Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Chapter 4 "New Lady?"

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

The sultry sun, towards the end of autumn, rages. Still, the Shadow Guards remained faithful, and stayed not far from the Master.

Xing BeiMing stepped out of his room and slowly walked under the largest tree in the courtyard. He commanded, "Come down."

A dark shadow fell lightly on the ground without a sound. Xing BeiMing took a look at his Shadow Guard. Because of his strong internal strength, his face was not sweating, but Xing BeiMing doesn’t know if it’s due to pregnancy. The ShiQi’s face appeared pale from malnutrition.

Doctor Xu's words came to mind -- "There are so many taboos for those who are pregnant, let alone a male’s body. It is more prudent to have no precedent, what can be avoided should be avoided. Usually, he must not overwork, pay special attention to diet ..."

“Come in," Xing BeiMing headed back to his room, after leaving behind two words.

"Yes, Master." Ying ShiQi entered the room immediately, kneeling and waiting for his evaluation ... No, waiting for his order.

Xing BeiMing gave him a glance, "How is your body?"

Shadow Seventeen bowed his head respectfully, "Master, it’s okay.”

Xiu Luo Tang's punishment is never a pleasant experience. A single whip could take away an ordinary person’s life. Although they are shadow guards, the use of internal force was forbidden during discipline. They are no different from ordinary people. Thirty whips ... to be completely healed in two days is impossible. What he meant was, Master, this subordinate’s injuries are gone. Ready to deliver his life.

But apparently he did forget one thing! Xing BeiMing was a little irritated. Gazing at the back of his Shadow’s dark head, he asked, "What about your stomach, what are you going to do?"

Ying ShiQi was originally lowering his head, but when he heard those words, he was about to lift his head, but then halfway it was lowered again. "There is no issue with my stomach, Master..."

"Impudent!" Xing BeiMing slammed the table angrily. "Do you think that this Lord has a memory of an 80-years-old man to that extent? Say it, what are you going to do with the infant in your stomach?"

So bluntly spoken, the answer that rushed to ShiQi’s mouth was blocked. Finally, Seventeen raised his head, staring at Xing BeiMing rather boldly, “Master! This subordinate... This subordinate is a man... " In his voice, there was a slight tremor that was hard to detect, but still firmly determined. Xing BeiMing’s precipitated anger gradually disappeared.

That’s right, a man such as he... no one could accept it. If it was himself, Xing BeiMing would have probably beat the person to death for making such a diagnosis. And would probably think this is the greatest mistake in the world, but this happened to his Shadow Guard. Xing BeiMing was not high above mortal grounds, nor virtuous. He even hoped that this was true, but he would not admit that he was interested in this matter.

Xing BeiMing's voice softened, but still, he made his strikes deep within the Shadow Guard’s mind. "Don't you believe Doctor Xu, don't you believe Ying Qi? First, stay in this room with this Bao Zhu and wait for a month. Once your belly becomes obvious then decide.”

Definitely won’t. Definitely, it will not grow bigger! Seventeen firmly thought, but why did the Master make such a decision. His bewildered gaze was directed at Xing BeiMing.

"What are you looking at? Have your guts grown larger?" Staring at the Shadow Guard until he could only see the back of his head, Xing BeiMing leaned back comfortably on the back of the chair. "A strange situation had occurred within the World's Supreme Fortress. This Bao Zhu will investigate it, whether it was someone’s doing or yours. Return to your post, find a cool place to hide."

Although he didn’t understand what the last sentence meant, Shadow Seventeen still complied obediently with a yes.

Cheng Bo, who has been hiding in the corner (Hey, Cheng Bo, are you the real Shadow Guard?), stepped forward, carefully poured a cup of tea, and asked, "Master, if this situation is true, the pregnancy should be soon aborted. Three months later, I fear...”

Xing BeiMing lifted the tea cup, took a sip, and said leisurely, “Cheng Bo, if his case is false, then there’s no concern. Maybe it’s the strange pulse of Seventeen’s. If it’s true, can’t we afford to raise a child? ”

Cheng Bo nodded, but internally thinking, “Raising a child is definitely possible. The key is, who is raising it? Why doesn’t the Master ever consider the consequences when doing things? So perverse!"

Xing BeiMing put down the teacup and said indifferently, "Cheng Bo, are you silently resenting this Master?"

Cheng Bo quickly bent down, “Dare not, I dare not. Master is wise, wise Master! "


In the evening, Ying Shiqi returned to his room and found that without wings, his quilts, mattresses, and pillows had flown away…huh? Ying Shiqi scratched his head, recalling he hadn't taken them out for airing...