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Guardian recap: Episode 2 "The Case of Longevity Dial"

After Black Cloak Envoy leaves, the team finds Professor Shen in the bushes, four stories below. For someone as delicate as the Professor, he is miraculously unharmed! Actually, no… he was indeed injured by the Shadow Dixing. His flesh wound is revealed only underneath the layer of his white shirt. The claws of Shadow Dixing bypassed the blue coat, because even villains are considerate of Italian suits.

The next day, back at Dragon University, Chief Zhao is still daydreaming about Professor Shen, until he sees Li Qian standing on the roof. (As it so happens, in dramas, piles of rods are always stored on the side of the wall, to increase the chances of any unfortunate souls tripping over them.) Like the Chief, for example, when he tries to save Li Qian. Fortunately, Professor Shen appears out of thin air to save the day again. (Does Professor Shen have classes anymore? He seems to show up everywhere. His teaching schedule is ad hoc.)

They soon find out the reason for her attempted suicide, was because her Grandmother had left the world. As the two men leave the hospital, the Chief casually asks for Professor Shen’s marriage/dating status. Since he’s such a hot prize, there is no way he would be single. Of course, our innocent Professor can’t tell that he’s getting hit on, and assumes that Zhao was only tactically investigating him. (Seriously, the Chief can have Jing look up that info in a heartbeat.) Their discussion turns to the reappearance of the Dixings. Professor Shen wants to look toward the future for the Dixing race.

Just like any office dynamic, even the SID team members gossip among themselves when there’s nothing to do. While Jing questions Black Cloak Envoy’s leniency towards their Boss, Old Chu is protective towards his Idol and makes Jing erase all images of Black Cloak Envoy. Later, Chief Zhao gives Little Guo a new task, which is to watch over Li Qian at the hospital, with Da Qing in toll.

At the hospital, the kind-hearted Professor Shen brings food for Li Qian, who is still hospitalized after her nervous breakdown. (For a suicide attempt victim, there doesn’t seem to be anyone watching over this unstable girl. What kind of hospital is this?) There is a hidden camera in the room, giving the team a chance to watch the “unsubs in their natural habitat”. While the Chief is busy praising and admiring Professor Shen’s ability to put others at ease, Zhu Hong reminds Chief Zhao that Da Qing believes the Professor is interested in the Chief himself.

They also notice that the sundial Li Qian is wearing, is none other than the Longevity Dial, a Holy Tool that could transfer lifeforce. Suddenly, a new threat appears at the hospital. Although the timid mouse is scared out of his wits, our brave Little Guo is determined to protect everyone but is easily subdued by the Dixing. Professor Shen subtly uses his dark powers to scare off the intruder, just in time for the Chief’s arrival. However, Zhao does not give chase, because he is distracted by the Professor’s perfect backside physique. So, instead of catching the criminal as he should, the Chief decides to stay in order to protect his damsel; which allows the suspect to escape, despite Old Chu, the Puppet Master's efforts.

The following morning, on the rooftop with Professor Shen, Zhao confronts Li Qian about her Grandmother’s death. As it turns out, Li Qian used the Sundial, aka Longevity Dial, to transfer her life force to save her grandmother when she first had a stroke a year before. But her Nai Nai, although alive, had returned with dementia.

It doesn’t take long for the Dixing to attack again. Luckily, the spirit of Li Qian’s Grandmother appears to protect her, but her spirit soon scatters. Once again, Black Cloak Envoy appears, and takes away the offender after apologizing to the Chief for his tardiness.

At SID, Zhao burns the incense and summons Black Cloak Envoy regarding the reappearance of Dixing-ians and the Holy Tools. Black Cloak Envoy tells Zhao that the Hollows (Holy Tools) were scattered 10,000 years ago, and their activation by those who use them draws the attention of the underground Dixing-ians.

Old Chu follows Black Cloak Envoy after he leaves. Black Cloak Envoy explains to Old Chu that he wants the Hollows to remain at SID (protected by a shield), while the real perpetrator is plotting behind the scenes because he doesn’t trust the people at Dixing Palace. At the end of the episode, Zhao activates the Hollow with his touch. Meanwhile, the Dude with the terrible purple wig still can’t find anyone to play chess with him. (He needs a new hair stylist.)

Memorable Characters:

Li Qian 李茜 (Master's degree student in Dragon City University)

Lin Jing 林静 (Technical expert of the SID)

Zhu Hong 祝红 (Secretary of the SID, Snake)

Memorable Quotes: (Episode 2, Guardian 2018)

“Professor Shen, are you married? You must have a girlfriend. It’s nothing. I just feel that you are very talented and considerate as well. Many people must be chasing after you.” - Zhao Yunlan

“I thought you were trying to figure me out. It seems like you really are.” - Shen Wei

“When someone you hold most important is dying in front of you, what’s the strongest thought in your mind?” - Li Qian “I’m willing to exchange my life for his.” - Shen Wei

“Zhao Yunlan likes to fish as well. I don’t know, between the two of you, who is the one plotting against the other?” - Old Chu, regarding Black Cloak Envoy and the Chief


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