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Shadow Guard Delivering a Mantou: Chapter 3 "Happy Pulse"

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

"The Lord of the Fortress arrives—" The guard's announcement came from outside the door, taking Shadow Seven by surprise. Their Master usually did not come to the Shadow Guard’s place. What is going on? Quickly, Ying Qi helped ShiQi up, so they could kowtow.


"Um," Xing BeiMing entered the room and seated himself. He acknowledged their presence but didn’t tell them to rise, only stared at his two shadow guards. The two felt the heavy scrutiny, while Shadow Seven was afraid Seventeen would beg for mercy under pressure when their Lord finally spoke, “Which one broke into my house last night?"

"Master, it's this subordinate," Shadow Seventeen knelt forward.

"Oh? Ying ShiQi. Why?" Xing BeiMing asked coldly, enough to turn the room into ice.

Of course, the Master already knew who it was, the Seventeen Shadow Guards of the World's Supreme Fortress were all chosen by the master himself. Even if their faces are covered with copper masks. For this reason, Shadow Seventeen was thoroughly ashamed when he explained, "It’s this subordinate....this subordinate had a stomachache, disturbed the Master, hoping for the Master’s forgiveness."

Xing BeiMing’s eyes weirdly changed, "A stomachache?"

Seventeen knelt forward. "The subordinate knows he was wrong, asks for the Master’s punishment."

Xing BeiMing placed his arm on the table and supported his chin. "Call Doctor Xu."

The guard outside the door responded, and Shadow Seven who still knelt on the ground tensed in Seventeen’s stead. Covered in cold sweat. Does the Master not believe him or for other reasons? To be honest, if the cause were to be known, he feared the World’s Supreme Fortress would become a laughing stock of Yueming City. At that moment, Seven really hoped that Seventeen's illness could be more serious, better than to endure the punishment of Xiu Luo Tang.

Doctor Xu ran over full of sweat, was nearly tripped by Ying Qi who still knelt at the door, quickly grabbed the door frame and was supported by Seven. "I’m here, Master. You requested this old man's presence…. Who requires my attention? ”

Xing BeiMing lifted his chin. “Ying ShiQi, lie on the bed. Ying Qi, you can withdraw for now. ”

Shadow Seven left with an unsettled mood, leaving only Seventeen to crawl on the bed obediently and lie down. The wound on his back was pressed, causing the blood to seep through, but Ying ShiQi didn’t even wince.

Doctor Xu shook his head. This silly child, thinking that the Lord of the Fortress wanted him to heal Shadow Seventeen, quickly ordered him to lie on his stomach. If this continues, there’s no chance for healing! However, Shadow Seventeen stopped him and stretched out a hand. Doctor Xu was perplexed and looked at the Lord. What does this mean?

“Check his pulse.”

"Yes." Believing this was for internal injuries, Doctor Xu nodded, and placed Seventeen's hand on the bed and lifted.

Seventeen watched Doctor Xu smoothing his beard while diagnosing his pulse. Then his fingers suddenly stopped, his expression gradually became stiff. After a few minutes, the cold sweat dripped, and his mouth murmured: "Must have not slept last night. Okay, wait for this old man to recheck the pulse again, um, and again ... " This time, he did not touch his beard, both hands were pressed down. Seventeen’s wrist was painfully pressed.

Is he seriously ill? Ying Shiqi depressingly thought that his career as a Shadow Guard was nothing to complain about, but there are still many things that have not been figured out. Why am I dying?

Xing BeiMing also noticed Doctor Xu’s strange expression. He had been casually awaiting the result, now his attention shifted to Shadow Seventeen. Seeing that Doctor Xu had not talked for a long time, he coldly asked, "What’s going on? How long does it take to diagnose a pulse? What use do I have for you? "

Doctor Xu, who was still tense, immediately collapsed from the intimidation. He fell to his knees and cried, “Bao Zhu, Bao Zhu... Xu is an old man, my senses are not what they used to be. The diagnosis was all over the place. The pulse is messed up. I’m ashamed to face my ancestors. Master, spare my life ...Master, spare my life”

Ying ShiQi watched the old man cry miserably, wanting to comfort him. I’m the one who is dying, not you. There’s no need to cry this pathetically. But Xing BeiMing’s gaze forced him to lie down again quickly.

Xing BeiMing was suffering from a headache from the old man’s breakdown and slammed the table, "Shut up! What did you diagnose?"

