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2020 Because of You: Untold Stories - Episode 4 "The Car Ride"

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

As it happened, the Korean dramas Lin Xun’s late mother had come to love since his childhood was playing out in real life. There were no arguments, they were handsome with a perfect physique, and occasionally these Korean Oppas could also play the Charming Prince when a damsel was in need. So flawless, these types of idealistic leads had caused female viewers around the world to question the partners by their side. Even causing China to ban certain dramas with an ideology that would make current partners question their choices.

However, if they look closer, Korean men are also shown to be unreasonable, aggressive, and sometimes think they are above the law. But those are dramas, not real life. This can’t possibly be happening to him now.

Or so he thought until he realized the moment he met the Korean Oppa of those viewers’ dreams, Yuan Jun Cheng. Handsome, a tightly-clothed body in tailored suits, and rich beyond means. Since the day they met, their interaction had played out like a drama in the making.

Case in point, Lin Xun who was still struggling in the back seat of a car too expensive for most Taiwanese to possess, had just discovered the reason why no one heeded his distress. Apparently, being kidnapped by a celebrity look-alike meant no one would come to save him.

Undeterred, Lin Xun kept on shouting, “HELP! Someone, please help me! I’m being kidnapped. Call the Police!”

“Quiet!” Korean Oppa ordered calmly from the front.

Is this man serious?

Lin Xun somehow managed to upright himself and leaned towards the tyrannical Oppa. “No! Let me go right now, you kidnapper!”

“I should’ve used drugs,” Yuan Jun Cheng muttered under his breath.

“What did you say?” Fuming at the suggestion, Lin Xun raised his voice even louder than before, “You ungrateful jerk!”

Suddenly, the man in front hit his breaks much harder than a normal sane person would, causing Lin Xun to fall forward, but was instantly caught by the right arm of Yuan Jun Cheng’s.

Without an ounce of shame, Yuan Jun Cheng chastised, “You should sit back. It’s dangerous to aggregate while others are driving. Didn’t your mother teach you that?”

Unbelievable! This man could play the villain and hero at the same time in the blink of an eye.

Steaming with rage, not to mention hangry to boot, somehow Lin Xun was still able to maintain his reasoning. “Have you forgotten who saved you? Is this how you repay me? What is wrong with you?”

“Many things, it comes with the Yuan family genes. As prolific as our father was, I’m sure there are certain genes that pass down to his sons. Neither of us could choose our family,” Yuan Jun Cheng admitted with a smile, but his tone didn’t sound like he was amused by his own words. “Be a good boy, and stay still.”

“Stop talking to me like I am a child! Even if I am, this is still illegal,” Lin Xun reminded. “Whether or not I am your half brother, which I surely am not, you have no right to treat me this way.”

If this family has genetic defects where they like to kidnap people on a whim, there is no way he’s related to them. Like his mother, Lin Xun never had a strong desire to possess anything. Also, she taught him better than this. From the beginning, he knew this Korean Oppa must have experienced an unusual childhood given his untrusting personality. Another Korean trope added to his current situation, raising Lin Xun’s suspicion that this may be a live Program with cameras on him for the world to see.

His eyes began to search when Yuan Jun Cheng sighed, “Legal or not, you are still my responsibility.”

Bewildered by the statement, Lin Xun abandoned his quest for the hidden cameras, and snapped, “Excuse me? I am a grown man. When have I become your responsibility?” Besides his mother, he never had anyone consider him as their responsibility. This Korean Oppa had certainly reached the boundary that no one else cared to cross.

“Since you dropped into my life unannounced,” Korean Oppa answered matter of factly.

Lin Xun paused, blinked, then quickly corrected, “You mean you crashed into me.”

Yuan Jun Cheng shrugged, “They’re all the same.”

“No, no they’re not! I was stationary! A person standing still can’t crash into anyone,” Lin Xun refuted, not sure why he was falling for his taunt.

Lin Xun swore he could see Yuan Jun Cheng's smirk from behind. Exhausted, his will to fight was starting to diminish. With his hands secured in the back, Lin Xun was starting to feel the strain from keeping himself upright as he spoke with his captor.

“Where are you taking me?” Lin Xun asked, focusing his attention on the unfamiliar route. Once he escaped, he could find his way home.

“I told you, my place,” the man vaguely answered.

“Where would that be?” Lin Xun internally prayed that it wasn't a dungeon where this Korean Oppa kept all his victims. His relaxed attitude didn’t help, because aren’t all serial killers charming?

“A place with decent food instead of your dried up mantou,” Yuan Jun Cheng answered dryly.

Lin Zun was reminded that his meal had become nothing but the dirt under someone’s arrogant feet a while ago, his anger returned. “You mean the mantou you stepped on? That was my dinner.”

“Dinner, lunch, whatever it was, you shouldn’t be eating dried-up bread. No wonder you’re as skinny as you are. I’ll treat you to better food. Whatever you like to eat, I will have it prepared,” Yuan Jun Cheng offered, straight out of a Korean Drama, because the rich Oppa likes to feed others to win their hearts.

It would be easy to take the offer, it was. Because he was hungry, and it was uncommon for anyone to care for his meals. Is this why the poor are easily seduced? Not from food to satisfy their physical need, but because someone was paying attention to them. Nonetheless, despite his hunger of another kind, he could only decline.

“No thank you. Who knows if you’re planning to drug me?” Lin Xun couldn’t help himself from adding the barb to push him further away. Partly out of habit, and partly fear.

“There’s never a need for me to drug my own brother,” he replied. “Besides, they’re more obedient than you. You should start learning to behave around me, so you could become my favorite brother.”

This guy...the audacity of rich folks with little regard to other people who they think are beneath them.

Lin Xun reminded him again, “Why would I want to be your favorite when I am not your brother?”

“What’s wrong with being my brother?” Yuan Jun Cheng asked, sounding slightly perturbed.

Lin Xun was upset too because he knew he didn’t want to be this man’s brother. Not today, not in this lifetime. Yet, he doesn’t know why...


Author's Note: For those who had been keeping up with my other stories,  it's not that my chapters are not done. They are, and some are already edited by my wonderful editor, Morgan. However, life had been hectic.

So I don't have the time to review my works before posting, thus why they are delayed. Hopefully, real-life will take it easy on me, so I can have more time to let my imagination goes wild, and most importantly, fix my website links! XD  

Thank you for your patience, and I hope everyone is safe during this uncertain time.    

~ MiniOrchid

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