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*Jasmine's Fate Characters

*Jasmine's Fate took place 30,000 years in the future after Volume 1. The age and characters had changed since then. 

Yan Zhi: Queen of Ghost Tribe 

Animal: Black and White Crow 

Age: 175,000

Personality Type: THE ADVOCATE “The Counselor”, INFJ

Martial Weapon: Crossbow/Sword

Strengths: Archery and Distant Combat

Weakness: Impulsive and Qiao Xin

Attraction: Gentleness and Heroic Acts

When she was 74,000 years old, her father waged war with the Celestial Tribe, resulting in his imprisonment within the Celestial Bell, while her elder brother Li Yuan disappeared. Yan Zhi spent over 70,000 years searching, only to find her brother was imprisoned by none other than Li Jing, her 2nd eldest, who was the ruler of the Ghost Tribe at the time. After being released from Arctic Prison, Li Yuan colluded with the Mermaid tribe, resulting in his imprisonment by Li Jing once again. Afterward, when the Mermaid War was over, Yanzhi decided to stay in the mortal realm. And that is where she met her true love, Zi Lan, 16th disciple of Kunlun Mountain, a disciple of Mo Yuan, the High God who trapped her father within the Bell millenia ago. Their first part of their tale ended with his rejection, the second with his sacrifice, because of which, her heart froze. Yan Zhi then became Queen of the Ghost Tribe. But after 30,000 years….the spark flickered, ignited… The flame has never been extinguished. Because the ember remains.  

Qiao Xin: Princess of Ghost Tribe 

Animal: Silver Fox

Age: 30,703 years

Personality Type: THE ENTREPRENEUR “Promoter”, ESTP

Martial Weapon: Butterfly Swords  

Strengths: Premonitions and Visions

Weakness: Her Notebook 

Attraction: Intelligence

As the Princess of the Ghost Tribe, her life has never had a dull moment. Qiao Xin has heard many stories, tales she tries to ignore. But as much as she tries to run away, it is impossible to escape the past. Borned to the previous King and Queen of the Ghost Tribe, Li Jing and Xuan Nu respectively, from Ghost and Fox immortals, Qiao Xin is of mixed blood origin, a birth that was never meant to be, a scandal of Celestial, Fox, and Ghost Realm. She was the impossible child, the one that was not meant to exist, but she does. A miracle some has said. As an adult, her existence is further scrutinized by none other than herself. Because she has lost something… she couldn’t grasp. The memory that was taken, stolen...and she is determined to get it matter the obstacles...   

Zhao Yan: 2nd Rank General of Ghost Tribe

Animal: Baize

Age: 128,000

Personality Type: THE COMMANDER “Field Marshal”, ENTJ

Martial Weapon: Sabre

Strengths: Weapons

Weakness: Stammers when nervous  

Attraction: Eyes

The most talented General of his time, the Queen recruited him to train her army of young female warriors. He grew up in grueling torturous world on his own, the last survivor of his litter from Qian Shou Shan(千兽山, Thousand Beasts Mountain). When Zhao Yan first climbed down the horrid mountain that took the lives of his siblings, he met a young Xiu sister, who helped him when he was on the verge of death. After millennia of searching he finally found her  again, only to realized she has forgotten about him. Before he could confesse, the elder sister, Xiu Yin died protecting her loved ones during the battle. The moment she died, so did his least...that is what the General believes

Hu Wan - 1st Rank General of Ghost Tribe

Animal:  Baku - Dream Eater  

Age: 270,000

Personality Type: THE DEBATER "Inventor", ENTP

Martial Weapon: Jade Staff/Daggers  

Strengths: Manipulation

Weakness: Hunger

Attraction: Food

General Hu Wan might look easygoing, but he is a sly and cautious man who has overseered the royal family’s spy network for many millennia. Having been an excellent spy himself in his youth, he is able to change his personality at will, depending on what the circumstances demand. As a Baku, a dream eater, he could extract information from the enemies at will. He is a great judge of character and enjoys finding out about the weaknesses of others, but more for personal pleasure than for the mission. He often says that there is nothing more valuable than information, and weaknesses could turn the tide of any battle. His hunger is not only for resources, but also for food. You would often catch the General eating, no matter the situation or location. Therefore, it is best to keep him full or he would eat your dreams otherwise.

