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Guardian Novel: Chapter 75 Fanfic - "Unleashed"

Warning NSFW

Background: This scene takes place in Chapter 75 of Guardian, the novel written by Priest. Since the original author doesn't write intimate love scenes, this fanfic is created solely to quench the thirst of Guardian Girls. Please, read the wattpad translation by RainbowSe7en for chapter 75 before you proceed.


Love and loss…

What are these indescribable obsessions? The desire to possess went beyond simple human attachment.

The God who taught him life, the Human who showed him love. Who was he, if not for thee? Kunlun, imprinted, etched from eons ago. Lingering memories he so craved, forever they’ll be engraved.

Even if Shen were to devour him whole, he could never consume Zhao Yunlan’s very soul. The spirit of the God, he has yearned to hold. Out of reach, was what he was told.

Impurity, the abyss from which thee was born, the misfortunate being, was forewarned. The powerful Ghost who may be King. But, rose from darkness, filth, and scorn.

The Slayer, who could never let go, nor could prevent his own demise. His destiny... his curse, even he, could not deny.

Shen Wei, the child of the past; the man of today. Still, hope...Dream for the chance to seize, the hand under the green silk sleeve.

But now, there was no barrier, no cloth...nor silk…

Bare, naught but upon one’s birth. Beneath, the man who met his thirst.

“Yunlan,” Shen gasped against his lips. Drugged from the scent of this intoxicating male, but who was drunk? Neither could tell, when both had already sunk. Deeper, far beyond the reach of one’s sanity.

Eager hands tore at his clothes. Ignoring the rips and tears, as the remaining buttons flung through the air. Barely breaking their kiss, Shen felt the same hurried hands reaching for the buttons of his pants. Hands pulling, dragging, and with a few breaths in, the barriers were gone. Zhao swung around, as he laid on top. Flesh against flesh, inflamed, their emotions burst. His body became alive as Shen had never experienced before. The whole being, which he had hardly even been aware of--or neglected or had seemingly gone unnoticed--was now making its presence known, half living as he had always shown.

But Shen Wei wanted more than just a sample of the man he had sought all his life. He wanted to taste every inch of skin bare to his gaze. A frustrated groan at the back of his throat, his kisses became even more heated and demanding. Shen’s mouth broke from those luscious red lips, only to travel down the throbbing throat, beating to the rhythm of his own heart.

His tongue traced further down, lower and lower, until Shen caught the hardened nub in his mouth. Grazing the delicate nipple in with his teeth, the man above quivered, but did not thrash. However, Zhao’s hips pressed against his, their hardened flesh collided, clouding their very senses.

Enthralled, maddened by the open invitation, the impatient Shen flipped their bodies. Poised above, like a majestic panther, his predatory instincts kicked in. The desire to mark superseded all reasoning. His mouth seared over Zhao’s naked chest -- nibbled and licked -- he teased across the sensitive skin. Encouraged by the moaning and arched body beneath him, Shen began his descent along the path of Zhao’s writhe body, until he found what he sought.

The Ghost Slayer gulped. Licking his own lips, he gazed upon the throbbing arousal, pulsing in anticipation. Closer and closer, his mouth salivated as he reached the flame of Zhao’s desire.


Zhao gasped in surprise when he felt Shen’s mouth close over his hardened flesh, sending all rationale scattering, dissolved like a blur. With one fist clenching the pillow above him while the other held on to the bed linens, his muscles flexed and curled with delicious sensation, as the heat was pooling in his lower region. More animal than human, the all consuming noises below overwhelmed his pleasure-drugged mind. “Shen Wei...,” Zhao breathed repeatedly. His hips rose on their own, meeting the unabashed opened-mouthed abandonment of the man who would consume him whole.

Zhao Yunlan, the proud rogue, was a slut with no shame. Never had he thought, he could ever be tamed. Until today, this moment, this second….Forever he will change.

Women or men, all he had tasted were the same. None could compare to this beauty, his Professor, who with all intention wanted to mark him like no other.

Gone was the shy Professsor who blushes at a glance. What remains is the one who had placed him in a trance. No, this wasn’t the Shen Wei he had known. This was the man behind the mask, the same man from eons ago. The Immortal who had lived, lost, and suffered. Awaiting for the chance when they could become lovers.

