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Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Chapter 7 "Father of the Child"

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

In the sun-drenched courtyard of the unusual deserted Mansion, the leaves and branches from the tree often used by Seventeen are now curled and dried. The courtyard was quiet. Except for the two guards at the gate. This morning, Xing BeiMing went to visit his unscrupulous friend, Ke Weiqing, at his residence and had not returned.

A female figure peeked her head behind the opposite side of the wall. She looked around for a while, turned, and jumped down, but she was extremely light, obviously well versed in Qing Gong.

The woman entered the courtyard, first hiding behind the tree, and held her breath, then went straight to Xing BeiMing's bedchamber. She seemed to be familiar with the layout of the place. The quarters where Xing BeiMing resides was very simple because the Master did not care for complexity. A very spacious bedroom opposite the study, with a circular arch outside the garden. Only the unique flowers and grasses complemented each other, adding to the distinction of the courtyard.

The window was already opened, and the woman climbed in. It seemed like she was looking for something, leaving no corner unchecked, but she couldn’t find what she sought. However, the woman discovered the quilts and pillows were on the bed, causing her delicate eyebrows to frown. Then, with no trace of her presence, she disappeared beyond the walls.

The courtyard was calm once more...

Ke Weiqing's Mansion, compared to the World’s Supreme Fortress of Xing Bao Zhu, may not surpass its scale, but when it comes to design, Ke Weiqing dares to say that his was unsurpassable. Regardless of other places, including Yueming City, no one could beat Ke Gongzi’s taste!

Magnificent would be an understatement, most would agree. A large bed held by eight pillars, enough for a dozen people to occupy, took up half of the right side of the bedroom. The silk veil flutters, even the footrests beside the bed were also made of jade. Below was a soft fluffy rug, tempting others to roll over. Well, apart from this luxurious bedroom, the other rooms were still refined; like dripping green bamboo fountains, bamboo wind chimes…

The young master is also an elegant man, Ke Gongzi said so as he fanned himself. This is the bedroom that made him proud. Except, Xing BeiMing never stepped foot in it even once, only took a glance, and disregarded the rest. Xing Bao Zhu sat in the main hall and talked to him, completely ignoring Master Ke's resentful eyes.

"So Yan Yunsheng reached out to us. It seems that he really intends to investigate this matter, but I don't know how many people will be involved…," Ke Weiqing took a sip of his tea as he spoke with a serious tone, but his eyes took notice of the guard behind Xing BeiMing. "When did you change the bodyguard? That’s not right, you never had a guard before."

"It has nothing to do with you," Xing BeiMing gently evaded the question that Master Ke asked. "I also remember you don’t like to be involved with the Jiangsu World. Why are you making an exception?"

“Well, since you established your Fortress, no Martial Artists dared to compete with you. This Běn shǎo zhè is getting more and more bored these days. Since everyone knows Ben Shao Zhe is your friend. There is no one stopping you by causing trouble. Life is a bore! This isn’t because of the young beautiful Miss of the Yan Family that this Shao Zhe checked out the situation. It really isn’t!” Master Ke, hiding his head but still exposed his tail, revealed it was really because of Yan Yunxia.

"It seems that we have the same purpose. Master Ke, when will we depart?"

"Two days later, hey, what did you say? Xing Bao Zhu, the same can’t be so cruel! It’s not easy for my pure heart to bloom. You can't let it wither so quickly!” Ke Weiqing howled like a wolf.

"Master Ke's sincerity is like flower vines of Changchun, dense with flowers, it blooms and blooms. Doesn't matter if it wilts!" Xing BeiMing, knowing he was feigning ignorance, stood and invited him to come along. "In two days, we’ll meet."

Shadow Seventeen followed, taking quick steps, wanting to get away from Master Ke's howling cry.

When Ke Weiqing saw they were a distance away, he closed his fan, and adjusted his facial expression. After rubbing his chin for a while, he laughed, "This not ordinary... My merry days are back!"


