Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Prologue & Chapter 1 "Seventeen"

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Warning: This is a translation of a BL (boys' love) & MPreg novel written by GuiYu, which means it features male characters in a romantic relationship and Male Pregnancy. If you are offended by this type of content, please do not proceed.


A woman from Fufeng Sect was jilted by her lover, out of grievance, she created a child-bearing potion. It was 100% effective, and a child was born.

The ashen lady took out her potion and proudly presented it to the crowd.

The audience stirred and commented: "Is that really true? Could such a thing be possible?” Not knowing what the lady was thinking as her face dropped, she pointed to a corner and everyone's gaze followed.

Seventeen raised his head with a confused expression: "But I am male."

The audience fell silent...

In short, this is a merry joyous story about a Lord of his Fortress and a Shadow Guard - who is pregnant with a mantou - as they cross river, sea and mountain, through the Jianghu world, all the while awaiting for their steam bun to be done.


Chapter 1


Crash! A woman was thrown out, her clothes also tumbling to the ground, then was quickly dragged away. The courtyard was quiet once again.

Shadow Eleven and Shadow Twelve who was lying on the roof, glanced at each other, both with puzzling eyes, but the master's personal affair is not something for Shadow Guards to involve themselves in. The less they know, the better.

However, Shadow Seventeen, hidden on a large tree in the courtyard did not have the same thought. He raised his fingers up to count. This was the tenth night their master’s concubine was thrown out. No kidding, thrown out…The Master was often viewed as ruthless, even cruel to his women. No wonder the people of the Jianghu world often say Master is a great model for those who want to achieve greater goals in life. -_-

Still, this situation had never happened before, and it had become increasingly worse lately. Previously, at least those concubines had a tenth of an incense burn time, however, at present, they are thrown out upon entering! What happened to the Master? Has he grown tired of these concubines?

But, everyone said that the Master doesn't care about beauty. Beautiful or plain, women are all the same in the Master’s eyes. So the conclusion above does not stand. What is going on? Seventeen scratched his head in bewilderment, his perplexed gaze remained on the close door on the opposite side. The candlelight suddenly turned out, and the master slept.

Shadow Seventeen spent the night pondering, until Master’s door opened the next day. He temporarily shoved those thoughts back, and began his daily life as a Shadow Guard.


Xing BeiMing woke up at his usual time, then proceeded with his daily routine. Practiced martial arts, had breakfast, and then listened to reports from his men. Next up, Steward Cheng Bo would make the Master’s arrangements, like either going out to meet up with other Martial Masters, wandering the city to relax, or accepting his friends' invitations. The whole process was repetitive, and he did not care.

As the Lord of the World’s Supreme Fortress, Xing BeiMing experienced family infighting during childhood and throughout his adolescent journey to make a name for himself, before establishing the World Supreme Sect. From a solitary unknown anonymous boy to becoming the guardian of the most respected Master in the Jiangju world. Through his trials, he had tasted almost everything: betrayal, poverty, disappointment, resentment, despair, hope, joy, friendship, repayment...

So now, he was bored...

Xing BeiMing was bored and nothing interesting had caught his eye. Especially those concubines, one after another, delicate and weak, they appeared before him with seduction in mind. Only thinking of ways to please him, but no one seems to notice the signs of boredom. Are they blind? In the end, it’s just a bunch of selfish people who only think of themselves! Xing BeiMing angrily threw his bowl of porridge down and stood up.

The Steward Cheng Bo eyes motioned the servant girl to clean up the mess, then followed Xing BeiMing out. Cheng Bo flipped the booklet in his hand, and carefully asked, "Master, today is the birthday of the Young Miss of Lin Meng’s family. Lin Meng invited you to admire the lanterns and view his estate.”

Xing BeiMing furrowed his eyebrows. “Birthday? On my Birthday, as I recall, they were a boring bunch. Have they forgotten how grand mine was? Not going!”