Zhao inhaled sharply from the mouth that consumed the remaining juices. His strength sapped with each passing second, as the sensation thickened from the stimulation. Thrown from the tormenting flow of pleasure, convulsing, Zhao finally reached his peak. Still, Shen Wei did not relent. Growling and gripping his buttocks in his hands, his tongue continued to swirl and tease, until the last tremor ceased.

Delirious, the weakened Zhao tried to catch his breath, but Shen had flipped him on his chest. Rough fingers dug through his hair, with Shen’s cold face pressed against his burning neck. His wet tongue traced along the rim of Zhao’s ear. Trembling from the scorching sensation, a muffled moan escaped, right before Shen’s teeth sank into his neck. Zhao's eyes shut in painful, yet delicious delirium, unaware of the foreign object that had slipped through the entrance no one had ever dared to venture.

Assaulted with an alien sensation, Zhao’s eyes snapped open. The Predator realized the Prey had been luring him into its trap. The panicked man tried to rise, but the tight grip on Zhao’s shoulder was firm, with an inhuman strength which held him down. There was no escape! Laid on the cutting board, the helpless fish could only gasp for air, as a second finger entered. In all his preparation and imagination, Zhao Yunlan never thought this day would come. His body quivered from the fingers stretching the untouched entrance.

“Wait! You can’t…not like...uurrgh,” Zhao cried out in alarm, when he felt a third followed. But the Ghost Slayer ignored all his pleas. His fingers continued to stretch, play, and search. Zhao’s eyes squeezed shut, his body in a mixture of agony and excitement from Shen's exploration. Once that sensitive spot was discovered, an incoherent sound left Zhao’s lips, nearly sending him over the cliff a second time. Encouraged by the response, the quick-learning Professor pressed over the tender jewel once more. “Shen Wei!” Zhao could barely breathe, as another pleasurable wave shook his being.

However, Zhao’s bliss was brusque. He startled, his body stiffened when the fingers were replaced by something much hotter, harder...and larger...

“Wait, wait...hold on…I’m not…,” Zhao gasped, in shock and horror, because there was no lube involved. Shen Wei wanted to take him now?

For a split second, Zhao had finally caught on that he was Fucked. Literally and figuratively. Zhao Yunlan, the alpha of a man who was known to be the giver, not the receiver. Thrower, not the catcher. How did it come to this? Oh right, he decided to fall for the Ghost Slayer. A man above men. Literally.

In desperation, his hands tried to push himself up to reach the bedside cabinet with the overstocked provisions. But, Shen caught his wrists and held them down. In a panic, he continued to struggle against the torturous, yet, overly-stimulating invasion that refused to subside. The more he fought, the further the movements had caused Shen to enter. Stretching to impossible means, helpless from the breach, until the final thrust reached the hilt. His nerves heightened, rippled, with Zhao’s head pressed against the pillow. His world had turned white, blinded from shooting too close to the stars.

Falling back to earth, covered in beads of perspiration, his legs quivered from the foreign sensation. Zhao Yunlan, the rogue of the past, squeezed his held fists in indignity, embarrassed from losing his backside virginity. But there was no time to contemplate one’s humiliation, when his partner had other fixations. Shen Wei had begun to withdraw momentarily, then thrust forward, causing Zhao to whimper from the impact. But this time, the pain began to fade, replaced with a titillating sensation.

“Yunlan…Yunlan...,” Zhao heard his name spoken between gasped breaths against his neck. Shen Wei’s calls sounded more like a plea. Still, there was no movement from the shaken man who was still hard inside him. It took a moment--or was it longer? The Chief could not tell--until he felt something wet on his shoulder. Turning his head slightly, he met Shen’s tear-stung eyes. His Professor, he realized, was reluctant to continue. Zhao Yunlan shut his eyes in resignation, it’s not like they could switch places now.

“It’s alright. I’m fine,” Zhao assured his Professor who still tried to hold back, but barely could, evident from the tremor of his body. “Xiao Wei, you can’t break me. Do your worst," he challenged, despite the unsteadiness of his tone.

Unbeknownst to Zhao Yunlan, he would soon regret those words.


Kunlun, his Kunlun. The body he had longed to touch, is finally within his clutch.

