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Guardian Recap: Episode 21 "The Case of the Blind Chief"

Chief Zhao and his crew are gathered together in the office. While he is pretending all is well, his crew is clearly alarmed that their leader's faculties have been diminished. He dismisses everyone for the day and makes a hasty retreat from the room, using Shen Wei like a white cane to guide him.

The moment the Chief is gone, Chu Shuzhi begins drilling Zhu Hong, wanting all the details of what happened and how. She barely hesitates before spilling the beans, starting with the Professor's true identity.

Shen Wei takes Zhao Yunlan to Doctor Cheng for an eye exam, trying to find the cause of the Chief's loss of vision. (In this scene where Shen Wei eases Yunlan into a chair, his mannerisms are so careful and thoughtful.) Unfortunately, Doctor Cheng cannot find any physical cause for it, and Yunlan ends up being the one trying to assure Shen Wei that he will be fine. (I love that Yunlan has to remind Shen Wei to go to his class lecture. It's obvious Shen Wei's sole focus is Yunlan's health.)

Interestingly, Lao Chu is spending his day off playing Mahjong with Xiao Guo and his aunt and uncle, Minister Guo. Things are tense for a moment as the Minister attempts to touch Lao Chu's puppet, but everyone just laughs it off and goes back to the game. (Lao Chu is turning into a real softie.)

Meanwhile, Da Qing is now on babysitting duty while Shen Wei is at the University. He's brought snacks and recorded messages from some of the crew to keep the Chief entertained. Zhu Hong recorded herself reading a book that was found in the Chief's bedside drawer, the one he took from the library. Apparently, it contains a record of the history from 10,000 years ago and mentions the Black Cloak Envoy, Kunlun, and the Hallows. (How ridiculous is it that Yunlan has had this book for weeks and just never bothered to read it?)

Da Qing seems to recognize the name Kunlun, but when he tries to recall any memories of him, his head begins to hurt and the Chief has to make him rest. When Doctor Cheng returns and gives Yunlan the ok to leave, he decides to leave Da Qing in her care and make his way home alone. (Um, kudos for bravery and self-sufficiency here, Chief, but this does not seem like a smart plan.)

Not surprisingly, the Chief stumbles and falls before he can even make it outside the hospital. Of all people who could be there to help, it turns out to be Zhao Xinchi. Yunlan immediately pulls away from him.

Lin Jing makes a stop at a music store and spots a pretty girl he can't seem to keep his eyes off of. When she leaves her music sheets behind, he chases after her to return it and learns her name is Sha Ya. Unfortunately for him, once he's gone, we see she has some kind of connection with Ya Qiang.

After what was likely an awkward car ride home, Yunlan exits the car and starts making his way inside. He's using the shrubbery as a guide along the pathway (pretty clever) and his father finally confronts him about his eyes. Yunlan just gives him a ridiculous excuse, but instead of challenging him, Xinchi warns him not to get too close to Shen Wei. Yunlan tries to shrug him off, but the entity living in Xinchi stops him again to offer him more advice. Yunlan doesn't hesitate to point out that his words don't sound at all like him (technically, they aren't his) and at last enters his apartment building alone.

Yunlan draws up short just before reaching his door when a vision suddenly assails him of his father slumped over his steering wheel with blood on his face. Startled, he hurriedly asks a kindly neighbor to quickly help him back downstairs where he tries to find his father's car. She assures him that no one is there, but convinced of the vision's veracity, he walks right out into the road to check for himself. Luckily, Shen Wei is there and yanks him back out of the way of a passing car. (They scold each other like a couple of bickering kids, and then Shen Wei drags Yunlan back into the building by his arm. Cute.)

Finally, in the apartment (Let's face it, they're pretty much living together at this point in the drama), Shen Wei settles Yunlan on the bed and goes to make him something to eat. The second he turns his back, Yunlan is stumbling around looking for that book. (Who knows why, though, since he certainly can't read it.)

When Shen Wei reprimands him for not behaving himself, Yunlan remembers the recording and starts to play it. The moment it mentions Kunlun and a great battle, Shen Wei snatches the recorder from him and tries to turn it off. Before Yunlan can retrieve it, he receives a phone call and Zhu Hong invites him to the triannual Yashou Flea Market. Shen Wei believes they might find a cure there, and Yunlan is excited to go.

Da Qing is still at Doctor Cheng's office and asks for her help retrieving his memories as he's convinced he's forgotten something important. While he muses about what it could be, a nurse comes in to talk with the doctor about a pregnant patient who died.

Lau Chu and Xiao Guo return to the SID and find the property owner standing outside the vegetable seller's storefront looking for him. They realize something must have happened to him since nobody has seen him for days.

While on their way to the Yashou Flea Market, Shen Wei and Yunlan cross paths with Ying Chun, the Flower Tribe leader. As Yunlan is attempting to charm her into offering assistance curing him, they hear a crow kaw. They go to investigate and find Ya Qiang with Zhu Hong pinned up against a tree, threatening to harm her.

The Black Cloak Envoy doesn't hesitate to take her out with a blast of dark energy. He literally pushes the now free Zhu Hong at Yunlan and corners Ya Qiang. He berates the Crow Tribe leader for sowing dissension amongst the Yashou people and damaging their fragile alliance. He deems her crime worthy of the harshest punishment, but before he can meet it out, Yunlan shouts “Xiao Wei!”. Clearly startled, Shen Wei just stops and waits for Yunlan to make a move.

The Chief confronts Ya Qiang and points out that making enemies of everyone else can only make sense if she can trust her backer to protect her later (Odds are not in her favor on that one.) The Crow Tribe leader may be reckless, but she's not foolish. She agrees to back off until a Ya Tribe Leader is determined in three months.

As everyone is preparing to leave, Fourth Uncle asks Zhu Hong to join him. He takes her to the entrance to the restricted area and presents her with a withered piece of enchanted wood. He explains that if she can make it bloom again it will grant her access. He cautions her to hide it well.

The next day, Shen Wei ushers Yunlan into the SID but stops short when everyone greets him formally as Lord Black Cloak. He asks that they treat him the same as before and guides the Chief to the couch.

Xiao Guo comes running into the room with a flyer advertising a miracle doctor who can heal any illness, convinced he's the solution to the Chief's blindness. But just as everyone is dismissing him as too naive, Cong Bo calls and declares that he has evidence of a miraculous healing doctor. Shen Wei is the one who suggests they pay the doctor a visit.

Almost immediately after arriving, Zhu Hong declares they are wasting their time. When Doctor Feng enters the room, he insists that healing the Chief will be no problem at all and gives several requirements in order to treat the patient, but Zhao Yunlan is the first to doubt his abilities and walk out.

The crew is just outside the doctor's office when Shen Wei spots Professor Ouyang entering and asks Da Qing to listen to what the two men are discussing. As the Professor is leaving, Shen Wei waits for him on a nearby bench and explains why they are there. Professor Ouyang only seems interested in recruiting Shen Wei into his super secret research lab, and Shen Wei has to subtly redirect him to talking about his own experiences with Doctor Feng. (It's a weird ending, right?)

Notable Characters

Sha Ya

Ying Chun, Flower Tribe leader

Memorable Quotes

“Regardless of what type of person he is, he genuinely treats me well. There is one type of friend in this world. No matter what they hear or any doubts they have, at the most crucial moment, you know that they will always have your back.” Zhao Yunlan

“Regardless of what you do, I will support you unconditionally.” Lao Chu to Shen Wei

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