Doctor Xu was so frightened that he burst into tears again. Frightened, he stuttered, "This old man...this old man...I diagnosed...happy...happy pulse..."

Xing Bao Zhu was stunned, "What pulse?"

“Happy pulse. Bao Zhu, spare my life!" Diagnosing a man with a happy pulse, the Master would never let him stay. If he is lucky enough to save this little life, he would have to quickly pack his bags, Doctor Xu thought hopelessly.

"Impudent!" Xing Bao Zhu finally reacted, pointing to the poor Doctor furiously. “How dare you try to deceive your Master. Are you afraid to live too long? He's a man!"

“Bao Zhu, have mercy, spare me....really Master, I caught... the pulse is... " The poor Doctor Xu dared not even say happy.

"Ying Qi," Xing BeiMing said in a deep voice. If he remembered correctly, Shadow Seven seemed to have some medical skills. "Come inside."

Not only was Ying Qi alarmed from the outside, but also Shadow Eleven and Shadow Twelve, who both lurked nearby. The two always took the role of close proximity defensive guards. While Shadow Three and Shadow Ten were responsible for the outer ring, further away. What happened in the room was quite clear. However, they are still Shadow Guards, let alone this Doctor Xu was crying so loud, it’s impossible not to know!

With a baffled mood, Shadow Seven entered the door. First, he bowed, then he walked to the bed and laid his right hand on the wrist of Ying Shiqi, who was also petrified. He made a very careful diagnosis, in fear any mistake will cause Seventeen his life, but…Ying Qi's right hand trembled sharply. Xing BeiMing's eyes narrowed, then he shouted: "Ying Qi!"

Ying Qi knelt down, "Master, indeed, it's true...his happy pulse was correct."

The room fell silent, and suddenly Xing BeiMing walked to the bed and made a move that shocked everyone. He lifted the quilted covering on Shadow Seventeen, reaching for his lower body, and felt under the undergarment... Shadow Seventeen had not yet recovered from being mortified, but has now entered another deeper level of petrification.

Xing BeiMing frowned. "He is no doubt a man, but how can it be happy? Is there anyone in this world who can conceive a child as a man? Absurd!"

Doctor Xu saw that someone had reached the same conclusion as him and his guts become bolder, explaining to Xing BeiMing, “Bao Zhu, the world is full of wonders. There are male fertility recorded in ancient books, but since no one had come across it in the last hundred years, it was only seen as old tales for amusement. Right now..."

“Everyone out, if there’s anything, I will call,” Xing BeiMing waved his hand. Doctor Xu, who caught his old life, quickly packed up and ran. Ying Qi looked at Seventeen once again anxiously, but backed down.

Xing BeiMing adjusted his sleeves and sat down on the edge of the bed. In a blink, Ying ShiQi’s soul returned, he attempted to get up, but was suppressed by Xing BeiMing's dark gaze, and quickly laid back down again.

"Have you held a woman recently?” Xing BeiMing asked.

"No..." Ying ShiQi didn't know why he would ask that. Can women have the ability to make him...   

"Then....what about men?”

"What? Men... what ..." Ying Qi was confused. What does it have to do with men? He's not a woman.

"Didn’t hold any woman or was held by a man...Are you still a virgin?" Xing BeiMing reached his conclusion.

Ashamed, Seventeen stammered, "Shadow Guards have their own fooling around... of course we are…”

The remark came out, and outside the room, everyone theatrically collapsed. Seventeen, ah Seventeen, he is asking you! Why drag us into this?

His Shadow Guard, Xing BeiMing understands, he would not hold it against them if they did seek out women. Who doesn’t have physical desire! What they can’t do is deceive the Master. So…here is a pregnant virgin boy. He’ll solve this mystery. Xing BeiMing smirked, then chuckled….it seems like in the coming days, he would not be bored anymore...


Translation Notes:

Xing BeiMing's Addresses

Name: 邢北溟 - Xíngběimíng

Formal Addresses: 堡主 - Bǎo zhǔ - Fort Master, 邢堡主- Xíng Bǎo zhǔ

Title: 邢大堡主 - Xíng dà bǎo zhǔ, The Great Master Xing Bao

Ying ShiQi - Shadow Seventeen Ying Qi - Shadow Seven, Doctor Seven (Specialty - Medicine)

Happy Pulse = Pregnancy

Xiu Luo Tang - Disciplinary Hall

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