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2020 Because of You Fanfic: Untold Stories - Episode 3 "Watching You"

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

7 am Yuan Jun Cheng had returned to his car when a sudden thought crossed his mind. Something was certainly off with the timing. Lin Xun’s first class of the morning didn’t start until 9 am. Why was he departing this early? Curiosity took Korean Oppa to the University Dorms, and as luck would have it, he spotted his soon to be brother carrying a large box and several bags in his hands. They appeared to be breakfast. From a distance, Yuan Jun Cheng noticed a pattern. Lin Xun would enter a building and come out with fewer items. Delivering breakfast? This kid was resourceful but still starving? He barely ate but had the time to deliver breakfast for others. Surrounded by meals of which he could not eat. Yuan Jun Cheng had to admit, this was unlike the Yuan’s traits. No brother of his, including himself, could withstand hunger. Their personalities worsened as time passed. The only reason why his youngest, Yuan Jun Ping, was upset over the kidnapping incident was that he was starving for a little more than a day. Nothing to do with his Oppa hanging up on the kidnapper. But this boy went through his day with only a tea egg to hold his hunger. Knowing his personality, this Oppa doubted the boy would steal a piece of meat or two from his delivery. An honest to a fault, how could a person such as him exist in the world of the Yuan’s family? Yuan Jun Cheng wonders if that is the exception or the norm.

10 am Class time -- the position where a student sits determining their role in life. Like when someone decides to sit at a corporate meeting. By one glance, he could easily tell who thrives for power, who works hard, or even those who do not care at all. The front wants to be recognized as leaders, while the ones who sit in the back prefer to be an observer with an emphasis on security. Students who sit in the mid-area are those who are approachable, with many friends. Lin Xun sat on the side. Easily forgotten, unnoticed, not surprising he doesn’t have many friends. A familiarity, Yuan Jun Cheng knew all too well.

12 pm Lunch couldn’t have arrived sooner. Yuan Jun Cheng was hungry more than an hour ago, but he couldn't take his eyes off his soon to be brother throughout his lectures. The tea egg Lin Xun had this morning certainly wasn't enough. However, the one who should be fed was not. Lin Xun, with his hairnet, gloves, and the smile that could melt others served the student that bought lunch between noon to 1:30 pm. Not once did he steal a bite, nor snuck away a mantou, because how could someone who would give away all his money to save a random stranger do such a thing. But why? How can a person not want more than they have? There was no way this kid could be his brother, even if he took after his mother. His egoistic father must have made a mistake.

2 pm This University Library was larger than most, given the generous donation from the Yuan’s family. It had four levels with a large stairway at the center and a high circular glass ceiling above. The structure provided Yuan Jun Cheng a perfect view as he sat by the stairs on the 4th floor, gazing down at his prey on the third. Perched on the far right, the side seated student kept his eyes on the borrowed laptop from the librarian, given out to students who didn’t bring their own to school. But in this case, Lin Xun didn’t misplace his or forget it at home, but he didn’t own one. A student in this modern age with no laptop... Alone, with a few seats apart, of which others had yet sought to fill, most would not take notice of the quiet studious one, dressed less flashy than the more wealthy students who also attend the same school. But that’s not entirely true, because Yuan Jun Cheng was not the only one who had taken notice. A few tables away, the young college students were stealing a glance at the distinctive young man who set himself apart from others. Is he popular with the girls? Yuan Jun Cheng wondered with a frown. Does Lin Xun already have a significant other?

4 pm This time, as Yuan Jun Cheng observed his prey a bit closer than before, he was in the same class, but in the far upper corner, and since this class was in the hundreds, he would not be seen. Since he was still wearing his suits, others thought he was a teacher in training, or a new faculty observing the class. More importantly, the clueless Lin Xun had not caught on that he was being watched from afar. Usually, prey in the wild would have a better sixth sense, but not this one. He was too busy with his face in his books and the borrowed laptop. No wonder the boy was unaware of the many eyes directed on him. Yuan Jun Cheng had come to the conclusion after watching Lin Xun for half the day, that his self-awareness, more precisely lack thereof, was the reason he has no friends or even a girlfriend. If Lin Xun had a girlfriend, he wouldn’t be starved as he was. The Yuan Patriarch married for money twice over. Lin Xun, with his looks, could easily court a wealthy female student here. Thus, the Yuan’s blood in him is in doubt. 6 pm Clearing tables, washing dishes, taking orders, but there was no hair net this time. Less of a lunch lady and more of a busboy this time around, working at a roadside outdoor BBQ joint. This kid didn’t stop working even for a second. The food stalls were abundant on this street, not so far from the University. The smell was overwhelming, especially for Yuan Jun Cheng, who stayed in his car as he observed Lin Xun. From across the road, he couldn’t bring himself to leave the vicinity of his expensive car. Given the location, someone like Yuan Jun Cheng would stick out like a sore thumb. An excuse he had convinced himself of. He could leave, but he didn’t. The longer he stayed, the less he wanted to leave. The childhood which he had known - the sons of the Yuan family - never, had they pleaded, begged, or lowered themselves for others. This Yuan -- at least the expected Yuan, according to his father’s belief, had shown no evidence of his traits. Or could this all be Lin Xun’s late mother’s gene? The representation of her existence was what tied their father to this day?

10 pm His prey had arrived, from whom he should have his answer. Yet, this Oppa is unsure what he wanted to ask. But a prey is still a prey. Better to capture him first, and decide later.


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