When Xing Bao Zhu returned to the Fortress, it was already noon. Cheng Bo called for lunch meals to be prepared. Xing BeiMing listened to the report of Shadow Eleven while eating.

"Oh, someone slipped into this Master’s courtyard? Did you see who it was?" No ordinary thief would enter his courtyard, because there was nothing in his room that was hidden or worth stealing, thus Xing BeiMing was not worried.

"Master, it's Concubine Bai."

"Hmm?" Xing BeiMing was surprised. "She actually knows martial arts? This Xing Bao Zhu’s eyes must have not seen the mountain. I don't know if there is anything in this mansion that she wants. "

Shadow Eleven thought for a while, and then replied, "Master, from this subordinate’s observation, the Qinggong used by Bai Feifei is Ruofeng Fufeng of the Fufeng Sect, an all-female school, which is harder to differentiate from ordinary people if she refrained from using her internal force."

In truth, Xing BeiMing doesn’t even remember this woman. He quickly gave up after only a moment of thinking, then instructed Eleven to deal with the matter. "Go figure out what she is looking for...forget it, this Master will ask her myself.”

After receiving his usual orders, Shadow Eleven retreated.

On the roof, Ying ShiEr gestured to him. "Well then, haven’t I said the master would not be angry? He did not take those women to heart at all."

Ying ShiYi sighed and gestured back. "I only know, the master's harem is about to decrease by another one…”

The next day, the Fortress was made aware of the Master’s plan to travel to QiZhou. Currently, he was at Master Ke's Residence to discuss the matter. There were two extra guards outside the Master's room, so the servants quickly spread the rumor that Master’s new concubine was bullied, so he had two more people to stand guard to protect her.

The new "Concubine" sat neatly on the bed, his eyes scanned around the large bed after the curtains fell. Retracting his hand and gritting his teeth, because the Master's order was heaven...

After a while, Xing BeiMing's voice came from behind the curtain, "Seventeen, what do you think this woman wants from this Xing Bao Zhu?"

Seventeen was dumbfounded and knelt down. "This subordinate doesn't dare to guess."

"Hmphh..." from the curtain. "No fun..."

So Seventeen sat down again, waiting for the unlucky woman whose whereabouts had been exposed to appear. If she knew that Xing BeiZhen always had shadow guards who followed him like ghosts, no one would think themselves good enough to break into the Master’s Quarters during the day. There are only a few people at the Fortress who know the existence of the shadow guards, not to mention that entering the Fortress is like entering the cold palace.

The courtyard was very quiet, but soon after there was a small sound coming from the window. With a strong internal energy force, the sound was obviously audible. Although the reputation of the Fufeng School was not great, their Qing Gong is still admirable. The woman sneaked in from the window like yesterday, passed the screen, and met Seventeen sitting on the bed.

Bai Yuqin was shocked and almost made her escape, but she suddenly stopped. Her eyes like daggers, she stared straight at Seventeen. "You are the new concubine?"

Every word sounded like needles piercing his bones. Seventeen didn’t reply, as he didn't know what to say.

Bai Yuqin suddenly burst into laughter. She was beautiful, and her laughter was pretty, but her words were not so elegant. She pointed at Seventeen. "No wonder Master hid you so well so no one could see. It turned out to be a man! And a man who is not even worthy! You are nothing compared to other young men, why would Bao Zhu lay his eyes on you?"

Seventeen was surprised. It turned out that this woman came to find a rival...He was unfairly targeted...

Bai Yuqin's face changed color, her suspicions grew. "Why don't you speak? Look at what you’re..." Seventeen was wearing ordinary guard clothes, unlike a would-be well cared for a partner under protection. "You are the one that day? I saw you coming out of Bao Zhu’s room, and sure enough...Is your body abnormal, is Bao Zhu aware of it? No wonder that medicine..."

