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Zhao Yunlan & Shen Wei: Untold Stories - Chapter 6 "The Trade"

Updated: Aug 29, 2020


Not many could resist earthly temptation.

Cause mortal life is fleeting,

For better for worse, thy heart is still beating.

As the years pass...

Their love...would it last?



Zhang Rounen’s Residence

“Professor Zhang,” Shen Wei tried to alert her, but not too loudly. “I want to let you know, we’ll be taking you to the hospital,” the Professor informed his half-conscious colleague. Withered as she was, he did not expect Zhang to open her eyes.

“No…please,” Elder Zhang protested weakly. Professor Shen was not sure if she still recognized him, but she was obviously aware of her dire situation. “Lea-Leave me here...”

“Why? You need medical attention,” Shen Wei insisted, leaning closer because he had trouble hearing her words as they were barely a whisper. Her voice, though unrecognizable, still held the distinctive timbre he knew well.

“I can’t...They’ll know….” Gasping for air, she choked out the painful words.

“You’re protecting a Dixing, the one who put you in this state,” the Wolf concluded tonelessly. Zhao Yunlan did not judge nor condemn, but Shen could have sworn he saw a glimpse of melancholy in his shadowed expression. “I’m sorry to say, you’re not the only one she harmed.”

“It wasn’t her fault. She didn’t mean to…” Zhang tried to rise, but all her strength quickly diminished. Falling back on her bed, the woman begged, “Please, don’t blame her…She wanted to save me...” Her rising anxiety had used up all her reserved energy, causing Zhang to return to unconsciousness.



He felt her power surge, attacking every cell at the micro-level. From RNA to DNA, attempting to extract its telomeres, but not all would-be-victims are made equal. Shen Wei had already anticipated such an attack from what he had gathered from Professor Zhang. Her attempt counter him was easily overpowered. For he, the untouchable one, would never be easily outdone by such green powers. Powers that should be kept in check.

Still squeezing her victim to absorb his life force, Wang’s triumphant smile was short-lived, when she elicited no reaction from the Professor. It took a second for her eyes to flicker. Shocked, the Dixing Girl growled, “What are you?”

Jaws tightened from Wang’s accusing tone, but Professor Shen did not have to reply when the man beside him called out, “Shen Wei!”


Wang Yike fell back, releasing her death grip as a result. Zhao had shot the arm that held Shen’s throat. He took a second shot, but she dodged this time. Covering the wound on her shoulder, her eyes grew with fury. Zhao didn’t waste time as he pulled Shen back, shielding the Professor with his body. The injured Dixing attempted to make her escape. However, the Wolf, who could shoot without even a second glance, sent double shots at either side of her feet -- causing the girl to jump and stop.

“Girl, if you value your own life, then don’t make this harder on yourself, or the next bullet will not be a warning shot,” the Wolf chastised darkly, his gun unwavering. With his attention fixed on Wang, Zhao asked the Professor, “Are you alright?”

Shen Wei stepped forward beside Zhao before he nodded in assurance. With a swift quick glance, a mutual understanding was reached. The men made their approach with caution. For the moment, they may have the upper hand, but the danger is still present.

Unlike prey who may freeze when cornered, a predator's first instinct is to fight, no matter how dire their situation may be. Especially when fear is not something they are accustomed to. Case in point, when Wang turned around to face her opponents, the hostility she exuded was evident. Any misstep would result in another battle if she became rattled.

Of course, that logic did not stop the Wolf from toying with his catch, who is not the type to go down without a fight.

“Now now, stop giving us that look like you’re about to do something stupid. I haven’t killed any Dixing for quite some time. Don’t tempt me to make you my first after such efforts to control my bloodlust, especially when I am trying to impress my mate here,” the Wolf quipped.


“You didn’t take kindly to ‘boyfriend’ before,” Zhao shrugged with a smirk. “I thought mate was a good compromise.”

“I am not your mate!”

“Lover then? Or Spouse?” Zhao suggested gleefully. “But either way, we should have a proper dinner. In fact, I know a great place with a view of the city... ”

“Never going to happen,” Shen resisted the urge to rolled his eyes.

“Never say never, Professor Shen,” the Wolf grinned, “Give me a chance to woo you properly after this case is over. How about tomorrow night? I’ll pick you up at 7?”

Shen Wei heaved a heavy sigh, feeling more exhausted than before. Questioning if he could ever tame this beast as he spoke, “Please stop this ridiculous dream of yours...”

“How can I, when you show up every night?” the brazen Wolf teased, his voice dropped into a husky tone, absorbed, entranced. Zhao Yunlan’s outlandish seduction continued. “More beautiful each time you appear, clothed in all forms. No matter the era, your allure remains. In fact, last night you were half-dressed, teary-eyed…”

“Would you two shut up!” Wang Yike snapped angrily.

While Zhao was nonchalant to her wrath, Shen was relieved for the interruption. Who knew how far this man’s wild imagination would take them if not for the timely outburst.

“It's a wonder how you managed to have a high body count,” the Wolf chuckled at the girl’s irritation. “For a dangerous Killer, you surely have a short fuse. Fortunately, your impatience is why you are caught. Killing another innocent man, just as we expected.”

“Innocent?” Wang sneered, “You believe this animal who assaults defenseless women doesn’t deserve what’s coming to him?”

“Innocent or not, you have no right to take their lives,” Professor Shen countered. “You hold no authority to be the judge or executioner. This is murder.”

“You’re coming back with us, my dear,” Zhao informed Wang with a tone that had grown lazy. “Don’t cause more trouble than you already have, and place your hands behind your back.”

“Why should I make this easy for you?” Wang shot back, her posture defensive.

“Don’t you want to see Professor Zhang?” Professor Shen asked. The girl paused at the knowledge, floored by his offer, but that too was short-lived, before she exploded in anger.

“You bastards! Where is she? If you hurt her... lay a hand on her, I’ll...”

“We never laid our hands on her. You did,” Zhao crucified. Blanched from the bitter truth, the wide-eyed Wang shook her head in denial, but the Wolf was not done with his condemnation. “ still haven’t stopped hurting her. Let me tell you, little girl. Do you think you are saving her? When you used the lives of others to extend her life? That was your blood, wasn’t it? You suck others dry to replenish what you lost?”

“What’s wrong with saving the one I love?” Wang cried. “I will give my life for her. I will take other lives for her. Jie Jie is worth tens, no, hundreds of lives if that is required!”

“Professor Zhang may be saved, but Wang, you used the blood of innocents for your means. There’s an old saying, a life for a life, not a life for dozens,” Shen Wei clarified. “In this world, everything is a fair trade, but you took your share and more. How she could live with the knowledge once it is revealed what you have done?”

“There were no other ways. Jie Jie will understand once she gets better...I-I did it for her,” the girl argued stubbornly.

“You believe she’ll understand you made her no better than a vampire?! Fuck it, in that case, she’s not a vampire, but more like a leech,” the Wolf sniggered at the thought. “You want to know where Professor Zhang is, then you come with us. Obediently. Resist...and I won’t guarantee you’ll see her again,” Zhao warned, the threat solid.

Stubborn she may be, but this was the end game. There was no argument on whether Zhao was bluffing. Her escape was futile. No matter the lives she took, Wang could never save the one she loves, yet, there were no tears or outbursts. Unusual for a girl like her, who reacted over the slightest provocation. Hand still pressed over her wounded shoulder, the girl slumped further in defeat.

“I’ll come with you....willingly,” her voice broke. Her reality may have crashed, but her will remained. Eyes determined. Dark, brooding, with a slight hi