Shen Wei had held back, such unimaginable perversity unknown to man. Yet, how could a human endure such a feat, when their life was so fleeting, like seasons passing. For thousands of years, he had imagined….Dreamed for this day to quench his appetite. The hunger, the thirst that was denied for far too long. Nothing in this world could stop him now, even when the cries for mercy rung in his ears.

“Shen Wei, slow...slow down…,” Zhao cried, pleaded, begged. Hot, searing skin against his flesh, but it wasn’t enough. Nothing was enough, as he continued to plow into the fragile human body.

Patient, he was not. Gentleness, he had lost. Once he had begun, he could not be thwarted. Shen Wei began to thrust harder, faster, repeatedly so. At such unprecedented speed, against a man who had not yet grown accustomed to receive. There was no rhythm, nor pace, but the raw desire to overtake. Until the very moment their bodies tensed, shuddered from the rapture of their quakes.

Several minutes may have passed before Shen realized what had transpired. Blanched from his actions, he quickly withdrew from the source of his love. Gently, he turned an exhausted Zhao over on his back. Anxiety overtook him, as he brushed the thick wet hair from Zhao’s glossed over eyes. Once they locked their gazes, guilt washed over his collapsed emotions.

But Zhao, the forever patient man, caressed Shen’s face with his shaking hand. “Why are you still crying?” his voice rasped softly, his thumb wiped the tears that threatened to fall.

Shamed-faced from his selfish actions, Shen shook his head in silence.

“Is this why you’ve always held back?” Zhao chuckled lightly from the revelation. His fingers played with Shen’s reddened ear as he teased, “I thought I could read just about anyone. How wrong I was. Who knew Professor Shen was this kind of man?”

“I-I’m sorry...I-I...” His stammering apology was crushed in silence when Zhao grabbed his neck and took his lips. But this was no gentle kiss; it was a devouring, a demand, a need so strong that it raised the immediate response of hunger in Ghost Slayer. Weak man that he was, Shen desperately returned the kiss with the same thirst and passion. It was a battle he couldn’t possibly win, Shen realized, when Zhao spoke those enticing words.

“Have you taken your fill?” Zhao Yunlan coaxed against his lips, a velvety touch that doomed his senses, “Or do you want more?”

“Yunlan, don’t...,” Shen pleaded, but the thought was burned away when the Chief captured his hardened arousal. Jerking in startled reaction from the carnal needs that had aroused, his head pressed onto Zhao’s shoulder. Against the agony of his far-reaching craving, his hip moved with its own will, away from the hand that held his fiery flesh.

“Don’t what?” the true Devil whispered temptingly against his ears, as he fondled Shen in his hand with a light squeeze that paralyzed his nerves. “You’re hard again, my love.”

“Please, stop...,” flushing from shame, the desperate Professor continued to beg, but even he knew it was futile to fight against the inevitable. The Chief chose that exact moment to release his hold, causing Shen to whimper from the loss of his touch. With both arms wrapped around Shen’s neck, Zhao Yunlan, the calculative man whispered the words he wished to hear, yet never dare to ask.

Stunned from those enchanted words that shattered his will. Against the sweaty neck, shuddering as Shen inhaled the masculine scent, for a yearning that was deeper than hunger, and sharper than pain. Drugged from the embrace, he parted Zhao’s legs. Settling between the cradle of his hips, gripping his waist, Shen lifted, and pushed.

Zhao, his beloved, inhaled sharply to accommodate the plundering breach that stretch his swollen core. Once the coals had ignited, their world was lighted. Shen began to move, but unlike before, he didn’t want it to end too soon. Why rush when the night is young? His mouth sought Zhao’s urgently, extracting the sensation of sheer sweetness only this man could give.

Their bodies, their passion submerged, for the devotion that spoke no bounds. Everlasting, their slow rhythm began, neither man could hold in their sound.


Author's Note: I hope everyone is satisfied with my version of Weilan's first time for the novel characters. It was a challenging chapter, because they are different than the drama, and my current ongoing Untold Stories fanfic characters. However, their core personality remained the same, which is what makes them so special.

I wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. As for myself, I'm planning to have my chocolate cake and opening a bottle of Beaujolais. (^-^)

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