Seventeen caught the significance. "What medicine?"

For a while, Bai Yuqin looked at him scornfully, then abruptly thought of something that caused her to laugh wildly, with no fear of attracting the guards outside. She continued to laugh and kept pointing at him. "It's Heaven’s will, God won't let this Bai Yuqin conceive the child of the Lord, but still didn’t let other women either. Do you want to know what the medicine was? It’s the medicine that I got that could make people conceive a child after doing it once. Which was intended for Bao Zhu. are a man...Haha..."

“When did it happen?” Suddenly, a third person's voice came from the room. Bai Yuqin stopped smiling. Her body shook, with eyes staring at the large bed with an expression of fear and despair. Her body collapsed on the ground. "M-Master…Bao Zhu?"

The curtain lifted, and Xing BeiMing repeated in a deep voice, "When did it happen?"

Bai Yuqin trembled and stammered, "Two months ago, when Yuqin ... Yuqin followed Bao Zhu on the way back to the Fortress..."

Xing BeiMing's eyes darkened, glaring at Bai Yuqin on the ground shaking. "On the way? Where is it? Why don't I have an impression? "

Bai Yuqin having seen that matter was exposed, simply broke the jar, and revealed everything.

To say that Bai Yuqin's encounter with the Lord Xing Bei Ming was indeed romantic. The weak Liu Fufeng woman was bullied and rescued by Xing BeiMing, who was no ordinary man. Generally speaking, the moment was a bit nauseous, but it was also a familiar scene handed down through ancient times of fated meetings. The fragile woman offered her body to repay her savior, meanwhile, the so-called Xing Bao Zhu who thought nothing of the matter let her follow. Unaware that this Bai Yuqin was already in love with him, and of course the act of damsel in distress was a pre-orchestrated event...

"Yuqin was present at the Martial Art conference, and saw how Bao Zhu defeated the former leader of the martial arts alliance, Zhang Qiu Xian, but you turned down the Chief position and turned away in a dignified manner. Yuqin had lost my heart at that time. Knowing that there are many concubines residing at the Fortress Zhibao, I was afraid of not being able I wanted to have a child first, to monopolize...but unexpectedly, Yuqin's Martial Senior suddenly appeared that day...When Yuqin returned, I saw that the Master had already, already..."

"The medicine, what effect does it have? Why can’t this Master recall anything?”

“The medicine, the medicine was made by my Senior Elder for a man who did not return her love. It was mixed with amnesia drugs. It is colorless and odorless when added in water, but the fragrance of medicine remains in the air. Those who smell the faint scent would lose their senses. People who are exposed will feel like they are under the effect of….an aphrodisiac..."

"The person beside me, when you returned....who was it?" Xing BeiMing's face was even colder. Bai Yuqin almost thought he would strike her to death at any moment.

"No ... no one else, but Yuqin saw him...and Bao Zhu’s clothes were also in Yuqin wanted to know who that person was. It seems that Yuqin was fooled, that person is not him." Bai Yuqin looked to the person in question who hadn't talked on the bed since the beginning, which led her to realize, since this was a trap, naturally he was just a bait.

There was a moment of silence in the room. Xing BeiMing then waved his hand. "Take her away first."

Bai Yuqin was in tears as she was dragged from the room, her eyes were full of love. Her guess was correct, the Master did not know who that person was either. Who on earth was it? Something that she hoped for thousands of times, while that other person did not care. "Bao Zhu! Bao Zhu..."

As Xing BeiMing's mind finished digesting the information, his sharp eyes could not help but unconsciously stare at the man who was still sitting straight on the bed.


Qinggong - a martial arts technique for making the body extremely light in weight, by altering the distribution and flow of qi.

本少这 - Běn shǎo zhè - This Little Master

"Eyes but still did not see the Mountain." - Must have been blind

Bai Feifei - Concubine Bai

寝妃 - Bedding Concubine, Ne Fei

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