ling coughed twice, thinking about how a drowning person should react, but listening to Yue Zaiyun asking in a hoarse voice, "Hey, are you all right?"

Mu Ling blinked and suddenly hugged Yue Zaiyun. Tightening his hold he quivered, "It's so cold."

Yue Zaiyun was utterly taken aback, his face flushed.



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