Yang Jie - 1st Rank General of Ghost 

Animal: Xiezhi

Age: 235,000

Personality Type: THE LOGISTICIAN “Inspector” ISTJ

Martial Weapon: Sword

Strengths: Loyalty and Stubbornness

Weakness: Conservativeness

Attraction: Eyebrows

A hardened man who could only see black and white, or so most believe. Yang Jie could not stray from his path, his destiny, his mission when it comes to his people. He is from the new generation of warriors who desire change in the Ghost Realm’s Politics and hold strong determination of returning to the Glory Days. His respect for the royal bloodline and ancestry has never faltered. He rose in ranks with the help of his brother in arms. Not many knew, but Yang Jie was in love with Lady, the wife of his friend, mother to 5 daughters. Because his best friend had approached her first, the great General Yang could only love her from afar. An honorable man that he was, Yang Jie remained on the sideline in silence, because their happiness was all that he sought. After his friend’s unfortunate demise, he continued to be there for his Lady as she mourned and kept her husband’s spirit alive for the next 30,000 years.

Li Hua 2.jpg

Li Hua - High Goddess of Ghost Realm

Animal: Spider

Age: 379,000

Personality Type: THE LOGICIAN “Architect”, INTP

Martial Weapon: Thousand Silk Threads  

Strengths: Qimen Dunjia (metaphysical art)

Weakness: Alcohol

Attraction:  Fashion 

Mysterious, yet dangerously alluring! She is a Sorceress who spent her day nurturing her brew of giant white moths that only exists within the realm of Ghost/Ghoul. As the longest living Elder who resided in Ghost Realm for millennia, Li Hua was no stranger to the infighting among her people. The land had always been battered by endless wars, covered with the blood of friend or foe alike. Their beautiful landscape flourished with floras of all kinds, nourished by the spilled scarlet rivers that replenished the soil over thousands of Celestial years. As a watcher, an observer, she remained indifferent to the civil unrest of her nation, as some have believed. The cycle would always continue, Li Hua had reasoned, which made it more intriguing as to why the High Goddess meddled when the Civil War broke out over 30,000 years ago. It was no wonder that Li Hua, courted by two High Gods who had settled within her realm, which was not their own. Speaks more to the powers of the Goddess’ magnetism.


Guo Zhu -  High God of Demon Realm

Animal: Snake

Age: 345,000

Personality Type: THE CAMPAIGNER “Champion”, ENFP

Martial Weapon: Various Musical Weapons  

Strengths: Weapon Making

Weakness: Sulphur Flower

Attraction: Silk Dance

Before the First Demon War, the clan of the High God Guo Zhu specialized in musical weapons, but due to the passage of time, and the lack of skills passed down to the new generations, the knowledge was lost, with only a few remnants that still lingered. The High God was one of the few who still retained the much sought after skill. Although he was still a warrior through and through, but most importantly, the original father of magical weapons, the blood lust was still there. In order to appease his hunger for battle and to test his creations, he often visited the mortal realms to join the armies of many Kings and Queens, even Warlords and Pirates. With his powers sealed, in order not to disrupt the balance of the universe, Guo Zhu would spend years in the mortal realms. In countless battles, he made friends and he made enemies, but the High God never stayed long enough to watch all of them reach their own demise, short-lived as they were. Due to his hobby, once in a red moon, a mortal will come in possession of a magical weapon or artifact, which will change their destinies, for better or worse, depending on their karma.

Ruo Tzu.jpg

Rou Tzu - High God of Celestial Realm

Animal: TBA  

Age: 366,000

Personality Type: THE LOGISTICIAN “Inspector”, ISTJ

Martial Weapon: Smoking Pipe

Strengths: Apothecary and Poison

Weakness: Dry Weather 

Attraction: Floras

The High God Rou Tzu was born from a Clan that went extinct after the First War. His people scattered; his family was lost. He had no wish to join the former tribe that his clan had paid feity to; thus he resided within the Moth Valley with his first and only love, including his rival, Guo Zhu. Unknown to others, the High God was an expert not only in medicinal skills, but his true powers lay in the knowledge of poisons, which he often used to treat hard to cure ailments. Before his retirement within the Western Valley of the Moths, there was nothing more fascinating to Ruo Tzu than creating a new concoction of biological weapons, powerful enough to render an entire army on its knees. With patience, the result is most rewarding, he often said. When the mood struck, the High God would visit the mortal realms. Just like his rival, but unlike his counterpart who sought battle due to his blood lust, Rou Tzu saw the countless parallel mortal realms as his gardens. By gathering and planting the seeds of his precious herbs in various environments, Rou Tzu produced some of the most hard to find ingredients, unknown to other realms.  

**More Characters background are coming, as the Characters are introduced

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