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BTSS #2 - Jasmine's Fate Vol. 2 - Chapter 8 Aftermath

General Hu’s Resident, Ziming Palace, Ghost Realm

“General Hu! How did you select these suitors?” General Zhao Yan roared as he entered the primary study of the elderly General, who was surrounded by a buffet of countless dishes but with no one in sight.

How much does this man eat? Zhao Yan stared at him in bewilderment, nearly forgetting why he had barged in.

“What do you mean?” General Hu said between gulps of savory lotus soup, showing no sign of slight interest.

“...A fight just broke out, and five of the suitors are on the ground. They are not fit to compete tomorrow or even the next few months. We have to send them back to their realms for medical treatment.”

“By any chance, did any of the fallen suitors happen to be Lou Jun of Kunlun?” General Hu asked, his interest finally perked up since Zhao Yan’s arrival.

“He was the one who started the fight!” Zhao Yan snapped. “And not even a scratch on him when it was over!”

“Oh!” Hu’s eyes sparkled with delight, while his hand reached for a large drumstick. “The Heavens are on our side.”


His hand gestured with a drumstick in hand. “The low ranking one must have fallen, leaving the best stallion for tomorrow.”

“You anticipated this?” Zhao Yan asked in shock. “You knew this would happen?”

“General Zhao, you did not expect this suitor competition to be fair, do you? We gathered men from four different realms. This bloodthirsty lot wanted to be the next Prince Consort of our Tribe by any means. Of course, they would fight before the competition started.”

“General Hu…” General Zhao barely managed to reign in his temper, fists clenched, a hair’s thread away from turning over the buffet table due to his growing wrath. “Could you please inform me of your hidden motives sooner? I have to clean up the mess and apologize to the injured, to people from other realms, which I despise!” Zhao Yan said with disgust.

“But where would the fun in that?” Hu Wan responded casually. “I enjoy your crashing into my sitting room, just like Yang Jie often does.”

At that instant, General Zhao’s sanity slipped. He headed straight to the buffet table, and stared down at General Hu with a quiet demeanor, that the elder General had to pause from taking a bite of the morsel near his mouth. Rage will make one do the unthinkable. So without a second thought, Zhao Yan snatched up the most substantial dish in front of him and stomped off.

“Zhao Yan! Where are you going with my roasted suckling pig?” General Hu bellowed not far from behind.

“I am eating it!” Zhao Yan announced with no regard to his dignity.

“That’s a strange revenge, even for you.”

“I no longer care!” Zhao Yan sneered. “Have fun managing the competition for our Queen. I am sure there will be a riot tomorrow. You’re on your own, General Hu.”

“Wait! Zhao Yan, I apologize. Give me back my roasted suckling pig!”

With the eldest Ghost General chasing after the youngest, to retrieve his suckling pig, the scene was bizarre even for the Ghost Tribe. But the guards remained at their station, in fear that they would become the unintended target of the two high ranking Generals during their quarrel. But one could not help but wonder how the next few days would be.

The Ghost Guards could only pray - for they do not want to be within the range of these crossfires because there is no Glory in such a demise.

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