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Guardian Novel: Chapter 75 Fanfic - "Unleashed"

Warning NSFW

Background: This scene takes place in Chapter 75 of Guardian, the novel written by Priest. Since the original author doesn't write intimate love scenes, this fanfic is created solely to quench the thirst of Guardian Girls. Please, read the wattpad translation by RainbowSe7en for chapter 75 before you proceed.


Love and loss…

What are these indescribable obsessions? The desire to possess went beyond simple human attachment.

The God who taught him life, the Human who showed him love. Who was he, if not for thee? Kunlun, imprinted, etched from eons ago. Lingering memories he so craved, forever they’ll be engraved.

Even if Shen were to devour him whole, he could never consume Zhao Yunlan’s very soul. The spirit of the God, he has yearned to hold. Out of reach, was what he was told.

Impurity, the abyss from which thee was born, the misfortunate being, was forewarned. The powerful Ghost who may be King. But, rose from darkness, filth, and scorn.

The Slayer, who could never let go, nor could prevent his own demise. His destiny... his curse, even he, could not deny.

Shen Wei, the child of the past; the man of today. Still, hope...Dream for the chance to seize, the hand under the green silk sleeve.

But now, there was no barrier, no cloth...nor silk…

Bare, naught but upon one’s birth. Beneath, the man who met his thirst.

“Yunlan,” Shen gasped against his lips. Drugged from the scent of this intoxicating male, but who was drunk? Neither could tell, when both had already sunk. Deeper, far beyond the reach of one’s sanity.

Eager hands tore at his clothes. Ignoring the rips and tears, as the remaining buttons flung through the air. Barely breaking their kiss, Shen felt the same hurried hands reaching for the buttons of his pants. Hands pulling, dragging, and with a few breaths in, the barriers were gone. Zhao swung around, as he laid on top. Flesh against flesh, inflamed, their emotions burst. His body became alive as Shen had never experienced before. The whole being, which he had hardly even been aware of--or neglected or had seemingly gone unnoticed--was now making its presence known, half living as he had always shown.

But Shen Wei wanted more than just a sample of the man he had sought all his life. He wanted to taste every inch of skin bare to his gaze. A frustrated groan at the back of his throat, his kisses became even more heated and demanding. Shen’s mouth broke from those luscious red lips, only to travel down the throbbing throat, beating to the rhythm of his own heart.

His tongue traced further down, lower and lower, until Shen caught the hardened nub in his mouth. Grazing the delicate nipple in with his teeth, the man above quivered, but did not thrash. However, Zhao’s hips pressed against his, their hardened flesh collided, clouding their very senses.

Enthralled, maddened by the open invitation, the impatient Shen flipped their bodies. Poised above, like a majestic panther, his predatory instincts kicked in. The desire to mark superseded all reasoning. His mouth seared over Zhao’s naked chest -- nibbled and licked -- he teased across the sensitive skin. Encouraged by the moaning and arched body beneath him, Shen began his descent along the path of Zhao’s writhe body, until he found what he sought.

The Ghost Slayer gulped. Licking his own lips, he gazed upon the throbbing arousal, pulsing in anticipation. Closer and closer, his mouth salivated as he reached the flame of Zhao’s desire.